Wednesday, November 30, 2011

just a little bucket list.

Every good girl crazy, impossible dreamer has a bucket list.

..Just because bucket lists make life goals seem reality--whether it be skydiving or picnicking on a private island. I mean, lists make everything official, right? I'm hoping so, because there are so many things I want to do, to experiance, to see...and I thought I would share some of them ("some"meaning 40, to be exact...) with you.

Friends, I present my ultimate bucket list. 1/4 of it, actually. If you ever want to see the real deal, just e-mail me so I can send all 10 million pages to you. XD


1. Wear a true, silken ball gown
2. Go to a Civil War reenactment
3. Live on a ranch
4. Have an amazing flower garden
5. Visit England
6. Experience Fall in Maine
7. Get a part in a “real” movie
8. Dig for fossils
9. Visit Prince Edward Island
10. Spend a year abroad
11. Make a gourmet dish
12. Have something published
13. Own a quad or motorcycle
14. Sing the National Anthem for something
15. Learn another instrument
16. Learn calligraphy
17. Ski a black diamond hill
[I’ve done it, but with much fear and quaking...]
18. Learn German fluently
19. Buy a cute Ford truck
 20. Buy a DSLR camera  
[My Nikon D3100 is on its way!]
21. Wade waist-deep in a field of wheat
[Accomplished this summer at our dear friends' amazing home.]
 22. Learn to horseback ride well
23. Own a horse
24. Own a Border Collie
25. Go to Disneyland
26. Go hunting
27. Be a bridesmaid
28. Eat macaroons at a French café beneath the Eiffel Tower
29. Have a hardcore mud fight
[Also accomplished this summer. It was epic.]
 30. Have a food fight
31. Sleep in a Tempur-Pedic bed (those things feel amazing!)
32. Become a wedding photographer
33. Own a Grandfather clock
34. Go on a mission trip to Africa or India
35. Meet a president
36. Run a marathon
37. See the Pyramids
38. Go on a cruise
39. Visit Sweden and Norway
40. Reach 1000 blog followers :]

...and that is what life holds for me--in my dreams. Plus another more sentimental list, but let's save that for another day, shall we? 

So. Do we have anything in common, you and I? I know, let's all meet up in Main during the Fall and make that gourmet dish. Voila, three birds in one stone, aye?

Seriously, though...I like my thinking. ;)



  1. lol, let's do it! i love your list. seriously, i just found some that i forgot to add to mine.

  2. I like the way you think, girl. Love your list. We both really do have a lot in common!

  3. I am a Civil War Re-enactress... it is so much fun :) I hope you get to see one sometime! I do not have a beautiful silk ball gown, though... *sighs* maybe someday...
    Thanks for posting your bucket list :) I loved reading it and learning a little more about you :).

  4. love it!! I totally would like to see the entire list!!!
    My bucket list:


  5. I love this list, Lucia!! Everything sounds like so much fun!! I have yet to finish writing my bucket list and believe me - it's going to be a long one!! :D Hope you do another post on the rest of your bucket list - <3 Rachel

  6. Love it! I've never made a bucket list before, but if i ever do "Buy a DSLR camera" "Buy a cute Ford truck" and "Sleep in a Tempur-Pedic bed" will definitely be on the list. As well as skydiving. ;)

  7. Very exciting! So excited that you are getting your camera!


    p.s. did ya get my email?

  8. Wow, that's a lovely bucket list :), I plan to make one soon! Oh, and guess what? I've seen the Pyramids!! They're amazing :).

  9. love!
    I have made my bucket list..although it's small at the moment ;)
    I would adore to visit Sweden with you!=)I have a bit in common with you,and DSLR camera is on the top of my list!XD

  10. your bucket list is sooo...GIRLY. mine is rough & tough and not girly, ha! i love yours though. will you keep us posted on when you cross them off your list? :)

  11. SCREAM!! I need a bucket list!
    And I am so glad you got the Nikon!!!!!

  12. I love reading your bucket list! So many interesting things you want to get down. Maybe I should do a bucket list on my blog. Have a great rest of the week!!

  13. Love this - there are a lot of things here that I definitely want to do.

    Hmm, when are you free? *wink* I would love to go to Maine in the fall as well, and I have a *leetle* experience with cooking. :D


  14. You my dear reallllllyyyyyyyyy make me smile!!!! I've got my bucket list in my head- but it's a good idea to write it down; that way I can cross them out once finished. ;)

    I have many dreams... Maybe once I get the list written out, I can show you some, yeah? :)

    Love you, bunches and bunches my twin girl!

  15. Love your list, and many things are on mine too--like travelling (everywhere), being a bridesmaid, etc. :)

  16. YAY! Someone else who wants to learn German fluently!:) That made my day!:)

  17. Congratulations on your camera, Lucia! Love your list, I'm currently working on mine. Also, I've finished #2 on your list twice, and I have to say, they do not disappoint! :)
    On your list, I'd love to do...
    #19 {ehhh, to be honest, Cadillac or Chevy all the way for me! ;)}

    Anyway, sorry for the super long comment. ;)

    Have a great day!
    -Grace {}

  18. Ha! So fun, you and I have a lot in common! I love this bucket list. I have decided to make my own as well now!

    p.s. Did you get my comment for the earrings from the giveaway?

    Love you and your blog!

  19. Is your full on really 1/4? If so then I am not the only crazy one :D I have 150, and I am thinking that I will probably be adding more as I go! I want my sister and friend to read over mine before I post it to my blog.

  20. Ooooh, love it! We have a lot in common - you even reminded me of some things to add to mine! =)

  21. Bucket lists are GREAT! :) I have a long one myself! It is really awesome when you actually get to check them off!

  22. pretty much everything I want to do is on your list. :-) I SO want to go to England!! My two older brothers got the chance to go a few years ago. And fall in Maine?? I think Yes!

  23. Can you take me on the cruise? I have Always wanted to go on a cruise :)


    P.S. My giveaway prize arrived the day before yesterday and the gift tags are beautiful! She even gave me a free sample!

  24. Those are some pretty crazy yet--AWESOME things to want to do in your life. I have a bucket list too, with some of the same things on it. The world is full of such amazing things to do and see!

  25. Looks like a great list, Lu!! I hope you get to fulfill some of those dreams someday...

    ~Miss Raquel

  26. Hahaha! Hi Lucia:) I thought I was the only one that made crazy cool lists like that! God Bless

  27. First let me say that bucket lists are awesome!! :D Secondly, I'll tell you the things on your list that I have done... ;)

    #25... I have been to Disneyland at least a dozen times, it doesn't disappoint! :)

    #31... My parents have a Tempur-Pedic, sweetness!

    Thirdly, I'll mention all the ones that I would loooove to do... ;)

    #17 (maybe) ;)
    #40! (Although only being at 65 followers, I think that wish is a little sketchy. ;P)

  28. I have loved reading people's bucketlists - and I finally made up my own. Mom, Amanda, and Jocelyn watched the movie called 'The Bucketlist' a few years ago, and I didn't really understand what it was. I finally started my own a couple of weeks ago...
    We are similar in a lot of things, and I think I could take at least 3/4 of yours and stick it in mine! LOL thank you for sharing your bucketlist with all of us - I really enjoyed it!

  29. Mud fight, LOL. I've been in those before, though it has been a while.
    To get #8 just come here, there are fossils everywhere. As far as German, well, I'd love to learn it myself, but, I have my work cut out for me just learning to speak English fluently, lol. We own two half Border Collies, that makes one right? Your number 26 shouldn't be to hard to achieve, but, being successful is another matter... Anyway, liked your list, mine is coming soon, only have fifteen things on it right now. Have a great day.


    congratulations, girl!

  31. Going to a Civil War reenactment is something I've always wanted to do as well! Congratulations on skiing the black diamond! In our family, the nine year olds are dragged down black diamonds along with us older ones! (-;

  32. Lucia, I miss you + your posts. Post again soon, girlie! <3

  33. Sorry another comment on the same post but I came up with a great idea! How about we meet up in England in a few years? My Aunt and Uncle are missionary's there and they would be happy to have us. (smiles)
    Oh I know... just dreamin.

    Love you!

    p.s. Thank you for the very sweet email! It really brightened my day!

  34. I really like this post!
    A lot of these things I've done already:
    #5, 9, 10, 17, 22, 23, 25, 28, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39

    Have a great time with your list!


  35. Yes, please do come to Maine! I'll give you a personal tour of some of my favorite places :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK


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