Friday, November 11, 2011

a career woman.

Do you ever get those moments where life seems to suddenly freeze for a few seconds, and you look back through your past and can literally see the door to your childhood swinging shut behind you? Slowly, oh so slowly, and yet the gate is nearer to the latch than it has ever been. And you realize afresh that life is only yours once, and that one life is going by just like that.

This month has been a month of discoveries, for I have suddenly had all sorts of opportunities thrust upon me. My days are busier than ever, and besides the ever-burdensome schoolwork load of a junior in highschool, I have several occupations and jobs coming at me for the first time in my life. I'm no longer the fourteen-year-old who is just old enough for babysitting--no, I am a little 'career women.' And all out of the blue.

I feel like sharing my life's current changes with my friends, so I will, if you don't mind. ;)


First of all, you are now reading the blog of a piano teacher. :]

..Yes, I have my first student--and I didn't even advertise. Already, once a week, I play the piano for a local homeschool choir--and now I will be giving a half-hour lesson to a lovely young lady who wishes to learn. I still take lessons, so it makes me feel oddly old and mature. o.O


Secondly, you are now also reading the blog of an apprentice seamstress. :)

Okay, actually, an allterations shop assistant who mends minor things. Because you know, I have never considered myself a talented sewer. But, a friend of our's, as it turns out, reccommendedmy sister and I to a lady who needs some help with little things around her shop--and, she will train us, so we don't have to be exceedingly talented! I am so excited about the chance to learn more, and to work there a few hours a week.

Besides that...

My blog design business has been overflowing with orders of late. :) Which reminds me I should be working on them instead of posting here, just thrills me to see something take off which I never dreamed would be anything more than a little hobby.

Yes, I have turned into somewhat of a "career woman." I like it. :)


  1. Oh...Trini wants to teach piano now...I'm not really advanced, but I'm pretty okay, I guess!

    My Youtube! ^^

  2. Sometimes, growing up is scary, and I wish I could fly off to neverland with Peter Pan. However, it is also a lovely time, and I dance happily when the doors to womanhood swing open!

    Happyness on your jobs! And, I wish you'd do a giveaway for your blog designs....I'd enter it in a heartbeat!

  3. I know... most of the time I wish I could stay a little girl forever :) But at others, I'm glad to be 16, and sometimes I am even very excited to be growing up. :)

  4. Growing up is hard but it has it's perks also. :) I wish I knew how to play the piano.. or SEW for that matter. :) hehe.

  5. That is so awesome! I love being something of a "career woman" too! There are just SO many oppotunities out there, and God leads me to where He wants me to be and just plans it all out. It's always a surprise to see those things come to pass. :)

  6. Isn't it so much fun to have a "job"? When I got my first one (I work at an organic garden) I felt so 'grown up'. :) For some time I also taught violin...and it did make me feel even more grown up, but I'm still taking lessons too. Oh, and sewing. I love it! I know you will too. It's so much fun to create things!

  7. God will give you wisdom and strength! I know it feels weird growing up - I'm going through that stage even now at 18. I have so much to do with college and a job, but I'm not sure how I'm going to pay for the next semester of college. God's also opening up different doors of opportunity, and I don't know what direction I want my life to take!

  8. wonderul, Lucia! I've been doing yardwork/housecleaning for a "living" right now, not nearly as interesting as blog designing and the like.

  9. That's so cool! I'm sure you'll have a blast teaching! I had four violin students for about three semesters and loved them all. I learned so much about how to "teach" myself while practicing as well. I moved to Raleigh in August, and I had to get a job with more income, so I'm now a waitress 15-20 hrs a week. It's a good job, but I wish I had time to teach. I'm also a junior and am struggling to keep up with school + job + practicing. Each design you do gets better and better! It must be nice to have a job that you don't have to go anywhere for. :-) The best of luck with your student! I would love to see a post about how it's going sometime!
    <3, AnneKatherine

  10. It looks like your are really busy. :) I hope I get a chance to teach piano one of these of my dreams.


    P.S. I'm hosting a photo challenge. Check it out!

  11. I've been teaching piano since I was 16 and I love it! I have found that it is a great learning experience that I believe that will help me in homeschooling my own children one day. Every child is different and you must tailor you teaching methods for each and every one. Definately a challenge, but once you get the hang of it and learn to think on your feet it is so much fun! Watching that little "light bulb" go off when they finally get it is all the reward you'll ever need. God bless you on your teaching journey!


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