Wednesday, November 23, 2011

thankful in the little things.

You may have heard the popular quote,

What if you woke up tomorrow
with only the things you
thanked God for today?"

...It's a cliche quote with an all-too-powerful message. And when I read it on a friend's facebook this morning, it made me think: what have I thanked God for today?

Today, my friends, I have thanked God for exactly zero things. Which means tomorrow, if the quote be true, I would wake up with absolutely nothing.

..Rather chilling, isn't it? I try to imagine myself without my home, without my family, without my good food, warm bed, and yes--my health, too--and it just doesn't register.

Am I really that ungrateful? Am I that selfish? Yes, I am. However, it is rather unintentional--I didn't thank God for things today simply because of the usual excuse: I forgot. But it really is true! And I forget everyday. You do, too. Why? Because we get so used to the easy way of life, with its home comforts, fleece blankets, and hot chocolate, that we slip easily into "taken for granted." Or, even if we do remember to thank our Maker for His blessings, we often times just tack on a few 'thank you's' for the "big" things at the end of our "please help me" prayers.

It is good to be thankful for everything, but what about the little things? How many of those are forgotten now, but would be sorely missed if they were gone tomorrow?

With Thanksgiving in the air (and by the way: what is everyone doing tomorrow?), I thought I would go the  "what I'm thankful for" lists which seem to be trending this week--but instead of focusing on major things like my house and friends and freedom of worship (don't get me wrong, I'm extremely thankful for them!), I would make a list of the tiniest, eensiest things I can think of that I am super thankful for...even though I sometimes forget I am.  :]

itty-bitties, but oh so important:

~Apple cider, fresh from the press

~Fresh mown grass


~Baby Ladybugs

~Sugar cookie tea

~White flour


~Love stories

~Chick Fliks





~Good ideas

~Online friends


~Swirls and patterns

~Wheat fields

~The ocean



~Bird song


~Fall leaves








~Pens and pencils


~Games and sports

~Encouraging words

~Cheerful smiles

~Hugs and kisses


 ..Wow, I'm really on a roll, aren't I? The list is sort of lapsing into more of a "things I love" list...but afterall, aren't the things I love the very ones I am supposed to be most thankful for? ;]

Have a blessed Thanksgiving. <3



  1. How sweet! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Love ya.

  2. Oh yeah... I'm thankful for you and your blog and how you brighten up my day when I read your blog.

  3. I know, that quote makes you be thankful.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving, too!:)

  4. wow. i'm thankful for all of those things... what if i woke up tomorrow without LADYBUGS?! DX

  5. I have to agree with you that is it the itty bitties in life that we are often most thankful for, and miss the most once they are lost to us.

    I could copy your list, change a thing or two, but it would remain mostly the same. Thank you for posting this.

    And, I didn't think you the journaling girl! I guess I was wrong about that. ;) Me too. :)
    as ever,

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Lu!! Hope you have an amazing day!! Loved your list of what you are thankful for...

    Posting mine tomorrow! :)

    ~Miss Raquel

  7. That was a great reminder :)
    (And congrats for winning Best Teen Blog! I see why you won <3)

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Being thankful is so very important, it is a very healthy practice. :) I loved your list!!

    PS Yes I take all the photos on my blog unless otherwise stated at the end of each post. :) :) :)

  9. That quote always make me stop and think for a moment. Lovely post, Lucia. ♥ I love a lot the same things you do!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog! That would be soooo amazing if you mentioned me on your blog. :)
    ~Michaela :)

  10. Hey girl! I just stumbled upon your blog and think it's just the sweetest thing.
    xo. Little Miss


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