Thursday, November 3, 2011

caption me.

Okay--two posts in one day?! Unheard of, right? Especially alongside that uberly long post I tortured y'all with less than five hours ago. ;) On that note, thank you for all of the encouraging comments and stories you blessed me with. They made me feel amazingly loved and reassured my belief that I have many like-minded friends out there. ((Hugs)), sisters.

Okay, and on to the reason I'm doing a second post. I found this super cute contest being hosted over at Rebekah Brielle's, and I couldn't resist joining in the fun. I suggest you do, too! It's a "caption contest," which is basically just a little game where you humorously and cleverly caption several hand-picked celebrity-ish photos.

 *rubs hands gleefully*

This should be...interesting. :]

#1. William Mosely, Ben Barnes, and Georgie Henely
(Narnia series)

William: Woah. She's gorgeous. Hey Ben--
Ben: No, quick, she's looking! Smile!

#2. Carrie Underwood
(Singer/songwriter, Soul Surfer)
*Carrie opens the door*
Carrie: *to herself* ..Okay, feign surprise, Carrie, feign surprise..
Suprise Party Guests: SUPRISE!!
Carrie: *is "surprised"*

#3. Anna Popplewell, William Mosely, and Georgie Henely
(On the set of Narnia)

William: Wow, that was a fun scene! It almost looked like the waterfall was really crashing!
Georgie: WILLIAM, IT IS!
William: Haha, Georgie..
Anna: Uh...William? ..Actually...

#4. Taylor Swift and..Random Dude. :)

Taylor *joking to Random Dude*: Haha, yeah, being completely honest here--
this awesome blond hair is totally fake.
Random Dude: *takes it literally*: Really?!
*tries it out*
Taylor: What are you..ouch! I WAS JOKING!!

#5. Anna Sofia Robb
(Soul Surfer/Bridge to Tarabithia)

Anna Sofia: Something tells me those guys talking to--shouting at mom aren't Boy Scout leaders.
Dog: Well then. This could turn into an interesting situation, couldn't it?

..Haha! <3 I had fun with those. Favorite(s)? :)


  1. Lol! Love the one with Anna, William, and Georgie looking up. Cool captions :)...


  2. Hahs I love the taylor swift one! XD That picture was hilarious too!!!

  3. i loved it! totally original. it seems like a lot of us thought up the same things, but you struck out on your own and NAILED IT. *high five*

  4. Thanks for linking up!
    Lol! Those are so funny! Love em <3

  5. I love William :)

    So do you think i could use some of your pictures for my blog i would give you total credit :)you take beautiful pictures

    Fair WHale

  6. bahaha! The first and second ones made me laugh! :)

  7. Lucia,

    LOVE IT! Heading over there right now...



    Have a great weekend, Lucia!

    God bless you!
    Joy :D

  8. I love the one with Georgie, William, and Ben. It's hilarious! :D

  9. hahahaha these made my day!!! i love the Narnia ones best. :D

  10. whoa!! you did great on these!! hilarious!:D

  11. Bahahaha! The first one was halarious!

  12. I love the one with Georgie, William and Anna are looking up! Funny!!


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