Tuesday, December 6, 2011

she's here. ♥

Firstly, pertaining to my week-long absense: things have been b-u-s-y. Not only are the holidays upon us, but school, music, and other such random time-fillers have been doing just that (and what they should rightly do): filling up my time. I am finishing a quarter of school, have my first piano student, and as of the last day or so have been busy with something else. ;)

Ladies and gents, without furthur adiu...

..and my new Nikon D3100. ♥  I am just a little obessed, addicted, and in love.

I ended up getting an amazing deal for her on Ebay ($420 for the camera and a 16gb memory card!) which I thought I would not get, and to make things even better, she arrived on Monday when I thought it would be a week at least!

It was a happy Monday. :) I determined from the beginning that my camera would be a 'she,' so I christened her 'Nikki' after some contemplation. I wanted something short and cute, and "Nikki the Nikon" sounded right. ;)

..And the pictures she takes...ahh, bliss. The crisp "ka-ching!" of the shutter..the black bulk of her in my hands..the focusing and zooming...photographer's heaven. ;)

As you might expect, Nikki and I have been busy. Here is some of my work with my new camera! I love her.

^ Photo #1 which I am linking up to Nela's Foodography Photo Contest
"Cinnamon Creme"

 ^ Photo #2 which I am linking up Nela's Foodography Photo Contest
"Orange Blossom Special"

So. I love my camera, and I can't reccomend a Nikon D3100 enough--new, and snazzy, and wonderful, yet not too complicated for a beginning DSLR user. I still have tons to learn, yet I am so excited about this new experiance!


  1. Yay! Now we can share because we own the same camera!!! YAY YAY YAY!!! I love mine as well...takes amazing photographs and is always so reliable. In fact, I was just taking pictures of the Christmas tree. ;)

    postscript :: what do you edit your photographs with? {if at all}

  2. How exciting! These photos are absolutely gorgeous! You have a really great eye for a good photo. :D

  3. Oh. My. Word. That orange picture is AMAZING!! :) I'm so glad that you got your camera!! When I got my DSLR in the mail I was in the middle of cooking supper so I had to open it and take a peek at it and then put it away before using it. :P
    God is so good! :D

  4. Awesome! I got my Canon Rebel XS in May, and I'm still in awe of the pictures it produces. Mine's Diego. :) Have fun! :D

  5. Sooooooo very happy for you! I can't wait to see more beautiful pictures that you take with your new awesome addiction, Nikki. Enjoy her! ;)

  6. Congrats on getting your Nikon camera! She takes amazing pictures, especially that 'Orange Blossom Special' one. ;)

    Thanks for linking up!

  7. you. lucky. girl. i've always wanted a dslr! i think i am getting one soon, but alas, patience is quite hard. your photos are loverly :))
    -jocee <3

  8. AWESOME! Nikki is beautiful! She takes great photos too! and the models were awesome! Love them all!
    can't wait to see some more photos!

  9. SO exciting!!! :) Hope you have a blast with your new camera! :)

    In Christ,

  10. Yay! That is so exciting! Your photos are beautiful and I can't wait to see more.

  11. Congrats! I can tell you're enjoying it already! ;)

  12. its a great feeling to get something you have saved up for for so long. :) glad you found "the one!" :)

  13. Awesome. I remember that feeling when I got my Nikon D3000. I'm planning to upgrade to the D3100 soon since it has video capabilities and I've found my interests tending more in that direction. Congrats! :)

  14. YAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO! Congrats!!!!! Have fun with Nikki. :D

  15. You're back!! I was beginning to wonder what you were up to. ;)

    Your new camera takes delightful pictures! I absolutely love them!!

    Have fun! and I can't wait to see future pictures that you take. ;)


  16. I'm so happy for you and Nikki! Have a great time taking pictures with her! I love the photos you took!

  17. That's awesome! Now I *really* want to get a camera. hehe. I guess I just need to wait and keep prayin'. :) Love your pictures!

  18. Congrats Lucia! The photos are so beautiful!!! I hope you have lots and lots of fun with your new cam....Nikki! :)

    Have a lovely day, xxxx~kelsey

  19. Oh my goodness! This is just too exciting. I'm only *coughcough* very jealous. ;)

  20. That's so exciting Lucia! You will LOVE it! :) I also am in love with your orange picture - - beautiful!

  21. wow!! that orange photo is beautiful! I'm so happy for you, and I love your scarf.

  22. OOOHHH... how fun!!! I was so happy when I got my Nikon D3000 a few months ago. I haven't named mine yet though. I have snapped through one memory card and am onto my second one. Hope you and Nikki have many happy years together! :)

  23. Lookin good!! :D Have lots of fun!! I know I did when I first got my camera!! :D

  24. How exciting!
    I cannot wait until that day I have the amera strap around my neck,the DSLR in my hands,and I hear the sound of the shutter click,click,click!=)

  25. Congrats! I am saving up for that one right now! It's a slow work though. Hard for a 14 year old without a job to get that money. But if I can have one thing in the world right now, that would be it. Working hard! So far got almost $200!
    Anyway, so happy for you! :)

  26. It won't take long now until I have enough $$ to get a nice camera like yours! Exciting!! Have fun with your new Buddy! ;)

  27. By the way, that scarf is cuuute!! ♥

  28. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, OOOOOHHH!! Girly, your so gorgeous and I'm soooooooo happy about you finally getting your long awaited camera!! I'm so happy for you, so very, VERY happy for my twin!!

    Yay, that makes me so happy Girly! Go, go, go, your thee best kind of photographer!!

    I love you, yes that's what I do!!

  29. Hi Lucia,

    How exciting!
    You take really good pictures.

    Have lots more fun!

  30. Yayyyy! There isn't anything more exciting than a brand new camera. I like her name :) My camera's name is Lilly!

    you are so talented - I love the first picture of the leaves, and the orange.

  31. Congratulations!!!! Are you shooting with the 18-55 mm kit lens? Because you are getting excellent bokeh!! Until I got a 35mm lens my bokeh was never very good! I hope you love you D3100 as much as I love mine!! Many blessings and beautiful pictures!


  32. Yeah for you! I am saving up for a nice camera like that to. You are such an amazing photographer! Something I am trying to improve for myself, for now I practice with my moms Nikon. Some of my most recent work is on my blog if you can stop by and tell me what you think of my pics.

    Love you!

    p.s. Glad to see you posting again!

  33. Those pictures are AMAZING!!!! I'm seriously freaking out right now because they are so awesome. The one of the orange of the tangerine is veeery cool!

  34. I also have a Nikon camera (P500) and I named her Nikki too! :) It's such a perfect name don't you think? Awesome pictures by the way! :D Nikon's (and specifically ones named Nikki :) are the greatest!

  35. I am so happy for you, Lucia!

    You are a very talented photographer already :)

    Can't wait to see you post more photography now that you have your Nikki :))))

    Much love,

  36. Lucia,

    I know what you mean about busyness--it's been the same way with us around here. We haven't even wrapped any presents yet (we still have some to order) and the little Christmas tree that I put up in my room isn't even decorated yet. :)

    Love your new camera! I'll have to remember the name--eventually, I think I might want to get a camera that is better than my little digital one (I love my mama's Nikon).

    Was that your little brother in the two pictures of the little boy? What a cutie! How old is he? My little brother, Luke, is three.

    Wonderful shots!

    God bless you!
    Joy :D

  37. Yay you!!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous! I have wanted one of those for forever. Your pictures are beautiful.

  38. That's awesome!
    I have the Nikon SLR D3000
    And it's beautifully amazing.
    It'd be awesome if you would take a quick look at my blog :)

  39. Lovely portraits :)
    The orange looks like a flower of orange :) Very cute.

  40. Ooohhh! I love the "Orange Blossom Special" one! Great job! Makes me hungry for one of those juicy things. :)

    In Christ, Karissa

    Proverbs 3:5-8

  41. hey! that's so cool Lucia! - I'm glad that you've got it! - you've been waiting so long, and your skill has improved so much!. :)

    i personally use a Cannon 5D mark2, but those are beyond pricey for any hobbyist,(or even pre-professional) and i only have one because i work as a second shooter and lighting specialist with a photography studio.

    :D I love your blog btw - your writing is such an encouragement!

    ~ A Reader ~

    P.S is that your sister in some of the photo's? - you look so alike i'm thinking maybe!? :D

  42. Hi Lucia, congrats on your winning on Foodography Photo Contest. :)


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