Saturday, November 12, 2011

lady of elegance

When I was younger, dress-up was my life. Pretty dresses, pinoeer bonnets--yes, even soldier uniforms. But mainly the pretty dresses. I miss those days. So, when I saw what day four of the Fall Fashion Challenge was, instead of skipping over to day six like was my intention (since I'm so behind :P ), I decided to go with the "Favorite Era" theme. Just because I had to show you this dress. ;)

>> A Lady of Elegance <<
fall fashion challenge // day four

My "favorite era?" I could really never decide—but there is something about the charm and magnificence of the Victorian era that makes me wish I could have experienced it. I think this lavender puffed-sleeves and ruffled dream gives me as much of a Victorian experience as anything!

lavander dress // hand-me-down

..Thank you to Shelbe for this lovely gown which truly makes me feel like a 'lady of elegance.' If I were five years younger, I would be in a dead faint over it. ;)

And now I must ask you:

what is your favorite era?

p.s. (I’m extending my giveaway’s ending date to the 15th! Just because I want everyone to get a chance to enter. So hurry, hurry, spread the word and get in yourself on the 21 amazing prizes!)


  1. You look beautiful in that dress! (Not that you don't every other day...:P) I love that last photo of you!

  2. Oh, I don't think I can pick just one favorite of anything! I like both the regency and victorian eras overall and at least just the clothing of many others such as the colonial and the early-mid twentieth centuries.

  3. the Jane Austen era; definite favorite.
    gorgeous dress!

  4. Lovely dress, Lucia! You look so elegant in it. :)

  5. that dress is just beautiful. oh my Heavens, dear one! you look like you stepped from the pages of some Victorian fashion plate!

  6. the first thing that popped into my head was, "oh that would make *such* an amazing bridesmaid dress! A Victorian themed wedding? Now that would be pretty." And then I realized my mother's bridesmaid DID have a dress similar to it... although, yours is a bit fancier. :D I just love love love the color and sleeves and everything... I hope you can find an excuse to wear it! :]

  7. Wow, that's beautiful, Lucia! My favourite era in dress are: medieval, regency and victorian, the prairie country style (colonial) and the early-mid twentieth centuries up to like world war 2.

  8. Lovely! I love the regency era....because it's Austen's era. ;-D

  9. That dress is so pretty! My favorite era of dress... hmmm... well I love all the dresses in Lark Rise to Candleford and Road to Avonlea, so I'd have to say late 18-early 1900's. I also like most (not all) Civil War era dresses.

  10. Wow, that dress is amazing! Victorian is one of my favorite era's too!

  11. Just gorgeous. So beautiful! You are truly a lady of elegance...and your dress is absolutely lovely!

    I love the Regency Era and the Medieval Era. They had such darling outfits then.

  12. Beautiful dress - such a lovely colour on you!

    I love the Victorian era too but my favourite fashion era has to be the 1950s. Love the circle skirts, gloves and hats.

  13. Your gorgeous Lucia!!!
    My favorite era is the 1950s. :)

  14. Victorian. Living in that era would be marvelous, wearing a dress all day long, having a guy actually treat you like a lady, and the outfits, bonnets, lace, silk.. ahhh.... ♥

    {Also, thank you for the lovely comment on my blog.} :)

  15. The dress is gorgeous and so are you! I like the way your hair is done.

  16. That dress is beautiful!!!!! My favorite era...I would have to say the "Jane Austen" era with the enpire waist dresses. (Though a bit more material at the top of the dresses would be ideal.) :)

    And then the vintage era like the 30s and 40s are pretty too.

  17. That is a very pretty dress, Lucia! And might I add that you look very beautiful in it! ;)

    Let me see...I really like the Turn of the Century era. Also, some of the Victorian era.

    Thanks for the fun post! :)
    Martha Joy

  18. How pretty!!! You look beautiful! My favorite era is the Victorian as well. Their dresses were SOOOOO beautiful! Why don't we see these in stores now days?

    Love, Ireland

  19. Oh, I love it!!! The ruffles, the deep colour...the PUFFED SLEEVES!!!

  20. Wow, just wow. It's beautiful and so are you!!

    I like the Middle Ages best.

  21. *sigh* Has anyone told you how loverly you are? Because you are.


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