Friday, November 25, 2011

one of these babies = soon to be mine ♥

Gahh. I'm still full from the enormous feast last night--who stuffed themselves? Okay, I can safely say I wasn't a glutton, but I definitely felt my meal afterwards: turkey, potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, homemade rolls, yogurt pie, peppermint icecream...

Okay, I'd better stop. I'm making myself rather sick just thinking about it...:P

..On a better subject: I have some super exciting news. If you have read my About Lucia page, or even been reading my blog for a few months, you will know that I am an aspiring photographer. I love, love, love taking pictures--only problem? Currently, I find myself lacking a camera, which is not a good state for an 'aspiring photographer' to be in, aye?

That unfortunate circumstance, my friends, is about to change.

Yes, I am purchasing, after waiting and saving and waiting and searching and waiting some more, my first DSLR camera. ♥ Right now, I am still deciding between a:

Nikon D3100

..and a:

Canon Rebel T3

..usually the Nikon D3100 is slightly more expensive than the Canon Rebel T3, but I have looked for some good deals on-line, and found both currently at $400. I can't really go above this budget, so this is perfect (especially since they are usually $500-$650!). I was considering a Nikon D3000, but found that these two cameras are newer, have more features, and are cheaper at the places I found them. 

Now, I just have to decide which one. ;) I am leaning towards the Nikon, because through some researching I discovered that customers prefer the Nikon D3100 over the Canon Rebel T3--but all around, I believe they are both pretty decent cameras.

I. Am. So. Excited!!

..Of course, I am not certain I'll be able to get this deal, but one way or another I will be getting a DSLR camera sometime in the near future. :)

#20 on my bucket list (which I have yet to share on here) is about to be completed:
-purchase a DSLR camera!

Oh yeah. ♥

p.s. (guest posted over at Elizabeth's today!)


  1. Congratulations! That's so cool! Although I AM a Canon fan, I think you should get whichever you think is a better camera. :) That's so so exciting! :)

  2. oh, yay! How exciting! I have a Canon and I'm definitely a Canon girl, so obviously, that's what I recommend. Of course, it really comes down to personal preference, but overall, I believe that Canon is the best I'd say go with the T3i. hah! You'll be happy with either though -- from what I hear, they're both great cameras! :) One thing I would say is, definitely invest in a quality lens, like a 35mm or 50mm. If you can buy just the camera body and buy a nice lens, do it. anyways...exciting news! :)

  3. Wow, that's great, Lucia! I'd really like to get a good photographer's camera one day. I don't know much about cameras, and we were also thinking of buying a camera but aren't sure which one.

    Just a word of caution, I have a normal Canon camera (for normal photo shots) and the Canon camera didn't last long. I've found it not to be very good quality and easily runs out of battery :(. If I were you, since both are the same price, I'd go for the Nikon, but that's really up to you... and honestly, I don't know all that much so... yeah! But congratulations anyhow, can't wait to see photos you take through your new camera!!

  4. *So* exciting, Lucia! Either way you look at it, you're gonna be the owner of a pretty awesome camera soon! xD And just you think you'll have the interview questions done in the near future...? :)

  5. WWWhaaaaatttt?? I got my Rebel T3 for six hundred! Four hundred is a *wonderful* deal. I love my takes wonderful pictures and isn't very hard to use. I highly recommend it.

  6. If I were you, I would go with a Canon { I am saving up to buy a T1i from my mom, then of course she will buy the t3i ;)} but I am not you! Whichever one you think fits your needs best :)

  7. I just got a Canon T3 yesterday, and I LOVE it! I would recommend the canon over the Nikon. If you go with the Canon you will have more lens options later, plus the lenses you buy now are more likely to work with a bigger camera if you decide to upgrade in the future...

    have you checked out ? This is a website recommended to me by a pro photographer...

    hope it helps! either way you go, I'm sure you'll LOVE a bigger "gun"! =D

    <3 hugs


  8. Hey Lucia,

    Saw you were trying to make a decision, so I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents! Canon is more widely shot (mainly) because it's slightly less expensive, but both brands make pretty nice quality cameras.

    I personally shoot Nikon and love it. When I was deciding on a camera a few years ago, I thought I would be going with Canon. However, when I held and used both cameras in-store, I completely changed my mind. I thought that the Nikon was very comfortable to hold and easy to shoot while the Canon seemed cumbersome. (Of course, this is *just* my opinion. Some people find Canon to be more comfortable. :)

    Since then, I've thought that Nikon has a more solid feel and better build than Canon on their entry level DSLR cameras. (On the upper-end, I don't notice as much difference.) To me, the Canon Rebel line feels like it's not going to hold up as well. ;) I had my Nikon D40 (the camera model the D3000/ 3100 replaced) for a while, and it never even had a scratch on it when I sold it to upgrade! However, I've seen friends' Rebels that look like they've been dragged across the pavement after a few years... Also, I prefer Nikon's menu setup and button setup. I found it less confusing and thought it was designed well.

    I would *really* suggest holding both cameras side by side if you haven't already. It will help you make a decision if you're undecided.

    One more observation I will add... I've seen different friends' Canons break multiple times over the past few years, but never a Nikon (yet ;). I personally just think the build is a little stronger/ better quality.

    I'm sure you'll be very happy with whichever you choose, but I thought you might like to hear my observations/opinions of both. They're both very good cameras that will last you a long time. I just wanted to note a few differences I've seen.

    It's funny, because most photographers prefer one or the other and are *very* loyal to their brand. haha... Enjoy your new camera! (I know you will.)

    Happy belated Thanksgiving! ;)


  9. I too am a big Canon fan, I bought my first DSLR last March (a Canon T2i, the T3 hadn't come out yet) and I LOVE it! I've found that the regular point and shoots for Canon aren't super amazing compared to other point and shoots, but their DSLR's are AMAZING! Of course Nikon is a good brand too but if it was me I would definitely get the T3. :) So exciting!!! I can't wait to see the pictures you take with whichever one you buy.
    ~Mary Kate

  10. Ok,the Canon Rebel T3 is great! Canon so rocks! My big sis has one and I can never go back to using a point and shoot!:)

  11. yay, i'm so happy for you! and btw, that guest post was amazing!

  12. I love that: ...but one way or another I will be getting a DSLR camera sometime in the near future. :) That is exactly what I've been saying!
    *Personally*, I've used a very nice Canon that belonged to one of my friends, and felt really comfortable with it; so that's which one I'm kinda leaning towards. But yesterday I was taking some pictures with my aunt's new Nikon, and it's really a good camera too. I asked her a couple of questions about why she likes Nikon above Canon (knowing she's been a professional photographer for some years) and she said there isn't all that much difference between the two; it's rather more of opinion as far as button and screen layout. However, (and I can't quite remember how she explained it), but in these cameras there are internal vibrations of some sort and there seems to be less in the Nikon, making it easier for focusing and thus producing a slightly clearer image, or something like that. I've tried both though, and am pleased with both.:) I'm looking to get a Canon EOS Rebel XSi 450D DSLR camera. I'd definitely suggest what Lauren Brittany suggested though; you really should try both before you decide!:) Hugs!

  13. Oh, and the pictures I took that you liked on my blog where taken with a Canon (just to let you know haha).
    Enjoy your new camera dear!

  14. Get the Nikon!
    I'm saving up for a Nikon D3100. My mum has one, THEY ARE SO GOOD!!!!

  15. That's so awesome! :) I'm seriously thinking of purchasing a dslr camera soon, but I'm where you are . . not sure what to get!

    Where did you find a deal for $400?! Do you mind emailing me letting me know? Thanks, sorry to bother you. You have my email. ;)

  16. Canon cameras are the best cameras-- believe me! I have tried and used so many different types of cameras, and Canons are always the easiest to use and they take the clearest, best-focused pictures.

  17. I have a canon G10, and I love it. and when I upgrade, I'll probably keep in the Canon line. Of course, it is all preference, I am beginning to think that Nikons and Canons are both just as great, and it is all up to the owner user! :-)

    Are you going to name it? I named my G10 Camryn. lol

  18. I'm saving for my 1st DSLR as well.My goal is to purchase a Canon Rebel T2i:)

  19. I just bought a Nikon D3000 a couple days ago. I LOVE it!!!! Personally, I would go with the Nikon D3100 if I were you. Both the Nikon D3000 and the 31000 are great cameras for the price. It's an expensive purchase but I'm sure you'll use it and it's something you'll have for the rest of your life!:)

  20. I was stuck between those two too a month or two ago... go T3. I got mine and i ADORE it! I found it on ebay {brand new} for 450$ w/ starter lens and free shipping. Amazing deal and i am SO GLAD I bought it! Good luck!

  21. Hi Lucia! Okay so I'm a hardcore dedicated Nikon chick, but wanting to become professional photographer, I am open to anything. I actually have the nikon d3100 and I'm currently saving up for the d7000, so I'm not goin to be switching brands, but I have shot with several canons before and they were fantastic.
    I must say though, d3100 is very light-weight and comfortable, yet sturdy. I've had mine for over a year now and it is still in perfect condition. I even accidentally dropped it in water once and guess what? It still works like new.

    So you definitely can't go wrong with the d3100 :)

    Hope this helped!

    Hope this helped a little!

  22. I heard Nikon was better... but, in all honesty, I'm lost! I'm saving up for the Nikon d3100 or the Canon T3i -- I have NO idea what to choose; as I said earlier, I heard that the Nikon is better. Plus, it's not as bulky as the Canon. The 3100 was designed so it's not SO big, but obv. it still is pretty big, because it's a dSLR.

  23. Congrats Lucia! How cool :-)

    Although I'm not really much of a photographer, my mom is... and she uses Nikon and loves it! So I'd reccomend Nikon... but I am sure you'll love whichever camera you get!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  24. I have the Canon T3! It's awesome! We actually talked to a professional photographer, and she said that the T3 is good for beginners in photography! (:

  25. That's so exciting! I have a Pentax, so I can't get caught up in this whole Canon vs. Nikon debate, but either way it sounds like you found a really good deal and you're going to fall in love with a a camera ♥

  26. Congratulations!!! Yesterday was my 1st anniversary for taking pictures with my Nikon D3100. I AM A NIKON GIRL!!! GET THE NIKON {do it, do it! :) you know you want to!} There's a lot of controversy between Nikons and Canons, but as Hannah said it's personal preference. Nikons are awesome and made of good quality, and I've heard a few experiences that Canon's didn't last long. My friend bought a Cannon Reble T2i and she now has to return it after six months later after purchasing.

    I am so pleased with my Nikon D3100, and I would love to know that a dear friend also shoots with one. ;)

    Whichever one you get, I know you'll take amazing pictures.

  27. I have a Nikon Coolpix L110! I love it! I think you would be better with the Nikon because I looked at lots of reviews when getting my camera and there were little to NO complaints compared to the canon(:

  28. Congrats! Photography is really fun and a nice camera is a great addition. I'd recommend the Canon.. I've always been a big fan!! :)

  29. I can't recommend Canon more than enough. I have two older Canons that serve me so well.

    One is a regular point and shoot I got in 8th grade. For years (7 years) I have thrown it around. It's been shoved in my backpack and lugged across the world. It's been rained on and thrown down fountains. it still takes excellent shots ( - mind you that is 7+ year old technology).

    I now shoot with a 6 year old Canon Eos 20 D. While the ISO technology is now outdated,what a wonder this camera is! It's also been smashed around. Abused. Daily used. Hundreds of thousands of photographs! And it still never fails to serve me well.

    I often borrow my brother's Canon Rebel and am thoroughly impressed.

    8 years a Canon fan.
    Still a Canon fan.

  30. I think I will toss in my 2 cents.... I have a Canon DSLR. It isn't the T3, it's an older Rebel and it ROCKS. I've had it for 1-2 years and it was my Uncle's for years before that, so yah, it is pretty awesome. I also recently purchased a 75-300 mm lens on Amazon. It was about 100-125 dollars, and Tamron is supposed to be a superb brand, and it has great reviews, so it you want a good zoom lens, I would try that one. I pretty much have it on my camera all the time (mostly because I'm to lazy to change lenses). Here's the link:

    (and no, I don't work for amazon or anything, haha)
    It's just a great lens if you want a zoom, I think.

    So, I've had my DSLR for about 2-ish years, they're awesome. So awesome. Shoot in manual when you can, BTW. :-)

    Can't wait to see pictures!!

    PS. I'm not trying to say canon's better or anything, because that Nikon is seriously so sleek and amazing looking. I want it. :-P

  31. I recently purchased the Canon t3i and I absolutely love it! The image stabilizer is definately a plus. I find that it's a lot easier to work with than a camera without it. It is heavy and I suppose that you could call it cumbersome, but I've never used a camera that size that wasn't.

    After you get your camera (whichever one you choose!) I would definately recommend saving up for a bigger lens. I have a 55-250 mm lens and I have a hard time using a smaller one because I love it so much! I even use it for close-ups because it just seems to have a better quality. Of course, it may just all be in my head!

    Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Good luck shopping!

  32. Hi Lucia!
    We just recently bought a Canon Rebel T3 and it is wonderful! I would definitely recommend the Cannon. I'm sure the Nikon is great too though:)
    Sounds like a hard decision!


  33. Oh, that is wonderful, Lucia!!! =) Haha, those are actually the exact two camera that *I* am trying to decide between! =D Unfortunately, though, I don't happen to be anywhere near being able to get one. =( Oh well. One day... :) Be sure to post when you get one! =)

  34. Not sure if my two other comments went through or not, but:

    I would definitely go with the Nikon D3100! I feel that Nikon gives images a much clearer, brighter, and bolder look. I also hear that Canon is much harder to use than Nikon {my best friend and her mom have said so as well}.

    While both have their pros and cons, I personally would go with the Nikon D3100!

  35. i would look at and read all of the details about each one before you buy! i have the d3100, i can't vouch for the canon, because i've never used it, but i'm in love with my nikon! and i'm going to agree with what some other people are saying, pleasepleaseplease get a 35mm or 50mm. it's a fabulous lens, and one of the cheaper ones. (:
    hope this helps, at least a little!

  36. that is so awesome!! My dad has a Canon and I use it {a lot} and it is totally AMAZING!!

  37. How exciting, Lucia! I shoot with a Nikon D40X and LOVE IT! I don't know too much about Canon, but I would definitely recommend Nikon! :)

    Many Blessings,

  38. That's so exciting! I've never used a digital SLR, so I can't recommend anything to you, unfortunately. However, my dad is letting my use his Nikon coolpix L24 and it takes very good pictures for its size (it's pretty tiny!). It's been dropped on tile once and wasn't scratched one bit, and worked perfectly. It's held up very well so far, so I'm guessing it'd be the same with a DSLR. ;) So I think I'd go with the Nikon. :)

    Good luck! I can't wait to see pictures. :)


  39. Oh, another thing:

    The Nikon D3100 IS newer than the 3000, however the 3100 is about $100 dollars more. The only difference is that the 3100 has video, while the 3000 is just a camera. I opted to save $100 because I dont use video, i just wanted the camera:)

  40. I have a D3100 and I'm in love with it! So that would be my recommendation!! But I'm sure the Canon is really good to!


  41. I can vote with experience in favor of the Canon Rebel. I just got mine!!!! ....and I'm in love... I am also an aspiring photographer and love learning all i can, so if you ever have any input for me, let me know!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    ~Makenna :)

  42. I tagged you:


  43. Congratulations! I have wanted a camera like that for some time, but will have to be content with what I have for now. :) (which I am.) I actually just use our Canon video camera, which also takes pictures. It does a really good job! :) My sister, Maggie Ree, got a Canon Rebel T1i this year (I think it was. hehe. Not really sure. :)), and has really enjoyed it! :) It takes REALLY good pictures!

    Congrats again! Please let us know which one you decide to get. (even though I'm sure you will! ;))

    Love & Blessings,
    Martha Joy

    Psalm 75:1

    P.S. I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, thanking the Lord for His mighty works, and every blessings which He has bestowed upon you! :)

  44. I want a Nikon D3100 too!

    Sarah (

  45. That is so neat! I purchased my first DSLR camera earlier this year, a Canon Rebel XS. I LOVE it - I'm a Canon fan. But you should choose what fits you best. :)


  46. Canon. Canon. Canon. CANON> CANON.
    ok, i'm done

  47. That' really exciting! I recently purchased a Canon is a dream come true :-D


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