Thursday, June 30, 2011

We Have Our {Vintage} Winners!

The time has come for me to announce the {very blessed} winners of the recent "Ultimate Vintage Giveaway."

Seriously excited, here.:D

Before I get started, let me say one more HUGE thank you to our two lovely sponsors, Miss Rachael of The Paraders, and Miss Desiree of Prance and Swagger. They were amazingly generous in donating these two adorable pieces for you, my dear readers, to win!

Well, what are we waiting for??! I will make this short and sweet. :]

^^ This lovely thing is going to be arriving on the doorstep of...^^

vintage dress- 1960's DARLING DAISIES sunshine yellow printed cotton

^^ This dress of pure sunshine is going home with...^^

CONGRATULATIONS, Amber and Katie!! I will e-mail you both shortly. :) I am so glad these dresses will be going into such loving a welcoming homes. ;)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's the Real Me!

One of the cutest blogs around is Olivia's at Horsefeathers. She has a wonderful sense of humor, great photography skills, and a genuine love for life. I don't endorse alot of her fashion or the music she listens to, so don't hold me to a recommendation, but she has some great posts.

Recently, she challenged her fellow lady bloggers to something which she humorously entitled, People Are Imperfect Campaign For Bloggers Who Are Awesome. Or PAICFBWAA for short. ;)

The idea is to take a picture of yourself withOUT make-up, withOUT photo editing devices, withOUT contrast and the blessed Cross Process feature on that makes your complexion such a lovely golden color...and be you. The real you.

Now, I don't wear make-up anyways, but I must confess that I rarely post a photo on here that hasn't at least been contrasted, Cross Processed, or something like that. I never go "fake" on my editing, but I hate posting bad pictures of myself, just..because. :]

I am changing that right now. I am joining PAICFBWAA. ;)

There I am. :) Fresh from a run in the rain. Sweaty, soaked, red-faced. But..hurrah for natural-ness! Hurrah for the awesome people who aren't afraid to show how God made them. <3

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.
{Genesis 1:27}

Monday, June 27, 2011

a little bit o' fashion.

It's been a little while since I did a real fashion post. And speaking of "little whiles," it's been exactly that since I posted. :] I have excuses. Just to name a few: sister. Graduation. Party. Conference. School. Wedding. ..Yeah. :) Party pictures coming soon, I promise. We went all-out with the help of numerous amazing friends and it ended up exactly as hoped for. <3

..But, back to my intended subject line. :) As I was saying, it's been forever and a day since I did a fashion post. Like, fashion post as in what I'm wearing nowadays, not what Audrey Hepburn or Polyvore or weheartit has for us. I also have several reasons for this:

#1, our camera is nasty and a chore to work with. 'Nuff said.
#2, I am definitley not a model and have almost constant bad hair days/un-photogenicness moments. :P #3, much as I love fashion, I really don't have much to work with. Also, I am not good at getting out an taking pictures. Hehe. 

..But today (well, more like Saturday), I defied the pessimistic odds and went out there to take an outifit photo for you guys. Aren't you proud of me??  

He Who Holds The Key Necklace

dress--Ross/sweater--Nordstrom Rack/necklace--Cinderbella's {giveaway}

On the dress: this is actually one of those uber disgusting tube dresses that happened to have uber cute fabric. Thus, I pinned it to mah undershirt, threw on a nice sweater, and made sure to button 'er on up. Voila!

On the sweater: Kay, Nordstrom Rack is less spendy than Nordstrom (think overstock), but it's still expensive. This sweater was an Easter accesory, and has been well-used. I love white sweaters. :]

On the necklace: It was with great happiness that I opened up a little package to discover this treasure. I have always wanted a purity ring or necklace, and now I have one! Plus, it accents this outfit well. <3
"He who holds the key can unlock my heart."

{By the way: two more days to enter my vintage giveaway; three more days to read and rate my book review..every single one counts!}

Praying for Emily...

My dear, sweet friend Emily from Practically Pink needs your prayers right now. Her mother, Molly, is dancing with Jesus today after a long battle with cancer. Please visit this post and let her know that you are praying for the N. family. I cannot imagine how hard this must be...Emily, my dear, I love you and am praying for you.

{ I will be back to blogging soon. Things have been hectic. }

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Heroines of Style: Grace Kelly

Heroines of style~  
                  Grace Kelly

Grace Patricia Kelly is the woman America--and the world--will never forget. The pale, blonde beauty queen could boast of being a renowned actress, model, style icon, and princess consort of Monaco {by marriage} all at once. Born in 1929, she debuted her acting career at the age of 20, after being rejected from college due to low math scores. She had been involved in plays with her private highschool, and in the "prophecies" section of her graduating yearbook someone wrote, "Miss Grace P. Kelly--a famouse star of stage and screen."

Grace went on to become a leading actress for her time period, starring in well-known movies alongside other prominent actors such as Cary Grant and Jimmy Stuart.

Her styles were copied by women all over the country, and she was known for her excellent taste. She always dressed in a somewhat refined manner--loving elegant evening gowns and silky fabrics. The first photo at the top of this post show her in the large-skirted dress that she is most remembered in.

Grace loved light colors and feminine attire. She was often seen in floppy hats, which accented her perfectly-shaped face well.

In 1956, Grace married Prince Rainier III of Monaco, skyrocketing her already present stardome into worldwide fame. Her wedding dress was the talk of the nation, and it was certainly exquisite. Lace over-covering a snug bodice, pearl buttons clasping to the throat, and a delicate veil. This year, Princess Kate's wedding dress was shown to have a remarkable resemblence!

Grace Kelly in 1956

Kate Middleton in 2011

Grace suffered a stroke while driving with her daughter on September 13, 1982, and crashed down a mountainside. Her daughter survived the accident, but she did not. The world mourned for their beloved "Princess Grace," and would never forget her.
File:Grace Kelly at Expo67 - LAC e000996509.jpg

"Heroines of Style" is a monthly posting which features a woman of the past who dominated her fashion times. Read past HOS posts here.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Life without Limits {book review}?

How often have you heard the term, "outward appearance doesn't define you?" It sounds all well and good--but what if your life actually revolved around that statement? What if your "outward appearance" was so drastically different from everyone you knew, that you couldn't help but be effected?

Welcome to the world of Nick Vujicic: Australian-born thirty-something-year-old, swimmer, surfer, world-renowned speaker...and posesser of neither arms or legs. In his heartfelt and touching book, "Life without Limits," he discusses his hard and unusual childhood--his struggles, his victories, his supportive and strong Chrisitan family, and most of all, his limb-less, yet limitless life.

Nick writes with humor, joking about his condition as much as he covers the more serious aspects of his life. He describes how he gets a drink of water and flushes the toilet, and he covers his near suicidal attempt as a child. He encourages readers to look beyond "road blocks," and live life to the fullest--with God as Guide. I enjoyed reading this book immensly, and would recommend it to anyone seeking encouragement or simply a good, uplifting, God-honoring read..and with Nick's story in mind, all of the petty trials of life will seem like nothing.

Please take a sec to rank my book review to give me a chance to win a camera or a $50 Starbucks gift card!! :] Don't forget to check your e-mail after you need to verify your rating {a precaution against cheaters}! Thank you!

*DISCLAIMER* I recieved this book for free to review from Waterbrook Multnolmah Books. All opinions are my own. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

watermelon. ♥ need i say more?

This evening at dinner, in the warmth of the setting sun as we dined on hot dogs and chili, I bit into my first slice of summer watermelon.

It was summery.
And cool.
And delicious.

..And I had six pieces. :]


..Also, I attempted a self-portrait a few days ago {before my bangs, obviously}. Turned out better than expected, with a little contrast. Hurrah for those few-and-far-between days when the camera works. :]

I also just noticed that I have peculiarly lopsided eyes. Hmm. Maybe it's the angle..? Oh, whatever. Yay for lopsided eyes. :] And yay for blossoms in the hair!


♥ Me loves summer. ♥

..Just thought I'd post about it. :]

taylor swift, etc.

Hair is one of my absolute weaknesses. I adore long hair, and hairdos that look amazing. One of my idols, when it comes to hair {note: when it comes to hair} is Taylor Swift. She seriously has the best hair in the world. :] does help that she is a celebrity and has her own private hairdresser, but that is beside the point..

^^ This guitar is pretty sweet. :] I'm not a guitar player, but I think I would consider taking it up if this was handed to me...;)

I think alot of her curliness is natural. I adore curly hair. Mine is straight as sticks. :(

^^ Adorable headband! And I like her hair up, too...

^^ This is a pretty cute dress. I don't know how short it is, but hey! A shout out to Taylor for being modest. That is one of the things I like about here--she isn't as flaunty as all of the other Hollywood queens, and keeps most her outfits fairly decent. This next summer frock {not to mention another awesome guitar} is pretty, too {some changes needed, of course, for it to be added to my wardrobe...}:
File:Taylor Swift at Yahoo crop.jpg

Hey, and check this out: Taylor with no makeup! See? There is such a thing as natural beauty. :] These photos are from a shoot for People magazine. Now, that was brave of her, wasn't it? Yay for her!

Awe. ♥ She's so naturally gorgeous!

Taylor Swift with no makeup picture 10 of 12

^^ This dress = amazing-ness, too. ♥

..And, just because I'm posting on Taylor Swift, I have to include part of my favorite song by her. I think "Never Grow Up" is pretty much one of the sweetest things I have ever's about a mother singing to her baby.

Oh, darling, don't you ever grow up,
Don't you ever grow up,
Just stay this little
Oh, darling, don't you ever grow up,
Don't you ever grow up,
It could stay this simple... 

..If only it could.

- Please note that I do not endorse all of Taylor Swift's songs or outfits. -

Saturday, June 18, 2011

ghiradelli, beethoven, and old books.


So, I am officially off of my sweet-free challenge.

It is a good feeling.

I had berry cobler and vanilla ice cream yesterday, and with no guilt I just had a handful of Ghiradelli chocolate chips. ...Ooh, those things are amazing. The absolute best chocolate chips I have ever had--and that's sayin' something. ;)  But, I've promised myself that I will exert some self-control, and change my old "it's-sweet-I-want-it-and-I'll-eat-all-I-can-manage" ways. o.O

Okay, I wan't that bad...


This Saturday morning, it being gloomy and wet out {and yesterday is was 75 degrees!}, after the completion of weekend chores and mapping out what is left of my schoolwork to be done, I sat down at my piano and plunked out a few dreary notes. Don't get me wrong--I like rain. Love it, actually. I just wanted to echo the mood. :] So, I plunked out a few dreary notes...and decided out of the blue to play every single piece by Ludwig van Beethoven that I own. Yes, a Beethoven marathon. Opus 1 thru 22, Sonata 15, and 22, and 34...the list goes on. It was actually strangely enjoyable, though classical music can become a bit of a drag if you play too much of it. :]


..Thus, the whole morning passed away. Perhaps Bach, tomorrow? ♫


Lately, old books have been my passion. The ones that we've had for years; the ones great-grandma read when she was a child...I've gotten them out to sniff them and read. Sniff them, because the smell of old books is one of the most wonderful smells in the world {providing you haven't spilled water upon them and left them in the attic. That is by no means a romantic smell}. And the way old books speak--the way their authors and authoresses write. It refreshes me, somehow, to breathe in their innocence and charm.

One of my never-fading dreams is to someday stand in one of those huge collector's libraries, surrounded by the delicious musty, leathery oder of antique novels. Complete with the attached rolling ladder. ♥

..A swivel staircase would suffice, too. :]


Speaking of chocolate and music {are we?}, I leave you with a quote and two photos which I find immensly delightful.

"Too much of a good thing can be
~Mae West


~ ...Blessings, friends. May the Lord keep you. ~

all above photos via..guess. yup,

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Creative Dinner + Blog Party WINNERS

I'm home alone tonight, trying to finish up some schoolwork.

...Dinner consisted of nearly a whole package of rice crackers, and as much pomagranete/acai berry juice as I could drink. Yeah, I'm creative when I'm busy.

But, have I ever mentioned how much I like rice crackers and pomegranete/acai berry juice? It's up there on my "foods most wanted when cramming tests" list. :] And tonight, it was dinner. Ooh..I also just realized how much I love spelling out, "acai berry."'s something about seeing the "a" next to the "i." ACAI. A-C-A-I. 

Hehe. :]

..Getting back to my subject line: I was sitting there straining over a biology quarter test, munching a rice cracker and taking a long swig of juice when I realized that blog party winners were due to be announced today. Woops. Totally fogot. So, I decided I needed a break anyways--and, here I am, ready to play announcer. :] Without further adiu (sorry, no long and heartwarming speeches tonight, friends..tests are calling!):

NEW Cream Rose Ring FREE shipping.
..goes to #2, Nela.

Blythe. vintage locket earrings
Earrings from BlueSunEmporium
..go to #48, Lilly Grace.

Butterfly Spring Pink Ring
Ring from CreativeKates
...goes to #12, Eyebright.

Set of 2 handmade beaded sew-on / glue-on fabric flower appliques in Sterling
Prize pack from TheCove
...goes to #41, Monica.

Tinted Lip Balm - Burt's Bees
Two tinted lip balms from Burt's Bees
...go to #36, Grace @ Guarded Heart

Black and Mustard Yellow Rosette Headband
Headband from AdornmeGirl
...goes to #27, Anna @ God is an Awesome Designer

Margarita Organic Sugar Scrub
Body polish from rawolive
...goes to #64, Courtney.

Rosemint-sterling silver rose pendant necklace
Necklace from TheJeweleryBar
...goes to #53, Kelsey @ The FlipFlop Farmgirl.

Pick any 4 Vegan Samples for 2.00 - Thats 50 Cents Each
$20 gift certificate from JustPureMinerals
...goes to #49, Julianne.

Rosebud ORGANIC Lipstick Tube CHEMICAL FREE No Harmful Natural Ingredients Vegetarian Gluten Free
Lipstick from PureMineralSource
...goes to #29, April @ Delicatley Fierce.

rose ring on filigree
Ring from MollythePirate
...goes to #43, Crista Moriah.

Journal from PatchworkMill
...goes to #8, Charity.

Purse from Ahmelie
...goes to #20, Cynthia Grissom.

Necklace from OlivesandPearls
...goes to #50, Ashley @ Cheery-O.


..And that about sums it up! A *big* thank you to all our participants and sponsors. I hope you all had fun with our Summer bash, and CONGRATULATIONS to our {randomly selected} winners!!! Please shoot me an e-mail ASAP with your contact info {address, etc.}.


Bless y'all!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bangs and a Haircut.

Yup. You read the title right. I got bangs. For the first time in my life.

...Now, for you heavy-hair-over-the-forehead people, these may not look like bangs, but they are. Just not hardcore. I never thought I'd do it, but today at my haircutting appointment I just decided, "Whatever! Let's go for it!"

 ...And so, I did, and I must say I am pleased with my little side thingys that are bangs to me but not to most people. :] So? How do you like them? Did I do the right thing? Did I do the wrong thing? And..just for a better look at my newbies:

*cough cough cough*

..No, we're not related. Well..ummm..just...distantly related.


{Please pardon the poor picture quality. Our camera is still in the down zone.}

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Ultimate Vintage {Giveaway} Is...Here!!

Yes, I know I am posting early...I just found out that I am getting my hair trimmed tomorrow (TRIMMED. NOT CHOPPED. Haha..), and thus will most likely be unable to type this whole thing up.

Two weeks and twenty-five little faces ago, I reached 400 followers here at my little home sweet blog.


..It was a happy day, and seriously one which I never imagined would come to me. I mean, me? Little Lucia of the dusty blog around the corner? 

::sigh:: ...I love y'all. Because I don't blog for tons of followers. I don't blog for tons of readers. I blog for the want of expressing myself--my innermost thoughts, loves, and feelings--with the most encouraging and friendly buddies anyone could ask for. :]


Kay. Done being sentimental. ;) Because there are bigger and better things ahead! It is with the utmost pleasure, excitement, gratitude, and...yeah, all that good stuff, :] that I announce what has been "in the works" over here since I realized this {rather} prominant goalpost was coming up. Hold your breath, ladies...

You all know how much I adore vintage anything. And dresses. Vintage dresses = happy me. Literally. So. To express my deepest thanks for your continual loving support as I stumble through this blogging adventure, and to celebrate another milestone reached, I present to you:

::The {Vintage} Giveaway::

vintage dress- 1960's DARLING DAISIES sunshine yellow printed cotton

*lets out all of the squeals she has been holding in for so long*

...YES. I am giving away two vintage dresses, with the generously wonderful help of the ones who are making this possible: Miss Desiree from  Prance and Swagger, and Miss Rachael from The Paraders--both exquisite gems in the Etsy shoppe world. Well, what are we waiting for? Let me introduce our prizes and their sponsors more thoroughly!


From Rachael and The Paraders comes a creamy 1970's polka-dotted day dress, long sleeved and puffy-skirted.  It features red buttons, a read ribbon 'round the waist, and a folded collar. I am not sure on the size just yet, but I will keep you posted! Sizing: large-ish (below). This gorgeous piece would be perfect for formal outings, dress-up, dances, Sundays, or even daily use!


length (back of neck to bottom of hem): 44"
bust (armpit to armpit x2): up to 42"
waist (sideseam to sideseam at waist or approx. x2): 30-36" (elastic)
hip (sideseam to sideseam at hip x2-usually fullest part of garment): free
sleeve (shoulder seam to bottom of sleeve): 18"
shoulder (shoulder seam to shoulder seam): 15.5"



From Desiree of Prance and Swagger, we have an adorable and delightfully sunny 1960's "Darling Daisies" dress; short-sleeved, cotton, and lightly pleated for fullness of the skirt. It is in a size large, but can be easily shortened or taken in.


vintage dress- 1960's DARLING DAISIES sunshine yellow printed cotton

vintage dress- 1960's DARLING DAISIES sunshine yellow printed cotton  vintage dress- 1960's DARLING DAISIES sunshine yellow printed cotton

...and, my dear readers, that is the secret. I won't even go into my jealousy. ;) Special, special thanks to Rachael and Desiree for their generosity. Ready, girls? One..two..three..

"Thank you!!!"

Now. Ready to call one of these dresses your own? Then read all of the directions carefully.
You must complete the mandatory entries to be eligible for winning.

Leave ONE comment for BOTH of these entries.

*Be a public google reader follower of this blog*
*Tell me which dress you would most like to win*

Leave ONE comment for each extra entry, unless specifically stated. All entries are equal to one entry, unless specifically stated. 

Visit The Paraders and leave me the link to your favorite dress there
Visit Prance and Swagger and leave me the link to your favorite dress there.
"Like"/follow Prance and Swagger on facebook and/or on Twitter, leave a comment saying I sent you!
"Like"/follow The Paraders on facebook and/or on Twitter; leave a comment saying I sent you!
Follow The Paraders blog; leave a comment on one of the posts saying I sent you!
Add my button/link to your sidebar.
Post/tweet/facebook about and link to this giveaway; leave me the link.
Add either of these buttons to your sidebar and leave me the link to your blog:

..There! Seven chances for you to win! How's that? :] Now, read these last details very carefully...then, you may type away.
This giveaway is open to all U.S. residents (this may/may not change..check back!) aged 10 years or older. If you are below sixteen, please ask your parent/guardian before entering, as you will be required to give me your address in case of winning. This giveaway will end on June 29th, at 12:00 a.m. NWPT. The randomly selected winner will have 48 hrs. to respond before another name is drawn.
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