Monday, November 21, 2011

button up!

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It’s buttoning-up weather—only nine days until the first of December, and already Winter is beginning to shove Fall rudely out the door. “It’s my turn!” he says, screaming through the wind and nipping her poor shoulders with icy frost.

And it seems like only yesterday I was donning sunglasses and complaining about the heat.

..Ah, so the seasons pass. And so my life speeds by ever-quickly.

Oh. Speaking of "buttoning up:" would you like to? :)

..In other words, after a few months of sore lacking, I have made Umbrella Girl a blog button. Actually, three.  If you enjoy this blog, feel free to take one of your liking. :]
Umbrella Girl

Umbrella Girl

Umbrella Girl

..I thought they turned out pretty cute! Which is your favorite? Let me know if you take one so I can be sure to come visit your blog in return!


  1. I just took your yellow and pink one, which I thought was very cute, but now i like that first one best. totally going in my blogscroll. if you like, you can take one of the buttons from my 'buttons' page at my blog, but I may be switching up the name soon, so you might wanna wait ;)

  2. I loved the last one, added it to my sidebar :)

  3. Oh.. I love all three of them! My favorite, though is the first one. I will def. put your button on my sidebar! (trying to do so on a mobile device is too tricky for me right now:).

  4. I love them all, my favorite is the very first. It's going on my sidebar right after this comment. :D I so wish I new how to design blog buttons. Do you design them for other people?? :D
    Oh! And I love your new blog design. It's so cute! :D

  5. wow!
    7 things i love about your blog:
    1) you write like every single day, no matter how often i check it there is almost always something new to read/look at
    2) your very cheerful and it would brighten just about anyone's days reading your posts!
    3) it was encouraging to hear that you too had a close knit group of friends you pen paled
    4) you love God!!!
    5) you have a lot of the same guidelines and things for purity
    6) we totally have the same fashion sense!
    7) we share a great love of Anne of Green Gables and many old fashioned movies and things! including Tangled...

  6. I'll be taking one! :) I think I like the third one the best. :)

  7. Thank you, girls, for the button adds! I am glad you liked them..I had tons of fun making them!

    @ Madison: Yes, it took me awhile to figure out how to make them! ;) And I would love to design a few for you! Just send me an e-mail, if ya like (contact page), and we can discuss it! :) Aw, and thank you! <3

    @Oriana: Are you the one who has left comments inquiring whether I would like to pen-pal you? If so, I am SO sorry I haven't gotten back to you..I just didn't really know how, but I guess I'll just comment and hope you get it. ;)

    First of all~~aww! Thank you so, so much dear. <3 That brightened my day! You are way too sweet..I am blessed to hear that my blog blesses *you!* That is my utmost goal. And wow, we do have a lot of things in common! Fun! :D As to the pen-palling query~~

    Oh, I would love to pen-pal you,dear, but sadly..I have like ZERO time right now. :P I have a lot of othe pen-pals whom I have had to put on hold, and IF I am going to be doing any letter-writing I would have to respond to them first. So, right now, it has to be a sad, depressing "no." :( Because I really would like to--you seem so sweet! <3 Maybe in the future sometime..? I'll let you know. ;)

    Thank you again, ladies!!

  8. What did you use to make your buttons...I'm having trouble resizing mine!...

  9. Hey Lucia,
    yes i was the one who left the comments :) i'm glad you've enjoyed them. I totally understand :) like i said, i have a prayer chain by mail, and i never have enough time to e-mail them all! geuss we can just comment back and forth :)

  10. I like the last one best! Super cute!

  11. The first is my favorite, I just added it to my sidebar. ♥ I love your blog. :) Would check mine out? It would be amazing to get your feedback. ~Michaela :)


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