Thursday, November 10, 2011

i'm not perfect..forgive me?

I have said things in the past which I wish I could retract. Haven't we all? I strive to have control of my tongue, but sometimes...I stumble. Actually, I stumble a lot. Maybe that's because..

I'm not perfect.

..Surprised? Uh-huh. :] And do you know what the best (okay, maybe worst) part is? Even on my blog, where I can think out each word before I type it, scan my thoughts, and even not publish them, I say wrong things, too quickly. Sometimes I just feel so strongly about something or am so eager to share something that I get caught up in preachy-ness and find myself being judgemental, even harsh, with my words.

Two posts which I have decided to remove are my "dear anonymous" and "standing out: my story" posts. I must admit that I had a tremendous amount of fun writing to the lovely Anon., but..I can't help but feel that though I was not downright cruel or slashing with my words, there was rudeness and unkindness behind that post. I am certain God did not approve, so I apologize. I apologize to you, my readers, and to Anonymous, for being exactly the opposite of what I want to profess through my blog.

This is a hard post to write. Who likes being humble and admitting they were wrong, truly? I still don't like what anonymous is doing, and I have much I could say on the matter in the back of my mind. But, there it shall stay. :]

On the "standing out" post...I know it was received well by all of you, and I thank you for your encouragement. However, the post didn't come out quite as I meant it to. I feel like I am putting down and judging the girls in question, and I feel badly about that. They are my friends, and I have no right to talk about them behind their backs, even if it was just an illustration of something I went through. I was truly not meaning to put them in a bad light, I was simply trying to show our different mindsets.  So, I am removing it--and again, I thank you, friends, for your encouragement.

Anyways, sort of a somber post for today, but..I just really needed to clarify things and apologize for my hasty, un-needed posts. I truly want my blog to be a Light in the web-world, and I realize that having posts like these are not helping me obtain that goal.

With God's help, I pledge to strive for His glory in all of my future words. 


  1. This was so encouraging to read, Lucia! You are demonstrating just what God loves to see; his children obeying what he wants. Thank you for being a godly example and an encouragement. :) <3

  2. You are the best! You humbled yourself enough to tell all your readers {over 600!} that you were wrong {at least that *you* thought so ;)} You're an inspiration!

  3. Wow you ARE an inspiration!! You are exactly what I want to be like. That is so sweet to here from a girl I look up to so much (even if it is only from internet!!!

    Love ya!


  4. You're blessed with an extra help of humbleness, Lucia. Thanks for posting this.

  5. Dear Lucia,
    This was a truly humbling post, for me... I was blessed to see your commitment to honour and glorify the Lord Jesus in what you write... oh, how often I've said things that were too rash, or judgmental too. May the Lord forgive me. How we need His grace... your blog has been a blessing to me, btw... especially in regards to issues like romance, dating etc... thank you for sharing what the Lord has put on your heart. Many blessings,

  6. Lucia, what an encouragement how humble you are! You will be blessed for always listening to God- no matter how hard!

    Thank you :-)

  7. hey, nobody's perfect. if we were. He wouldn't have had to die for us!

    good job, girl!♥

  8. We all have wrongs, some smaller then others.

    I really respect your coming at with it so publicly. You go girl!


  9. Lucia, that is a wonderful thing to write. By doing this, you are giving God the glory and showing your maturity through him!

  10. Great post, Lucia! Your blog is amazing, you are amazing, and you are a great encouragement!!

  11. Lucia,
    Goodness. You are such an inspiration to me. And though I don't agree with everything you post, I have never found ANYTHING you put up offensive or rude. Keep being Lucia, girl!

  12. hey! i've never commented on your blog before, but I really enjoy reading it :) This post made me happy and sad... happy because you're amazing and so humble, but sad because I enjoy reading your opinion. It comforts me because I feel the same way, and sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who feels that way. So I understand you removing the posts, but i also feel a little bad somehow :) But thank you for writing your blog, it's so inspiring!

    Alyssa <3

  13. Hey Lu,
    This is sarah. I didn't get to read your "standing out: my story" post... Do you think I could read it sometime? or could send it to me? (un-edited and all. =) But only if you want me to.

  14. Wow, Lucia. This post is so beautiful to me because you are walking with Christ so closely.

    Love you in our LORD,

  15. Ah, m'dear. We all make mistakes, we all fall down, and we all mess up. You did a wonderful job with your apology!

    I wish I could take back things that I've said. But, I can't. I know people's comments can hurt, and I'm sorry.

    Keep up the great work! You do SUCH a good job with your blog! :)

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  16. Good going! It can be hard to stand up and say what really is right, but I admire you! :)

    <3 hugs!


  17. Props to you Lucia! Good for you for doing what you feel the Lord has drawn you to do, and for not being afraid to apologize.



  18. Thank you for this post, Lucia.
    I wrote a post yesterday, and published it. Later on, I went back and read it again and felt like God was telling me to visit your blog. After reading this post, I ended up deleting mine. It didn't quite come across the way I wanted it to, but it sounded more judgmental than anything. Lucia, your trust in God and His plan over yours is very encouraging. :)

    -Grace ♥

  19. You are so amazing, Lucia! What an encouragment, to see you doing what you know is right. You're right- doing these kind of things are really hard, and I thank you so much for being such a wonderufl example!


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