Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a little bit o' wisdom is all we need.

"The best way to predict the future
is to invent it."
                                            ~Allan Kay

Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God (Leviticus 19:31).

Monday, August 29, 2011

get the dress of your dreams.

So you need a cute dress, fast. Or maybe, not so fast--you just need want a cute dress. :] Understandable. And you want it to be both cute and modest and stylish and...yeah, the perfect dress.

Think it doesn't exist?

Think again. is here.  

Remember when I reviewed a dress from this fab. place?? I chose a pretty blue summer dress which is extremely adorable. I was satisfied with the fit, and the whole look. I would love another to add to my wardrobe. :]

Eshakti's prices are extremely affordable for being handmade, of high quality, and the option of being customized for every individual. No chance of being too low or too short with this company! Your can request "above the collarbone," or "below the calf," or "quarter-length sleeves.." the possibilities are endless! However, sometimes "affordable" isn't as affordable to some people as it is to others.  $50 is a lot to pay for a dress, personally. But knock off $20? And maybe even knock the $20 off of something in the 40% clearance area? Then you have got yourself a *deal.*

Yup, that's right. This code is just for you, my dears, when you shop at eShakti, until September 15th. It gives you $20 off of any purchase, whether it's from clearance or from the newest arrivals. PLUS, I get $10 credit when you use it! So, we both score!

Here's the code:


...Now, go use it on that perfect dress you thought you would never find! :) Let me know in a comment if you decide to use it...and feel free to e-mail it or facebook it to your friends and family. <3

*valid only until September 15th, so hurry, hurry!

here's why i'm happy on a drizzly, grizzly day.

reason numero uno:
i survived the run.

thank you muchly for the prayers, y'all. i came, i ran, i conquered. it's all in a day's work...;)

reason numero dos:
ice cream + blackberries.

our blackberries are ripe. we have vanilla ice cream in the freezer. end of story.

reason numero tres:
this dress. <3

just one ball gown of extreme floofy-ness and prettiness and satiny silk is on my wish list. :]
oh, that and the $2000 to obtain it with.

reason numero cuatro:
angry birds.

so, there's these birds. and their eggs got stolen by these pigs. and they're angry. so they're knocking down the pig's towers. and you get points.

okay, i never ever ever play computer games. huge waste of time, if you ask me. but this game...okay, i've taken down the barrier just a little. it's...umm, in one word: addicting. thus, i don't play it often. but when i do? "YES! I GOT IT! I KNOCKED THE TOWER DOWN!"


..that's my voice all over the house. :)

reason numero cinco:
old bikes.

we own two antique bikes, which we recently discovered are worth around $500 each. :] i don't care so much about the value as their looks..they are just as cute and whimsy as can be. i love old bikes with a passion. :)

reason numero seis:
el sonidito.

i listen to the hispanic station upon occasion, just for entertainment and fun. this song makes me laugh. period. :] i dare you to listen to the entire thing. it is the most repetetive...well, just hear for yourself:

*gasp* *cough* *gasp*

...isn't this the funniest song you have ever heard?? all that "uno dos tres cuatro!!!" XD

there. now you have seen what a truly abnormal girl i am.

why are you happy today?

Friday, August 26, 2011

You Know You're a Runner When...

You know you're a runner when...

Five miles is an "easy run."

Cross Country season is the best part of your year.

You have a hard time waking up early for a regular school day, but you get up at the crack of dawn to run just to stay in shape for next year.

Your shoes are full of holes and dirt, and the best thing in the world is getting a new pair.

Your teammates are some of your best buddies. ♥

You know the feeling of utter pain, but you also know that the most satisfying feeling in the world is finishing a race.

You never take being able to breath normally for granted again.

Walking isn't exercise anymore.

You look at the running clothes first in any store.

The words you dread most coming from your coach at practice are "run 99%."
(In other words, "kill yourself for an hour.")

Your toenails are forever shot, and your feet are hideously covered with blisters and calluses.

Sore muscles and sweaty hair are just part of daily life.

You feel gross if you miss a daily run.

You make up ryhmes to keep yourself from quitting.

There are such things as 'death runs.'

You know who is a runner are when you see them--whether you're in the grocery store or in church.  

I ♥ running. Any fellow sufferers? ;) Please be praying for me and my team today, as we run a team race. I am doing a 7 1/2 mile leg, and I want to do my best. Thank you, friends!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a very sweet sixteen + giveaway winners. (part 1)

So now, I can officially sing,

"I am sixteen going on seventeen..."

I always thought Leisel von Trapp so old as she sang those words. Now, it'a crazy to think I am her exact age, if a few months younger.
Aye, the fifteenth o' August was my sixteenth birthday, and as stated in the title, it was very sweet.
Literally, and otherwise.

Before I get started on the details of my happy day, I shall share an old photo to 'commemorate the day.' That's me on the left with the blonde hair, blue eyes, chubby cheeks...oh yes, and the charming expression. o_O I think I was around one or two.

..many years later..

An entirely mature, level-headed, always knowledgable in every circumstance, loving, forgiving, kind, wonderful, in every sense of the word, perfectly grown up sixteen-year-old.


..Okay, not quite, perhaps. But I think it's safe to say I know more than I did when I was two, and there are some mistakes of my youth which I can gurantee you I won't be making again. Thus, I believe I can say with my head held high that I am prepared to grow up. 

*hides behind her baby doll and hair bows*

My sixteenth birthday began really a few days before, when my grandma brought over some key lime pie ice cream, lemon cake, and a present. :) Have you ever tried this bliss? It is exactly that: bliss. I had quite a bit, needless to say.  

The next day, we were off for our week long camping trip, and our two day stay with our dear friends, the H. Family.

Dani, Amanda, and Emily H. and I have been pen-pals, e-mail pals, and phone call pals :) for three years now..we were blessed with the chance to at last meet them face-to-face this past April, when we both attended The Christian Heritage Conference. Olivia also writes Dani, and thus we are all very good friends by now.

Amanda, me, and Dani at the conference

..Much to our sheer delight, while conversing at the conference we learned that our family would be camping this summer near their area. Of course, plans were made that we stop by their house for a few days prior to our vacation.

We arrived the day before my birthday, a little earlier than expected, and thus were greeted with unforgettable screams of surprise. ;) We were bombarded with hugs, much to our delights, and thus began a most unforgettable sixteenth birthday. Another family, the B.'s, were visiting as well, so we had a full house..which was tons of fun!

Prettyness of the H. Family's driveaway!

..I don't want to make this post an un-readable length, so I will just give you a glimpse of all that we did over the course of our, sadly short, time together. We and the Girls had conjured up a list of things we wanted to do together, and had been talking of this visit for months over the phone and e-mail, so we had a fully loaded schedule. As it turned out, we altered things to suit more lovely ladies in our group, but our hours together were pricelessly blissful. :) On the night we arrived, we all gathered in the living room (after we had squeezed and chattered eachother half to death ;) and played games until bedtime, when Dani, 'Manda, Em, Hannah, Anne, Olivia, and I all squeezed onto their bedroom floor and talked for a good while. Around 12:30 a.m., we got the bright idea that we would take a "night walk." Amidst many giggles and squeaky hinges, we tiptoed outside and...laughed. The next day we found we had wakened a few members of the family. Oops. 

When morning dawned, we arose early and made breakfast. Our day stretched before us promisingly, and here is what we ended up filling it with amidst talks and laughter..
Made meals
Fed and (they) milked their goats
Took many walks
Played games
Took (tons) of photos
Had a tea party
Danced and learned new dances
Attended a Bible study/dinner

..etc. :)

 I didn't get many pictures, but they got tons; thus the "part 1" in the title. :) Expect a few more posts chock full of pictures of our time...I firmly believe we took at least 1000. :] The H.'s oldest brother, Greg, is a professional photographer, so we all went out and he kindly did a big photoshoot in their amazingly pretty countryside. Here are some photos that my brother, Mark, shot of us getting into one of our poses..

Dear friends and new friends, smiling together! ♥

 During the afternoon, shortly before we left for an evening Bible study (which was wonderful!) at the P.'s beautiful home, I was treated to a "surprise tea party." Manda and I went for a little walk down the road, "under order," ;) and when we returned, I entered their home to a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday to You!", smiling faces, cameras, a beautifully laid table, and two deliciously gourmet-looking peanut butter cup cheesecakes. I was so touched and thrilled

Altogether, I had a very "sweet sixteenth," as well as a lovely time with our friends, and on our vacation. We simply can't wait to see their dear faces again, in the hopeful near future. In the meantime, we have many upcoming pictures to commemorate the days! Praise the LORD for such a blessed time. ♥

Dani and I--photo by Emily. H. <3

Which brings me to my last point. The long-overdue WINNERS of my two latest giveaways.

For the la lemonada blog design package:

For the $15 gift certificate to Emariecreations:

Congratulations, ladies--please e-mail me with your info, and I will guide you from there! More giveaways are coming soon, scattered amidst future months. Including another from Emariecreations! Keep a lookout. :D

"I am sixteen, going on seventeen..."

I wonder what this next 'chapter of life' will hold for me?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Dream {Guest post by Abby}

My heritage on my paternal grandfather's side is German. Both of my paternal great-grandparents came over from Germany in the 1920s-30s before the last world war.  They didn't know each other; it wasn't until the middle thirties that they married, and began to establish their family, including my grandfather.

Fast forward to the early 80s, when my uncle Jim (dad's one and only younger brother) traveled to Germany for the first time.  To visit family members who still live in the same little village where Pappy was from, and to learn more about his heritage.

In 1985-86 (I think), he went their to live and study at the University of Tübingen, where he has since obtained his Master's and is working on his Doctrate.  That was the beginning of over twenty years of adventures that he has experienced in the 'fatherland' if you will. :)

At Christmastime 2009, my own father traveled to Germany for the first time and returned home with a wealth of stories, memories and happiness found in both Tubingen (where Jim and his wife reside), and also in Immenhausen where our extended family lives.  It was exciting to see him so pumped about his trip, and to have him share his experiences with our family, friends and church.  He wants to return someday...

My older brother Joel, has been dreaming about and planning for a trip to Germany for a number of years.  Last winter, we thought he and his friend Joe might have a chance to go and explore this beautiful country, but things didn't pan out and so they've put off the trip for another few months.  He is still planning and saving for this trip, and I sincerely hope that he gets to go with his friends soon.

I have a dream too.

My dream is more far-fetched and out of reach, due to my finances, and other circumstances.  But my dream includes a six-month stay in Tubingen with my uncle and aunt, assisting them in their mission / church work, visiting relatives, and exploring the magnificent countryside surrounding Tubingen.

Included in my dream is a burning desire to go to Berlin for a few days and explore the city in all its splendor and uniqueness.

Ever since my fascination with Dietrich Bonhoeffer began (about five years ago), I have longed to go and see the places he saw daily, to walk the same streets, to explore the places he did, and to take in the beauty of this old and historic metropolis.

I would like to investigate the Reichstag in all it's pristine glory, having been rebuilt following devastation it sustained during air raids at the end of WWII.

I want to stroll through the Brandenburg Gate and marvel at its powerful structure.

But there are a few places I would especially like to visit.  One is the Benderblock (made famous to Americans in the war film, Valkyrie). Where prominent members of the German resistance movement were murdered.

Another place I'd like to visit and spend hours touring, is Dietrich Bonhoeffer's house on Marienburger Allee 43.

And it would be a treat to take in a classical concert given by the Berlin Philharmonic. To walk along the Berlin wall and contemplate what it must have been like to live in a city, divided.  Or to stroll through the beautiful parks that dot the city on a sunny afternoon.  And before I left Berlin, I would like to consume some of its famous currywurst.

For now, all of this is just a dream... something to think about while lying lazily in bed early in the morning.  Something to work towards, to save up for and look forward to accomplishing!

I hope my dream comes true, someday.


Abby loves to cook, read, write, listen to music, think, spend time with friends, the great out-doors; photography, travel, history, geography, philosophy, metaphysics, languages and biblical studies are also interests in ‘my’ world. My goal is to live in a fashion which brings Jesus Christ honor, glory and praise, so that the Word of God would not be blasphemed.

Thank you Lucia for allowing me to guest 
post while you are away!

Monday, August 22, 2011

what's up with with that? a.k.a. the modestly post [by Kendra]

Yes, I know Qui already posted about this topic, but I decided to go a little deeper into the subject.

What's up with girls wearing skinny tight jeans and thinking nothing of it? You're not showing of any skin, but you can still see your entire leg form. 

What's up with girls wearing shorts so short and tight that they might as well be called underpants? 

What's up with women wearing low or strapless dresses for their weddings? 

What's up with girls basically wearing their underwear to swim in? Just because you're swimming doesn't mean you can walk around in a bikini. Do you know how many times you probably make a guy lust if you're wearing things like that? Would you walk around the beach in your regular underwear? 

Why is it that the 'popular' things are all short or tight? Why is it that when you type in "fashion" in google images, almost everything is inappropriate? 

We girls personally probably don't think about if things are immodest, since we don't have a problem with it. But what about our brothers in Christ? Do you have a problem with making them sin? Most girls don't even know they're making men think lustful thoughts if they wear something immodest. 
It's hard to stand out. It's hard to wear a long, flowing skirt to the store. You get looks from people. Girls wearing the 'cool stuff' (mini skirts, tank tops) stare at you. But it's worth it. Girls, let's not try and attract attention from the wrong people. If you're wearing low cuts or clothing that reveals too much because you want attention, who are you getting attention from? Godly young men aren't going to want to look at you, they will be ashamed. Only men that aren't Godly are going to want to enjoy that kind of clothing. Do you want to attract attention from a man who isn't Godly, or from one who is Godly? 

Here is what Godly young men say about bikinis [source]:

"If you don't understand this, you need to start at square one. The more skin that is revealed, the more of a stumbling block. You can't reveal more skin than with a bikini. If you understood the purpose of publications like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, or the objectification of swimsuit and lingerie models, you wouldn't want to wear a bikini -- unless you actually want men to sin as they look at you."

"Of course they are modest! After all, bikinis are nothing more than colorful underwear (less, actually, but that is besides the point) and we all know that underwear is perfectly acceptable and modest to wear in public. What guy could possibly be stumbled by seeing a girl only wearing underwear? Only some home-schooled, stuck-up, legalistic prude could object to that."

Everyone might wear bikinis at a waterpark or swimming pool, but that does not make them right at all. Even a swimsuit like the one on the left would be more modest than the popular swimsuits these days.

Let's see what guys say about pants: "Do you agree that skirts are more modest than pants?"

"This is a hard one. Skirts can be immodest, but assuming a modest one, the only difference between a modest skirt and modest pants is one is more distinctly feminine than the other, so I don't quite want to disagree."

"I cautiously agree. Obviously a short skirt (above the knee) would be more immodest than loose pants. However, I believe that pants are often more form fitting than skirts (especially when you bend down) This question is similar to another one. I have put a more complete treatment of the topic there. Here I just want to say that I believe that modesty is foremost but God also cares about what messages our clothes carry with them. Does a skirt carry a feminine message better than pants? I respect a girl more who wears a dress normally because I see that as a message that says "I am glad that God made me a woman and I am rebelling against ungodly tendencies in our culture to try to act like a man." I hope this helps, I do not see this as a black and white "thou shalt" but rather something that a girl needs to seek God's will on."

"I think that either is fine as long as it is not too tight (for pants) or too short (for skirts)."

It seems that skirts are more modest than pants, but pants aren't always immodest. I won't go into this topic, but I'll come to the conclusion that you can't just wear skirts or pants because all your friends do, or a certain article you read, but if God speaks to you. Everyone has different views on this topic.

tips for dressing more modestly

  1. Check your shirt, when you bend down, does anything show?
  2. Are your pants//skirt too tight? Are they too big on the waist so that they fall down? 
  3. When you bend over, does anything show? 
  4. If you're wearing shorts, make sure they don't go up more than two or three inches past the knee; and that they are not tight. 
  5. Smile, even if you're at the pool wearing board shorts and a t-shirt, and everyone else is wearing a bikini. Smiles are more attractive than revealing clothes anyways. 

That's all for now, but make sure you check yourself. Why are you wearing this outfit? Are you drawing more attention to your body than your face? 

What are your beliefs on modesty? Do you agree//disagree with anything I said? Leave a comment, but be nice. ;) 

 Also, none of these pictures are mine, they are off pinterest (I would not recommend everything on that site, I just visited it for the first time today, since many people said it was a good site.) Finally, thank you dear Lucia for letting me post on your blog! You're such a Godly young lady, it's an honor for me to be able to post on your adorable blog.

ps:: friends of Lucia, go on over and wish my little sister a happy birthday, will you?

about the author, Kendra |Does her best to live every moment. Has 7 younger siblings, wonderful & amazing parents. Lives on a farm with 13 horses, 90 something chickens, three cows, and more cats. Lives in Kentucky, and would've live anywhere else except Georgia or Sudan. Loves summer, can't stand winter. Tries to read her Bible everyday and live how God wants her too. Feels completely free running through a field, riding her rusty red bike, and climbing 5 stories high in a pine tree. Loves to write, photograph, read, and dream. Favorite colours are green, blue, & yellow. Can't survive without music. Loves to laugh and lives for Jesus. Visit my blog imagine or get a free blog design at Kendra Lynne Studios.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Audience {Guest Post by Rachel}

If I could hear Christ praying for me in the next room, I would not fear a million enemies.  Yet distance makes no difference.  He is praying for me.  ~Robert M. McCheyne

When I sat down to write this post for Lucia, I had no idea where to begin. It was more than an honour to be chosen to have these few moments on her beautiful blog. 

I wanted to put my heart and soul into this. 

Normally, I tend to lean more toward the poetic vein...seeking out the beauties in everyday life, searching for the small voice of God amid the chaos of daily life. 

But recently, I came to a startling conclusion about my own personal life...and my own tiny place in the blogging world. 
I'm seeking to find my voice. I'm learning to be real

There are so many things that flit across the sunrise in this corner of the universe, coming out of the woodwork to overwhelm those of us who call blogging our home. 

The memes that seem to fill every single day of the week. 

Monday Musings, Wordless Wednesdays, Photo Fridays. 

Not that I'm complaining. Sometimes, it's nice to have a sort of outline to guide us as we go along this garden pathway. 

But never forget what started you here in the first place.

It was about being real. It was about sharing your heart with whomever would listen. 

It's about you. And Him. 

It's not a show for the outside world. It's a cup of cinnamon-laced hot chocolate with the King of Kings. 

It's a precious moment between you and Christ alone, regardless of who may be watching.

Let the outside fade. Let the memes be stripped away.

Blog for your audience of One. 

About the author: I, Rachel, am a 20 -year-old dreamy newlywed, and the author of DramaticElegance. My blood runs red with passion and delight...composed with hints of freshly brewed coffee, melted chocolate, and the ink from a thousand pens. My eyes glitter with stars and nose is flooded with the aroma of country breezes and white jasmine. My lips are laden with poetry and prose, glory and honor to the King of the universe. I am the love child of music and candlelight. I am the daughter of Aslan, and my song is love. I am a princess of the Kingdom of Heaven. I am a thundering whisper. I am a roaring lamb. 

I am only me.

(You can also find me on my twitter, you can email me, and you can also check out my August giveaway)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Insignificant Corner of the Universe {a guest post by HannahLouise}

I have just figured out that thanks to an 18 hour time difference, I'm writing this on Wednesday night but for most of you readers, I'm guessing it's still Tuesday afternoon. Blame the time difference.

Where was I ..... ? Oh yes, the time difference - I'll explain that now.

It is already Wednesday where I live. Actually, it's Wednesday night. So where do I live exactly? Well......

A few hints?

The largest coral reef in the world is off the coast of my country.

Rainforests and deserts, snow and salt lakes, rivers that only run in the wet season, wet season equals flooding.
The mighty Burdekin River. This photo was taken in Jan 2009 and the water was
up to the bottom of the top half of the sign. It hit 20.75 metres and the bridge is
about 13 metres high.

In some parts of my country, they have hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters. Some parts even get snow. Other parts have hot, wet summers and cold, dry winters.

Any guesses?

The Southern Cross watches over my country.

Cricket is a favourite sport.

Well, if you haven't worked it out, I'll tell you.

Australia! Yes, I am Australian by birth and have lived here all my life. Actually, I live in the northeastern parts of Queensland - The Sunshine State!

So my country. We're not that much different than the rest of the world. Generally, Australians are pretty laid back, easy-going, & friendly if you know what I mean.

Now our termanology well, for a tourist from overseas you may end up finding that a bit confusing. We tend to use the word 'bloody' a lot, as in 'that's bloody terrific' or 'he's a bloody idiot'. In both cases 'bloody' is used as a substitute for 'really' or 'real'. We also tend to use the word 'mate' a lot if we don't know someone's name. As in 'she'll be right, mate'. And we tend to use the femimine pronoun 'she' a lot too. Example: "Don't worry about that, mate, she's right."

So yes, that's one way we're unique.

Don't ever call a koala a 'koala bear' because really, they aren't a bear so just call them a 'koala'. And, never try to pet one in the wild because that's just not common sense.

Down here we use the metric system for measuring so that's metres, grams, litres etc. In my way of thinking (remember, I've been brought up on this) it's a lot easier to calculate conversions from metres to kilometres. It's based on 10, so it's super easy to convert to larger units.

Oh yeah - our seasons are all round about too. Here it's Dec - Feb is summer, Mar - May autumn, Jun - Aug winter and Sep -Nov spring. But, where I live in northern QLD, we work things by dry and wet. Wet usually is our Nov - Apr, dry is the rest of the year. If we get a really decent wet season, we end up having almost all of north & central QLD under water. Yeah - I'm not joking. It happened this last summer, the year before in '10, and in '09. I'm serious people!
Then there's the menace from Dec - Apr in northern Aus. It's another major weather system. You Americans call them hurricanes, but here they're called cyclones and they're nasty. In Apr '05, Tropical Cyclone Larry wiped out all our bananas. And this year in Feb, TC Yasi wiped out all our bananas again plus gave us a serious fright!

The three photos above is what Yasi did to us. Thankfully, no roof came off but it seriously felt like it would!

Well where was I? Oh yes.

Down here we also have a mixed up school year. Yeah. But, it is very practical and straightforward. We start the new school year at then end of January. When Easter comes around, we get two weeks off. Then at the end of June we get another two weeks off. Another two weeks off at the end of September, and then the school year wraps up in the second year of December! Mind you, all the states & territories have their own school calender with different holiday dates, so what I put up is the QLD timetable. We also don't go on vacation, we go on holiday ;)

The beach at Bundaberg

Sorghum at Dalby

The Mitchellgrass downs country in Western QLD
That wraps up my little spiel on Australia. I hope you found it interesting.

Oh - do not go swimming in the northern beaches unless it's in a stinger net during the summer because you don't want to have a run in with a jellyfish cos they're nasty.
Don't swim in the northern waterholes and rivers because they're inhabited by 3 metre man eating crocs - no lie!

I hope this has been educational. For me at the end of a long day - it's just been my rambling thoughts with a few pictures.

And thank you for Lucia for letting me guest post!

God bless & Good night!

Who am I? Well I'm glad you asked! I'm HannahLouise. Almost 16. Homeschooled and doing year 11. Seven siblings, one neice. Aussie bred and born! Doing a Cert 3 in Aged Care with TAFE as the first step to nursing. God-lover. Ameture pianist, author and seamstress. Love reading. Fav authors are Janette Oke, CS Lewis and Beverly Lewis. Love music. Fav artists are Rebecca St James, Britt Nicole, Michelle Tumes & a bunch more. Hoping to become a nurse. Got some major dreams and am trusting in God to hopefully fulfill some! My blog is a private blog, otherwise I would stick a link up here!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Modesty in an Immodest World (A Guest Post by Qui)

As girls, modesty is something we all struggle with daily. I know that I am sometimes tempted to dress a certain way to be accepted or to look like everyone else. Also, our choices of modest clothing is becoming very limited. I've had the same four pairs of shorts for 3 years because I can't find any others that are modest length that aren't bermudas. (Bermudas don't look good with my body type.)
 Over the years I've gathered some tips (from my mom, from Seventeen magazine- even though they didn't know they were giving me modesty tips-, and friends) about how to make the immodest clothes in the store work for you and be cute.
Here are 3 very popular looks this fall- or last fall, I don't really care about staying with the trends as long as it's cute- made modest. Mind you, it's easier to stay modest in fall because of the cooler weather, but there are still things we need to address. Especially if you live in the south like me and your fall clothes won't be the same as others because of the heat.

001) Fall Shorts

Perhaps my favorite trend from last fall was the fall shorts. They are basically nice suit pants cropped and cuffed into shorts. Of course, the shorts are too short. What a surprise! What I'm about to say might sound a little odd, but what you want to do to fix that is wear leggings under the shorts. Yes, leggings under shorts. It helps with the cool weather and the modesty!
What to wear with it: There are a couple ways you could do this look.  You can wear them with any nicer t-shirt, though it should be semi-form fitting and tucked in. Pair that top with a really cute cardigan and put a very thin belt on over the cardigan just under your bust. Or you can get a cute blouse like the lace top pictured above. For shoes, do whatever you want, though oxfords (with heels or not) look best!

002) The little dress. 
The Little Dress

Whether it's a little black dress, a little sun dress, or any kind of dress, let's face it: when they say little, they ain't kidding. If you have short legs, this probably isn't an issue, but us long legged girls have huge issues with this. So how do we fix it? This wonderful thing called....jeans! It's a great way to tap into that inner 70s girl. Which is another hot trend this fall.
The rules for this is that your jeans have to be semi-tight. If you're not comfortable with skinny jeans, I would go with flare jeans. The shorter the dress, the looser your jeans can be. The longer the dress, the tighter they should be. You should never wear jeans with any dress longer than about 3 inches above the knee. 

What to wear it with: If the weather is cooler, you can pair it with a cardigan (following the same rules as the cardigan in the first outfit) and a skinny belt. You can wear it with whatever shoes you want, but I think it looks cutest with a nice pair of wedges or little heels if you're wearing flare jeans. If you're wearing skinny jeans, you should wear ankle boots or high-tops.

003) The Boyish Blazer

Okay...the blazer is a more risky thing to wear. You have to wear it EXACTLY right or else you end up looking like Ellen Degeneres if you know what I mean. So, if you're going to wear a blazer make sure it's a bright color. Like coral! Then always pair it with a skirt or over a dress. You can wear it with jeans, but you need to try extra hard to make it look girly. Wear a floral top and have a flower headband in your hair. Accessorize with pink. It's just very easy to get across the wrong message. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll just say that I'm not dissing less girly girls. I love me a jeans and t-shirt day just like everyone else. All I'm doing is helping this un-girly trend become more girly. Embrace your femininity! Don't try to look like a man! 

The Rules: I already said most of the rules above...But other than the ones I already said, wear it open! You should almost always wear your blazer open!
What to wear it with: A cute, more plain, t-shirt or blouse. A skirt, or if you're feeling daring jeans. Shoes: preferably heels, but you can always wear them with flats or oxfords or Converse. 

004) Others:
Here are some other trends to "fix."

Skinny Jeans: If you want the skinny look but you don't want skin tight, try to find Skinny jeans (not the Super Skinny) that are a size or two too big. That way they're a little looser in the leg area, but it's still the skinny jean cut. When you do this however, you'll have to take in the jeans at the waist most likely or hem them. If you don't know how to do this, just look it up on youtube or ask your mom. :) But it's better to have to alter then have jeans that don't fit properly. 

Sky High Heels: This is one of those modesty things that not everyone agrees on. Some of you (like me) think it's totally fine to wear very high heels as long as you're comfortable walking in them, but some of you think they're immodest. (I can totally see where you're coming from! Sometimes high high heels aren't very modest.) If you do want to wear them, but you think they look kind of inappropriate with your skirt or dress, pair them with some bell bottom jeans.

Well, that is all! This post is getting rather long, so I should probably stop even though I could go on for hours.

Thanks so much to Lucia for letting me post on her blog! :)

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