Sunday, October 2, 2011

as the leaves turn to gold..

One day, I'm going to spend an Autumn season on the East Coast--preferrably in Vermont or Maine. Somewhere deep in the country where I can stroll along a rugged lane lined with crimson maples and golden oaks, breathing in the crisp air as millions of leftover leaves still in their bright splendor crunch beneath my feet; truly living Fall for once in my life.

This side of the globe just doesn't satisfy my inner craving for a spectacular October, and I grow weary of the endless greys and browns that bless my unfortunate home state.

Just once, I want to climb to the top of some sun-kissed hill and gaze down at Fall-clad slopes, dutifully decorated with splotches of red and yellow and orange.

Autumn, Fall, beautiful trees, maple leaves, 165

I want to ride an Autumn wind in a sailboat just off the coast to admire the season's splendor from the water.

I want to sit inside an old farmhouse sipping a cup of tea as evening approaches, watching the sun set behind the trees and drinking in the last light from behind a rippled window.

..And I want to rise with the sun, take my sketchpad and paints to the front porch, and capture the scene before me so I will always remember. 

Perhaps next year? Perhaps the year after? Perhaps in fifty years? Perhaps never.

Nevermind. I have all I need right now, right here, right where God has placed me. If He wills me to see an East Coast Fall, so shall it be.

Still, what are your dreams? And what is your favorite season?

"Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams?"
~Alfred Lord Tennyson


  1. Oh I love, love, love this. Mmmmmm. <3

  2. Hey Lucia,

    Almost every autumn I bike the Virginia Creeper Trail with my extended family. The pictures you posted are almost exactly what it looks like. I hope you do get to come over this way someday because it is truly breathtaking. I just moved from western NC to Raleigh, and I'm missing this: [,550x550,075,f.october-haze-blue-ridge-parkway-photography-in-autumn.jpg] this fall. :-(

    <3 AnneKatherine

  3. P.E.I., in the fall :) I hope to go there someday.
    My favorite season is winter, though - beautiful white snow!!

  4. My thoughts exactly, dear friend. Most of the time I love my Southern home, but when autumn comes around, wellll... let's just say I have been known to wish aloud that I was born in New England. :) Brown with the occasional yellow just can't stand up to deep reds and fiery oranges.

    Have a lovely evening,
    Elizabeth Rose

  5. A dream of mine is to go to D.C. in the spring, when all the trees are blossoming. So I understand wanting to be in a particular place during a particular season. Those "in between" seasons--spring and autumn are my full of color.

    Lovely post. <3

  6. Beautiful post, Lucia :) I am always daydreaming of living either in Alaska by the Pacific ocean, Minnesota by Lake Superior or in the Boston area by the Atlantic :) I think I could be content in any of those places. Though I do not think I would actually end up living in Alaska, just because it is a little too far into the sticks for my liking :P Winter in Boston has always sounded so very wonderful good to me, though :) And somewhere near Duluth...that would be near heaven to me :) I do not really care for fall, it being the second to last on my list of the seasons in order from best to least, but it is much nicer than summer :) By the way, I moved my blog. My new url is :)

  7. I love fall so much!!! That is probibly my most favorite season!!!! I would love to go there sooooonnnnn!!!!!!

    In Christ, ~Carlyann~

  8. LOVE the fall!!! :) I live on the East Coast.....but alas it is pretty far south for such vibrant colors. We *do* have beautiful falls, though, and I would love to visit my uncle in NY in this season sometime! :)

  9. Thank you so much for being willing to be my featured follower! I am excited to see it! As soon as you are able to post it would be great!

  10. You can be jealous now! I am going out to the east coast in under 2 weeks! It will be fall out there, so between the ocean and the leaves changing color, plus cruise ships and sailboats, I am hoping to get some great photos! :D

    And just enjoy life while I am at it! ;)

    {And I haven't even mentioned friends yet!}

  11. My favorite seasons are Autumn and Winter. I am so blessed to live in a place surrounded by tree's that change color, beautiful color. I hope that you're able to visit a place like it someday. :)


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