Wednesday, October 26, 2011

for the love of trucks.♥

I have this thing for cute trucks. You know, the white 1979 Fords with baby blue stripes. Okay, any color, really.

And I like my trucks (okay, I don't have a truck..let's just say I like people who have trucks' trucks..akward sentence there..okay..nevermind..) to have a little 'vroom' to them. Not obnoxious 'vroom-vrooming,' but not muffled ones, either.

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^ Picnic in a truck? Yes please. And it is an insanely adorable truck to boot.  ♥

^ Couldn't you see me in this? ;)

..Okay, not quite me. But I think I would like to drive this just once. It would feel like I was above the whole world..

..And then there's the cuties. I love this little red guy, ^ but I wouldn't drive it. Too fancy and...crashable. o.O

^ Okay, a little too antique for me. :]

^ Amazing color right there. 1965 Baby.  ♥

^ Daaaaang. All I have to say. :]

So, yes. There's my little random post about trucks. Now you know--when I become a millionare, I won't have a Coupe or a Ferrari or a Bugatti Veyron in my garage. ;)  ♥

Are you a truck person? Or do you have something else in mind as your dream car?


  1. My grandpa had a red Nisson pickup truck. I LOVED that thing!!! It was so functional and cute at the same time... not to mention the fact that my grandpa looked really good in it.


  2. ahh! I love trucks too! I love cool cars, but there's just something awesome about a truck that makes it awesome. I love the picture of the first truck you posted.

  3. i love old trucks! my grandpa has a 1950(?) ford and i love it! bet it has a lot of memories to it too.(:
    and that GIGANTOR truck(7) made me laugh!

  4. Oh they are so cute! I also am probably a truck person. If I was driving the little red one I'd be afraid of crashing it as well!

    Anyway, love it!!

  5. I LOVE trucks!♥ My favorite kind of car. I'm actually saving for a Chevy Avalanche, dark blue, 22' wheels... *Sigh* How amazing it would be! :) No sissy muffler for me, no thank you! ;)

    -Grace ♥

    Do you have any particular truck that you'd like someday?

  6. my husband LOVES trucks. insanely much. currently he's tooling around in a battered old diesel Dodge.

    i'm a car girl myself. ;)

  7. Ha! Ha! very cute Lucia! LOL
    I luv how you can post such random stuff and make everybody luv it (number one) and (Number Two) make us laugh! :P

    *Hugs! and laughter!*

  8. You should see the picture of my friend's truck. She has a vintage truck that she has restored and when she got married back in September she found a "Just Married" tag to put on it...

  9. I definitly love obnoxious vroom vroom loud trucks :-). But I will probably get a car when I get a vehicle because they are more fuel efficient. :-P I love trucks! :)

  10. I love trucks too, although not quite the types you posted here... still, nice to know I'm not the only one with a weakness for trucks! ;)

  11. I am more of a 67 camaro kind of girl! :) :)

  12. my camp friend recently got her first car, er...truck. i am in LOVE <3 with it! too bad i'm deathly afraid of driving big vehicles. ;)

  13. I love trucks! ESPECIALLY old ones!^-^ In fact, I'm looking to buy a truck with my brothers sometime soon!:)

  14. A picnic in a truck! That sounds like a fun date! You have a great taste in terms of choosing your trucks. I think the truck that fits you here is the 1965 Baby. My dream car, hmmm. It's not a car, but it's the Volkswagon van. It is fun to ride with your friends or family.


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