Saturday, October 22, 2011

frequently asked questions

Is "Lucia, Etc." the blog that used to be "Umbrella Girl?"
Yep--never fear, you're still in the right place! :) To learn more about the name-change, click here.

When did you start blogging?
I have actually been blogging since I was thirteen--but not via blogger. I was on a site called "sampa" originally, with a private blog only open to invited readers. After about a year, that company shut down, so I moved to, and went by a pen name for another year, until I started to lose interest. I took a half-year break, then in January of 2010 started this blog, originally called "Virtuous Girlhood." It has gone through several names, including "One Beloved" (hence the url), "From Under My Little Umbrella," "Umbrella Girl," and now, "lucia, etc."

Who designed your blog?
I did! :) If you want one like it, visit my design blog where I offer full web designs for a mere $20!

How did you learn blog design?
A simple yet complicated answer: google. I researched. For hours. I got headaches. And there is still so much to learn...

What camera/lens do you use?
Until December of 2011, I did not have "my own" camera. I used anything my family owned currently--all point-and-shoots. I saved, and waited, and saved, and now I have my own Nikon D3100.

All photos in posts following May 22nd, 2012 were most likely taken using a 35-mm 1.8, until July 2012 (I sold my 35 then, and bought a 50mm 1.8). Photos taken prior to this date were taken with my stock lens, the 18-55mm. Photos taken before December 2011 (and I don't suggest looking at those :P ) were with a point and shoot.

What program do you use to edit your photos?
As of October 2012, I use Lightroom 4. 

Will you be my pen-pal?
I am including this question here because I get it so frequently. As honored as I am to be asked to pen-pal so many, and though I absolutely love letter-writing and meeting new friends and Sisters in Christ, unfortunately as a junior in home school high school I am extremely busy, and have had to put my normal pen-pals on hold for awhile. So, the answer, for the time being, needs to be "no." :/

How old are you?
I am seventeen! Oh, and if you want to send me a birthday present, my birthday is August 15th. ;) [hint: I love pretty paper, chocolate, and leather bound notebooks..]

Will you visit/follow my blog?
Sadly, I am pretty pressed for time and can hardly keep up with my own blog, so I can't promise anything. However, feel free to leave your link, and I may make an appearance someday! ;)

Will you mention my blog/blog giveaway in a post?
As much as I would love to help all of my blogging friends out with their blogs and events, if I said "yes" to every advertising request my blog would turn into all links and ads! So, sadly, no. But feel free to leave a comment, and I'll check whatever you have going on if I can!  

Will you review my item/give away something from my shop?
Sure! Visit my sponsor/pr page for more information! 

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  1. I was just looking @ your f.a.q. and saw you turned 16 on August 15!! Yay! You are only 3 days younger than me(mines Aug. 12);rarely do I find people that close to my bday!
    ~Alison of

  2. Just realized that we have the same camera! :) Cool!


  3. If you ever have anytime would you like to check my blog out?


  4. I smiled when I saw your birthday. It's my little sisters :)
    And one question? I am a photographer-in-training, and I am looking for a Nikon camera. Would you recommend your camera, or would you recommend a different one?


  5. I love your FAQ! I must admit I've wanted to ask you to pen-pal with me but just before I asked I saw this post! :( :) Oh well! You are such a sweet girl and I really look up to you! I like the idea of sending you a present! Maybe I will someday...... :)


    p.s. I am honored you have checked out my blog and followed! It made me soooooooo happy! :)

  6. Your blog has such a professional feel to it, Lucia. Great design work!


  7. Lucia, could you tell me how to get good pictures when your still saving for a Nikon D5100?


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