Monday, October 10, 2011

ah, movie dresses.

Where do you see the most outstanding dresses of all time? In the movies, of course. Don't you wish you had the costume designer all of these heroines, from cartoon fairytales to real-life films, had? Cinderella's pink dream of a gown, all mouse-made...Milly's quilted wonder in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers...the list could go on.

I thought it would be fun to show you some of my favorites. :)

Grace Kelly's flowered chiffon in High Society

I have never actually seen this movie, but I was looking up pictures of Grace Kelly for my Heroines of Style post awhile ago, and this ^^ dress caught my eye. Anyone seen High Society? Do you recommend it? I just might watch see this dress..;) Isn't it a dream?

Cinderella's pink dress in Cinderella

I don't know about you, but I like Cinderella's first dress a whole lot better than the second. Sure, the bows are a little much,'s basically a little girl's dream, right? ;)

The Young Victoria
Victoria's pale yellow dress from The Young Victoria


Victoria's intricate lilac gown

^^ These dresses top my list of "amazing movie costumes," hands down. Every single gown Victoria wears is as pretty as the last--my favorite is the yellow one. Definitley only for a Queen--but how she wears it! Simple gorgeous. And I can't resist showing you the wedding gown...;)

*sigh* :)

Milly's quilted dress in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

What a unique outfit. ^ :) I love all of Milly's dresses in this movie--they are so lovely and puffy and feminine! The quilted one is by far my fave, though. :]

Emma's sprigged yellow in Emma

I absolutely love all of Emma's dresses in this 2010 Romola Garai rendition. A few of them are a little lower cut than would be my preference, but overall they are adorable! The sprigged yellow she wears for most of the movie is very pretty.

Nikki's white cotton in The Moonspinners

Not a very good photo of it here, but this dress ^ is actually super cute. The Moonspinners is one of my Hayley Mills faves, and..this is the only cute thing she wears the whole time, actually. :P Think pink jump suit..:]

Liesel's shimmery white dancing dress in The Sound of Music

Just looking at this ^ dress makes me want to dance. :) Doesn't it look amazing to twirl in? I have always loved it. <3

Buttercup's wedding dress in The Princess Bride

BEAUTIFUL. ^^ Only word for it. :)

Audrey Hepburn's "Egyptian" ballgown in My Fair Lady


..her elegant horse race attire

Thank you to my readers for this reminder. :) I *love* all of the costumes in this movie--especially the horse race outfits for all of the ladies. Simply breathtaking!

If I remember any more, I'll do a second post. Ah, you just can't beat movie dresses, can you? :)



  1. I want some of these gorgeous dresses!

    Oh, I love the Moonspinners :) I haven't seen it in a long time, I almost forgot about it. Now I want to see it again!

  2. Lucia, this was a lovely post! I adore movie costumes, especially those from classic films.

    After reading this, I thought that you might enjoy this post.

    Have a lovely evening!

    God Bless!

  3. This made me happy. (: I love that Grace Kelly dress, though I've never seen the movie. Love her, though.

    The Young Victoria is an incredible movie. The end.

    Ahh! Emma! Seeing pictures/hearing things about Emma always makes me excited because I'm currently part of a production doing the play, and I'm playing Emma herself! SO.EXCITED.

    Liesel's dress is a dream. It's one of my favorite movie dresses, hands down.

    And I love me some Princess Bride. (:


  4. Ahhh... I love dresses :) My favorites are those from the late 18-early 1900's - like in Lark Rise to Candleford and Road to Avonlea. *sighs* Why can't fashion be like that anymore??

  5. Wow, you picked some of the best movie costumes ever! I love almost all of those movies, not to mention the the dresses. I think we were born in the wrong era, because we don't get to wear lovely fancy things like that all the time. It would be great to wear even just Millie's clothes all the time!

    I've seen High Society and it's good in a funny sort of way. The Grace Kelly character is a little too much for me, but I think she's supposed to be that way. Of course, almost any movie with Bing Crosby in it is a winner for me. ;)

  6. I love the dresses in Emma and the Young Victoria! They are awesome (:

  7. Have you ever watched "My Fair Lady"?
    I watched it for the first time the other day. She has amazing dresses. :O :)

  8. i LOVE any of dresses Kiera Knightly wore in P&P (we have a historical ball every year and i've worn regency era dresses 2 out of 3 times; love!) and Pirates of the Carribean. :)

  9. I love the dresses from the Young Victoria - I have yet to see the movie but it's on my list!! Liesel's dress has always been one of my favorites - I've tried to find a pattern so I could make one like it, but I didn't find anything...:(

    A fun post to read!! Great pics! :)

    ~Rachel <3

  10. Those were so fun to see! A lot of the dresses you chose were some of my favorite ones as well. :)

  11. LOVE theses dresses.
    The Moonspinners is one of my favorites, as is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
    I have seen High Society. It's pretty good. I do LOVE that dress! Great post!

    Love in Him,

  12. My favorite Austen is Emma. Emma 2010 is perhaps my favorite movie, I love Garai's dress, and my favorite costume was the peach one. ;-)

  13. jacqueline kennedy onassis is my inspiration at the moment. wasn't her fashion sense simply divine during her white house years? she managed to dress modest and look beautiful all at once.

  14. I've seen pretty much all these movies! I love Emma's dress the most, out of the ones you posted here, I believe. :)

  15. i love High Scoiety! :)
    It's a musical remake of The Philadelphia Story! Have you seen that?

    I love all those movies and all those dresses,except i have never seen the young victoria, but the dresses are pretty! :)

  16. I think, in Heaven, God will give us girls the oppurtunity to wear all those movie dresses.

    *sighs* They're all so beautiful. thank you VERY much for posting this. :)


  17. I love all of these dresses! I also really love the dresses in White Christmas, the pink one that Judy wore after her show, both black ones that Betty wore, and the green one she wore for Judy's "engagement", *sigh*... I loved mostly all of them. <3 I think my favorite out of these is Audrey Hepburn's Egyptian one. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!! :)

  18. Yay!! You put in some of the "My Fair Lady" dresses. :)

    I def. vote for a Part 2!!

  19. I totally agree - Cinderella's first dress (and hairstyle!) is sooooo much prettier than her second! :)


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