Friday, September 30, 2011

a paintbrush and a jar of flowers.

I had an in-home art class last year as part of my sophomore subjects. It was fun, and I learned a lot, but the time went by and pretty soon I was putting it off. Not because I don't like art--I love it. I just ran out of time this year with everything else I had going, so now I find myself with 20 hours of watercolor to do. Every night I get out my palette and brushes and water jug, sit down, read my lesson, and do an hour of pure art.
I am happy. This is the kind of homework I like. :)

Drawing and painting have always been mellow passions of mine; I'm not exceedingly talented or anything, I just love the feeling of a pencil or paintbrush in my hand, the mixing of colors and the accomplishment of finishing a satisfactory piece. I love learning new techniques, drawing something over and over until I have it right, sketching something quickly and being surprised when it turns out..even making mistakes. It's a sort of therapy for me, I guess--knowing I can paint and have just as much fun whether my work looks like another Rembrandt, or earns a prominent spot in the garbage can. :] 

My most recent project was something simply--and involved my favorite subject: wildflowers. I had to paint this pretty little jar of daisies twice, once using a soft wash and once using harder, more defined lines. I thought I would share my second painting (the "hard" one) with you, since I though it turned out rather nicely.


..You know how in the movies artists and bakers always have signs of their hard work on their cheeks? Like, in the baker's case, a huge fake smudge of flour, and in the artist's, a ginormous streak of paint? Well, that actually really-and-truly happened to me.

I swiped my face with blue fingers, and thus got "the" artist cheek streak.

Yup. I felt hard-core. :]

"One must act in painting as in life, directly."
~Pablo Picasso 


  1. Beautiful, Lucia! I love its elegant simplicity.

    AnneKatherine @

  2. Beautiful:)

  3. nice painting! I couldn't do that well!

  4. Your painting is very beautiful! :D It looks like you sketched it first and then painted over it. I should try that sometime. It turned out lovely. What curriculum do you use for your art class?

  5. Oh, that is so pretty! I just recently started taking a watercolor class as well! I've only been to once class so far, but I like it! I really wanted to embrace my (non)artistic side, so I decided to take the class and see what happens. I guess that's why I like photography so much - because it's an art! :)

  6. love the painting! you are a good artist. :]


  7. Awwe, SO pretty Miss Lucia. I love your new blog look, too! It is so simple and are such a wonderful blogger! You blog is my fave of faves. :)

    In Him,

  8. Pretty pretty flower painting! You are an awesome artist. :]



  10. Hey. Nic blog and painting. You are pretty cool. =)

  11. This is so cute. :] I love daisies! The photography is amazing are pretty amazing all-around, know that Lucia?? ;) lol

    LOVE the blog. :]


  12. Ahh! You are sooo talented. Amazing photographer, amazing writer, amazing painter, amazing blog designer..amazing blogger. ;) Also amazing beauty, just commenting on your photos I've seen whilst browsing away on this new blog I've discovered. I wish I could follow--but sadly don't have a google account. I'm subscribin' though! :D

    Be blessed! You are awesome. :)


  13. Your pictures turned out beautiful!! I love that it reflects the artist in you - and photographer, blogger, thought-provoking's been a blessing to see all those things in this blog. Hugs!! ~Rachel <3

  14. You have a gift with the brush, Lucia! I love this is simply beautiful. *smiles*

  15. You are great! I am a starter at painting, I have drawn ever since I was two!

  16. such a sweet and realistic picture. I've always loved art, and I still do. =)

  17. Beautiful! I love it's elegant look.
    Thanks for the cute post! ;)

    Love you!

    1 Peter 5:6,7

  18. how lovely, dear. I have always been an admirer of watercolors. :)

    much love,
    postscript :: my friend and I are hosting a huge event with over 20 prizes this month, so be sure to check it out and share with friends!:)

  19. HI! I awarded you ask Featured follower on my blog! Check it out!
    God bless!

  20. These photographs are gorgeous, Lucia! Thank you for your personal and heart-felt comment on my blog. You made me smile from ear to ear!

    I have a question for you, if you don't mind: How do you find people to sponsor the giveaways on your blog? Do you contact them or do they find you? I was hoping to do my first real giveaway and I was hoping to find some sponsors for it.

    Thank you so much. Have a beautiful day and a lovely week!

    In Christ,

  21. I love water colors!!!

    In Christ~Carlyann~

  22. These are gorgeous! You could totally be selling them at an art store or something!!!!


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