Thursday, October 6, 2011

to sniff or to taste? that is the question.

I never could decide which is better: the art of tasting or the art of..sniffing (I simply cannot abide the word "smell," so there you have it: sniffing--though it sounds like an uppity old goose).

..Of course, at first glance, the above sentence sounds ridiculous. "Sniffing or tasting? Taste buds before noses hands down!" you must all be shouting. And if I didn't really think about it, I would most certainly agree. You just can't beat chocolatey-ness or syrupy-sweetness or creaminess or fruitiness or spiceyness or..or just plain yuminess.

Aye, I do love my tasters. :]


Sometimes smells (there. I said it.) themselves are so delectably and scrumptiously delicious that my nose feels quite alot more satisfied than my toungue. You know when something smells alot tastier than it is?  


That is when I am on sniffing's side. Because indeed, all of those tastes--sweetness and chocolatey-ness and fruitiness and warm vanilla buttery-ness--are smells, too. 


In the end, there remains but one question: "to sniff? or to taste?"

What is your answer? ;)  


  1. I'd go with sniffing.
    If you can't smell then you either can't taste at all or you can hardly taste. xD

  2. Super hard one - but I'd have to go with tasting.

    Oh my goodness, I want that pie and those donuts in the photos right now :)

  3. We have some candles like that - they smell so good! Caramel pumkin latte is the best smelling one :)

  4. I like to sniff and then taste. :)


  5. To taste.
    @ a youth event we had to drink this nasty drink and I chose smelled it first,it made the going down much harder..taste first! ;)

  6. Both?
    I love smelling and tasting deliciously warm treats (did anyone say apple pie?), but I'd have to say tasting, because whenever something smells good, I have to taste it. (Except for candles, but then, I have a hard time finding REALLY good-smelling candles.)

    Have a lovely day, dear!
    Maria Elisabeth

  7. I prefer "sniffing" :-). And either vanilla, dark chocolate, or espresso.


  8. Yes, I really, really like your idea. I already blogged about it here:



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