Monday, October 10, 2011

would you do me a {pretty huge} favor?

Every year, The Homeschool Post holds their renowned Homeschool Blog Awards. Last year I would never even have thought of running for "Best Teen Blog," which seems to be the only award which would fit my blog, simply because...

I am not, and never will be, the "best teen blog." Every single blogger I know has just as "good" of a blog as I do. Our blogs are as unique and special as we are as individual people. We all write for different reasons. I write to encourage, entertain, and..just to share with you and the whole world what the Lord has been teaching me. I know I don't need this award to glorify Him.

Nevertheless..the "Best Teen Blog" award comes with some pretty sweet prizes. And I'm going to be honest: I would love to win it. :]  


First, I would have to be nominated by you.

Would you like to nominate me? :) All you have to do is go to this page. Enter your name and e-mail. Scroll all the way down to the "Best Teen Blog," and enter my url ( in the white box. Or, if you have someone else in mind, of course enter theirs instead! ;) Click "submit," and voila! You're done, and I'm nominated.

If I am nominated for this award, I will let y'all know..and then we have to vote. :)

{Hugs} for you if you vote for me. {Hugs} for you if you don't. {Hugs} for you just because you are a friend, and friends always deserve hugs. <3



  1. I just nominated you, deary!! I hope you win...I love you and your blog<3


  2. I already nominated God's Daughter..sorry I couldn't nominate you. :(
    I got my pumpkin necklace a couple of days ago....thank you so much. It is the cutest ever!!!

  3. I just nominated you! :)

  4. I just nominated you!

  5. When I submit my nominations, I'll make sure that yours is in my list. :)

    I'm hoping to be in the running too, so this should be fun!

    God Bless!

  6. I nominated you!

    But, I'm also getting people to nominate me. xD

    What are the teen blog prizes? I can't find them. I just found the other ones that are like...curriculums and stuff.

  7. I nominated you Lucia. :-) I don't think I've ever commented before but I've been here for awhile. :-)

  8. Yup! I'm running for it too!! Good luck!

  9. Wonderful! I would love to be nominated, but I wouldn't even hope for it as I am not even CLOSE to being the best! Wishing you luck!
    --Sara Beth

  10. You are a potential runner up for Best Teen Blog...however, I saw Miss Raquel's post first, so I voted for her. Sorry, dear! But I did vote your blog as "Best Encourager" because you encourage me in many ways. {Hugs} for you, Lucia!

  11. Before I read your post, I had already nominated you for "Best Encourager." Best of luck though!

  12. I voted for you! =) I hope you win, dear! =)

  13. I totally would have nominated you for Best Teen Blog, except that I already nominated God's Daughter. :(
    But! I did nominate you for most encouraging blog. :)

  14. I nominated you as soon as I read this! :)

  15. Nominated you!

  16. Hi I was just wondering why they need your e-mail address? I use my moms and she would not want a bunch of e-mails coming to her inbox.

    If they won't use it alot I will nominate you in a heartbeat!

    I LOVE your blog! Ireland


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