Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hair Grows. Who Knew?

I always wanted long locks, from the day that I realized that I even had hair. I love long hair. I would die for long hair {though that wouldn't make any sense..}. Alas, Mom had other plans. She knew the fuss and fury tangles make among youngsters, and thus, "chop, chop!" went the scissors, whenever my tresses showed the least sign of growing past my chin. 

I suppose she was wise. But I was heartbroken. How would you feel if your uttermost dream vanished every few months in the form of the barbershop? I didn't complain. I didn't even hate the barber. In fact, I enjoyed haircuts, because I was resigned to my fate and knew that making a fuss would not change things. 

When I was around eleven, Mom didn't take me to the hair cutter's quite so often. My hair grew to my shoulders, and there it stayed. It was trimmed nicely every so often, and never given too much of a "chop," but it refused to grow to my dream length.

When I was fourteen, I joined the local distance running (Cross Country) team. My hair, even at shoulder-length, was a bother--always sweaty, brushing against my back when I ran in a most displeasing manner, forever escaping from my ponytail. So, by my own accord, I went in for a major "chop, chop!"  It turned out even more major than I had wanted, but it was all good.

After the Cross Country season ended, I still had my short hair, and I began to miss long braids and side ponytails. I determined that I should have my lifelong dream of long hair at last, and thus solemnly promised myself that I would not go short again until I had reached my goal. 

Here I am, nearly two years later, and I think I am beginning to get my wish at long last. My hair is the lengthiest its ever been, and I think that by the end of my 16th year, I will be set. :) Yes.  

...and on a minor note, I totally wouldn't mind having Rapunzel's hair.

 Ooh, yeah. Maybe that should be a more long term goal...;)


  1. Hi Lucia Marie! :)

    I'm 23(almost, haha), and I just had to say something....because posting about long hair is right up my fact, I feel a long hair post coming on. ;)

    My hair is past my waist, and yes, it's not as fun to run with....but it's worth it! Its the longest it has ever been! :)

    Enjoy growing yours out!
    God bless,
    ~ Jean Marie

  2. I used to want majorly long hair myself. Now, I keep changing my mind between long and short, although I haven't actually cut mine for a while. Your hair is lovely!

  3. That Rapunzel picture made me smile! :)

    Have a great day!

  4. I used to have my hair almost to my waist because our conviction was to never have girl's hair cut. Once our conviction changed, Chop chop. Off it came.

    Now it is just below my shoulders. And I prefer it that way. Long hair is a nuisance. You really live with what Rapunzel said about brushing and brushing and brushing and brushing and brushing and...

    ANYWAY! Some folks like it better long, sometimes I miss it, but mostly I don't. :-D

  5. Your hair is a lovely color, and a lovely length! Great job at keeping it long. :)
    My hair story is the same as yours. Grew past my shoulders, cut back to my way above my shoulders. Now I haven't had it cut short for a long time and it's an inch above my waist. yay! :)

    Have a wonderful day! xxxx~Kelsey

  6. Your hair is so pretty, Lucia! My hair grows fairly quickly, but it's SO curly that it takes a while to show. :p God bless! :)

  7. Ahh yes, the trials of those with long hair...: ) It's fun! I did cut my bangs a while back for something different. Your hair's really pretty either way! Although I WOULDN'T want Rapunzels hair! It would be so incredibly inconvient! Although her braid was pretty cute! I'm trying to grow my hair out and then cut off a reasonable amount of hair and donate it to locks of love! I'm hoping like down to my knees, but I've never tried growing my hair that long before! If you truly want long hair, try taking folic acid, fish oil and using Mane and Tail shampoo!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  8. Ohhh... long hair... I do have fairly long hair, but not nearly so long as I would like :). It grows so slowly... I cut it to my chin seven years ago and have only trimmed it since, and I can almost say it is waist-length... haha I really liked Tangled :).

  9. I am glad your letting your hair grow out, dear! It makes me happy to see girls that desire long hair. I mean, God gave us that hair which he calls our why do we cut our glory? It almost seems sinful too me.:( God bless you, girly! You have beautiful hair!

  10. Oooooh, for me it is the very same thing, except I do think yours must grow faster than mine does. I always would cut my hair or keep it at shoulder length, but the past two or so years, I've wanted it to be long and so I have not cut it, but it's still not as long as I wants it to be :|

  11. I know what you mean, Lucia! Last fall, I got my hair cut to my shoulders, which was a fun change, but I do miss my long hair. So... I've been letting it grow out, and it's about the length of yours right now. I want to let it get reaallly long though. ;)

    Hee hee... I love that Rapunzel picture. Although her hair would be a bit too much for me, I think. ;)


  12. I love long hair! I'm glad you're finally going to let your hair grow long. Maybe you should let it grow as long as Rapunzel's hair. ;) But it'll look lovely whatever way it's fixed. Go live your long hair dream!

  13. I cut my hair when I was 9 for locks for love.

  14. Oh wow, that's pretty long! Mine is about that length, but I would certainly like to get it longer. :)

    the good news is that hair grows about half an inch a month, so by next year, your hair will be very long!


  15. Lucia,
    Your hair grew a lot in 2 years! Wow! After reading through the comments, I'd have to say that long hair is not a nuisance... although it's hard to do at times there are so many more things you can do with it! :) Also, I love Mane and Tail! There is a herbal/olive oil brand that I think works great!

    Have a lovely day!

  16. Ugh! Hair. I have to much of it already. Brown with long waves but it is sooooo thick! Wish I had blonde hair like urs.

  17. I love long hair. =) I've been growing mine out for quite some time now, and finally it's to my elbow. =) Which isn't the most convenient since I always think there's like a spider on my elbow or something. =P Haha.


  18. Thanks for the post! My hair's also the longest it's been, and I was just thinking of cutting it, but I don't think I will now!

  19. I was always terrified to cut my hair because once it was gone, it was gone, ya know?

    I think the shortest I've ever had it was to my shoulders, and my sister, good friend, and I are trying to grow out our hair to our knees, which will probably be a pain but cool anyways :)

    We call ourselves the Rapunzel club...:)

    This post made me smile :)


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