Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Creative Dinner + Blog Party WINNERS

I'm home alone tonight, trying to finish up some schoolwork.

...Dinner consisted of nearly a whole package of rice crackers, and as much pomagranete/acai berry juice as I could drink. Yeah, I'm creative when I'm busy.

But, have I ever mentioned how much I like rice crackers and pomegranete/acai berry juice? It's up there on my "foods most wanted when cramming tests" list. :] And tonight, it was dinner. Ooh..I also just realized how much I love spelling out, "acai berry."'s something about seeing the "a" next to the "i." ACAI. A-C-A-I. 

Hehe. :]

..Getting back to my subject line: I was sitting there straining over a biology quarter test, munching a rice cracker and taking a long swig of juice when I realized that blog party winners were due to be announced today. Woops. Totally fogot. So, I decided I needed a break anyways--and, here I am, ready to play announcer. :] Without further adiu (sorry, no long and heartwarming speeches tonight, friends..tests are calling!):

NEW Cream Rose Ring FREE shipping.
..goes to #2, Nela.

Blythe. vintage locket earrings
Earrings from BlueSunEmporium
..go to #48, Lilly Grace.

Butterfly Spring Pink Ring
Ring from CreativeKates
...goes to #12, Eyebright.

Set of 2 handmade beaded sew-on / glue-on fabric flower appliques in Sterling
Prize pack from TheCove
...goes to #41, Monica.

Tinted Lip Balm - Burt's Bees
Two tinted lip balms from Burt's Bees
...go to #36, Grace @ Guarded Heart

Black and Mustard Yellow Rosette Headband
Headband from AdornmeGirl
...goes to #27, Anna @ God is an Awesome Designer

Margarita Organic Sugar Scrub
Body polish from rawolive
...goes to #64, Courtney.

Rosemint-sterling silver rose pendant necklace
Necklace from TheJeweleryBar
...goes to #53, Kelsey @ The FlipFlop Farmgirl.

Pick any 4 Vegan Samples for 2.00 - Thats 50 Cents Each
$20 gift certificate from JustPureMinerals
...goes to #49, Julianne.

Rosebud ORGANIC Lipstick Tube CHEMICAL FREE No Harmful Natural Ingredients Vegetarian Gluten Free
Lipstick from PureMineralSource
...goes to #29, April @ Delicatley Fierce.

rose ring on filigree
Ring from MollythePirate
...goes to #43, Crista Moriah.

Journal from PatchworkMill
...goes to #8, Charity.

Purse from Ahmelie
...goes to #20, Cynthia Grissom.

Necklace from OlivesandPearls
...goes to #50, Ashley @ Cheery-O.


..And that about sums it up! A *big* thank you to all our participants and sponsors. I hope you all had fun with our Summer bash, and CONGRATULATIONS to our {randomly selected} winners!!! Please shoot me an e-mail ASAP with your contact info {address, etc.}.


Bless y'all!


  1. Congratulations to the winners!

    Please host another blog party or giveaway soon, dear Lucia!


  2. doin' happy dance cuz I'm a winner!

  3. Hi Lucia,
    Greetings from your newest follower! I've been visiting your blog for a while and now decided to follow you.
    Just wanted to say I love your blog design and your gorgeous signature.
    Maria Elisabeth

  4. Happy dance!!!! YAY I'm so excited I won something! That necklace is beautiful!



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