Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Two Weeks of Sweet-Free?

Around January, I decided to try something that was unusual for me: go without sweets for two months. Not as a diet, or anything like that, but just to cleanse myself of the sugary gunk that I consume at least twice a week, somewhere or other. Also, I felt it might be good to discipline myself and have a little self-control (which, when it comes to food, I am not so swell at).

Unfortunately, all did not go as planned, as you might imagine. Birthdays came, holidays came, special treats came...I don't think I even lasted a week. And so I gave up, and the months went by. I was my usual indulgent self once more...

Last week, randomly and out of the blue, I decided it was time for a change. This time, I dragged Olivia into it, and we both solemnly promised last Tuesday that from that second onward, for two full weeks, we would stay away from artificial sugar and desserts. Now, a week later, I am proud to say that aside from a finger tip of frosting {we couldn't frost a cake without knowing whether or not the frosting was edible!} and one chocolate chip, we have remained completely sweet-free.


..Thank you, thank you. :) Yes, it has been hard. It is funny that we should pick graduation week of all you realize how many m & m bowls, cookies, grad. cakes, and ice cream punches we have had to forgo? Not to mention the fact that our church has a potluck every week, complete with a table full of goodies which tempt and mock. :P But, it feels good to know that my system is being cleared of unwanted icky stuff, and certain steps have been taken to ensure that we still get treats along with the others. :)

Just in case you decide you want to join us, here are some examples of sweet alternatives we have been partaking of:

• Blueberries

• Almonds

• Rice Crackers

• Various Smoothies


Banana-Berry Smoothie

1 cup low-fat plain yogurt
3 cups frozen strawberries
2 bananas, coarsely chopped
3/4 cup fat-free milk
1/4 cup crushed ice
1/4 cup coconut milk

Simply blend all ingrediants together with blender


• Sugar-free popsicles

...Have you ever tried a sweet-free challange?


  1. I went without sugar for a whole Summer once. It's surprising how easy it gets after a while.

  2. Lol! My family was just talking about doing this! :)

  3. Oh wow I admire you! I don't think I could ever go without sweets... although it would be an interesting experience!

    ~Miss ALK

  4. Congrats! I'm a HUGE health nut. So I try to never eat deserts. I'm thinking of going "junk" free this summer. It's a great way to stay healthy and keep your body detoxified from all that junk food! :D


  5. Haha... thinking about it, I don't think I could do it, but I have gone without potato chips and soda for nearly three years, so perhaps I could if I really wanted to. But, I don't :). I'm glad you persevered!!

  6. I'm actually going sweets-free for a week (or longer, depending on how this goes haha). This was my first day and it was REALLY hard. Good luck!!

  7. What a good idea to have your sister do it with you!!! I should see if my sister is up to something like this! Thanks for being inspiring!! :)


  8. I should try to go sugar-free, but it would be really hard. It doesn't help that I'm addicted to baking and whenever I bake I have to first taste the dough and then the finished product........ I privately tried a junk-food free challenge but it didn't last for very long.
    -Miss Georgiana
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  9. I've been doing this the last few months, not sure when I started it! But now, after going to a naturopathic doctor (because of tendonitis) I am even more strict on myself. There are so many foods that are made with sugar! Even mayo and most breads. It's not easy (I miss my chocolate). But so worthwhile. One of the hardest things is refusing snacks from other family and friends. "What are you doing on a diet?" they ask, "You're slim enough!". :)

    Best wishes to you and your sister. Remember there's more of us!

    :) Love, Heidi

  10. I just finished my second 40 day sugar fast! I did it for 40 days for Life, it was what I decided to fast both in October and February :)

  11. Hello Ladies!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments. :) I read and enjoy every one of them!

    Ohh, did you really? How brave of you! ;) That would be a huge step for me..I love mah sweets. ;)

    Do it, girl! ;)

    Miss ALK~
    Haha, it really isn't AS hard as it sounds, once you get used to it. :) Try it sometime! Maybe just make it a "low sweet" diet, though..might be easier! ;)

    Yes, I know! ;) You health nut you! Awesome. <3

    Heehee! I know how you feel, but it's worth it just to have self control for just a little while. ;)

    Oh, great! Tell me how it goes!

    Lindsey Marie & Maria~
    Lindsay, YES, it is soo much easier to do it with Liv. <3 You should see if she's up to it! Maria, hehe! I know exactly how you feel, believe me..

    Heidi and Libbi~
    OH, good for you girls! Wow, so long! You are beating me miserably. ;) Two weeks is good for me, right now..we'll see. I actually "cheated" today, ;) and had a little sliver of Baklava. :/ Woops. ;)

    ..Thanks so much, again, y'all! Your comments mean so very much! <3

    Love Lots,

  12. I can't believe it myself, but I went a whole year with no sweeteners, grains, or fruit (since the latter two synthesize in the body like sweeteners causing the same glycemic reaction). Actually, after the first 30 days I was allowed (1 small serving, 4-6 times/week) blueberries, apples, rice, beans, and a few other low-glycemic foods. You know those items were savored! I missed bread and summer fruits so much. And I had to keep washing, chopping, and baking all the food for my family of 7 while it was forbidden to me!

    I did it for urgent health reasons--not weight, but adrenal fatigue (chronic illness, pain, sleep disorder, fatigue, etc.) It worked and I'm so glad God gave me the diligence to do it! My life has changed so much--I'm not sick with constant illnesses one after the other anymore and function so much better. It was so worth it!!

    Social occasions were hard but I got used to packing my own snacks and meals. You can't have any processed food b/c as you said, sweeteners (corn syrup, sugar, fructose, dextrose, honey, etc) is in EVERYTHING. And artificial sweeteners are their own toxic monsters so of course those are out.

    After that year, I eased grains, honey, and fruit back in but have never gone back to processed sugar and white flour--it's gross to my detoxified taste buds now! Things I loved (Oreos, ice cream, cake, flour tortillas, etc) now taste pasty, fake, and strange.

    My favorite snacks that year were sliced raw yams (jewel or garnet--the bright orange ones), red pepper, jicama, and nuts. But mostly I ate meat, veggies, and eggs. By the way, my cholesterol dropped 40 points during this time of having 4+ eggs/day...if you feed your body cholesterol it won't make so much on its own. How ironic--who knew?? I read it in a book, so somebody was on to it :)

    My recommendations for GOOD resources on healthy eating off the top of my head: The Maker's Diet, Nourishing Traditions, Dr. Colbert books, and Sue Gregg Cookbooks ( Mainstream nutrition is all wrong--don't listen to it! Oh, another one with the right info: Politically Incorrect Nutrition.


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