Monday, June 6, 2011

Childhood Movie Memories...♥

I have such vivid memories of sitting in front of our tiny 12 x 12" screen TV, out of breath from racing inside, muddy from a day's play, eating my graham crackers and cheese. Settling on our hard table bench as the theme song begins to one of the usual shows.


..We didn't have many stations on our little TV, but Mom would always lets us watch an hour of channel 10 every day, if we finished our school work and had been outside for some time. It was here, eating my graham crackers and cheese or yogurt, sipping my chocolate milk, that I created fond childhood movie memories. ♥ I just loved them all. I didn't even know they were educational--all I knew was that I dare not miss a minute of "Mr. Rogers," for fear he would leave for the "Neighborhood of Makebelieve" without me. I loved the "Zoom" theme song, and could sing along word for word. "Zabumafu" made me laugh, and I always thought that if I just cracked a hole in the television's glass screen, the little Lemur Monkey would come and hang on my head, too.

My other homes were...

• Barney and Friends

 • Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

• Richard Scarry's Busytown

• Zoom

• Zabumafu

• Reading Rainbow

• Lawrence Welk Re-runs

Good night, sleep tight,
And pleasent dreams to you
Here's a wish and a prayer
That every dream comes true
And now, till we meet again:

"Nighty-night! Au'revior! Auf Weidersehen!"

:: Ah. I miss the good old Saturday nights with Lawrence. ::


  1. *smile* Ah, fond memories! I remember watching Barney, and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, Sesame Street, Blues Clues, and one of my absolute favorites: Zabumafu! I loved that! *smile*

  2. I love and very fondly remember all of those shows!

  3. I watched Barney and Friends,Mr. Roger's Neighborhood,Richard Scarry's Busytown,Zoom,Zabumafu,Reading- Rainbow

    I loved them all!!!My brothers and sisters and I wathed Zoom all the time!!!!But I thank thwe most we watched thugh was Aurther.

  4. I absolutely loved Zabumafu when I was little. =) It was always one of my favorite shows to watch.

    Other than that, I adored Wishbone. And nowadays, when I read certain classic literature books, and when I realize that the story sounds somewhat familiar...I often discover that I saw that episode of Wishbone. I love that. I wish they would have Wishbone reruns now (for me AND my little sisters). Hehe!

    Ohh, the good ol' days. ;)


  5. Yep. I remember all of those. Oldies but goodies! ;)

  6. Yes! We watched Zoom and Zabumafu too! Zoom was on of our all time favorites though, and we would get SO upset when the kids would grow up and they had to get new ones. :)

    Yes, I'm kind of glad I have those memories.

  7. Oh, I loved Zabumafu when I was little! I also really liked Blue's Clues, Madeline, and my all time favorite thing to watch (even though it wasn't a TV show) was Winnie the Pooh. Still love it! =D

  8. I SO know what you mean. I watched a bunch of these as a kid, too. Along with Blue's Clues, Dragon Tales, and Arthur. Yep, good times. ;)


  9. That is so funny. I used to watch all of those to! I kind of miss being a kid.

  10. Lol, I remember those days, haha, and I'm surprised you do because my sister (who is your age) doesn't even remember back then too well.

    We used to have an old wood-cased TV set that we used dials to change the channels (used to be grandparent's TV), it was....interesting, and there weren't many channels to watch.

    We haven't had a TV for over 6yrs now though. :-D

    (I see you update this page much more often then your other one)

  11. oh my goodness! Yes I use to watch the same shows! Haha so many memories:)

  12. I watched most of those when I was younger as well. Zoom was my absolute favorite, along with Clifford.

  13. Ohhh, I loved Mr. Rogers, and Barney, and Zoom, and Zabumafu!!! Wow, I really really miss watching those shows.



  14. haha..I was just scrolling through old posts+found this.
    I loved zoom+zabumafoo is still on!=)


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