Friday, June 3, 2011

Drivin' Down the Road...♥ my little pink Mustang. :)

Or Cadillac. Or any other kind of antique pink car, really.

..Aren't they just darling? One of these would be a runner-up dream car.

Notice I said, "runner-up dream car?" That's because this baby blue gets first place:

Old Blue

..Yeah, so the girl with the pink blog is a sucker for old Ford trucks. Go figure. ;)

♥What is your dream car?♥


  1. A Teal Thunderbird Convertible. Then a Pink or Red VW bug (Old ones) then..shocker...a cream trike. Yup, I'd ride a trike. lol

  2. Scion xB 2006, charcoal gray, automatic :).

  3. That's funny! The cars that are in the runner up position really catch my eye too!

  4. Lucia,
    I have to say my favorite kind'a car would have to be a 1950's, teal Chevrolet truck (With paint chippin' off on the side) Drivin' down an old dirt road on my way to the ice-cream parlor...O.k., just had to add that part :)

  5. Oh my gosh, I'm so honored to have inspired this post! =D Pink cars are amazing. The one in the photo was actually a grill! As in, for grilling up hamburgers. Haha, isn't that awesome? I don't think it gets used regularly, though. We found it outside a restaurant in Eastern WA somewhere. =]

  6. I just found your blog :) (I like it). I'm a sucker for old Ford trucks, too. My family are major ford people :) My dream car is a dark blue convertible mustang. Any year of a mustang would make me happy haha. But....a 2010 would be really nice :)

  7. Ashley and Besty~

    Sounds GREAT!! Aren't cars *fun?!* Now if only we had a little extra cash just to spend on autos...;)


    Hehe..I am so glad we have the same taste! ;)


    Ohh, yeah--I'm feeling ya, sister! ;) Sounds AMAZING. <3 Let's just go back to the 1950s for the day and hang out at the diner, kay? ;)


    Ooh..good pick! ;)


    Yup! As soon as I saw that pink;) ..I went and looked em up! Found some pretty cute ones, too. :o) Haha, no way! I THOUGHT the "car" looked kind of..odd. :) Funny..pretty awesome grill, then! ;)


    Welcome, friend! So glad you could stop by..thank you! :o) Yes. A fellow Ford-lover! ;)

    Thanks, girls, for your sweet comments! They mean so much! :)


  8. Hi! I'm new to your blog,but so far...I LOVE it:D

    I would to have one of those cars!:D

    I love me a pink car! Lol!:D Just being funny:).

    I would love to have either a pink,lime green,cheery red,or yellow punch buggie!:D

    Love them!

  9. I'd love a just a big white van that could hold twelve passengers with running air conditioning and leather seats.

    Then I could fit all my kids in it when I have them. ;)

    And the leather seats would be for the pet dogs. *wink*

    ~Jamie Joyce

  10. I LOVE old pink cars!!! Omgosh they are just so cute!!! :)

    Ford trucks totally rock! I actually plan on buying one soon, when I get my license. :)

    Have a wonderful day!!! xxxx~Kelsey

  11. I like old fords too!!

  12. I heart this post. I love old trucks too! I drive one, actually.'s a 1973 and it IS older than I am, so there you go.

    I think my dream car is a 32 Ford coupe. I just love them for reasons unexplainable.


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