Monday, June 6, 2011

The Kayakers

Yesterday was one of those warm, comfy Sundays that make you want to do something outdoors-y. Something that will show the sun how much you appreciate him, and how much you are totally in love with this summer-preview he is sending. =]

So, after a lovely church service and a quick party stop-by to congratulate a 2011 graduate down the road, Olivia and I came up with a brilliant plan: we would go kayaking!

Last year, we were able to purchase two little kayaks for $10 each from a camp that was getting more "sophisticated" ones. Being the water-lovers and thrifters we are {and not to mention the fact that we are just across the road from a large bay}, we snapped up the offer. Unfortunately, with the general busyness of life and constant bad weaher, the poor little kayaks have not gotten much use. Thus, when we felt the balmy breezes blow and the bay calling to us, we couldn't pass up the perfect opportunity. =]

We hauled the kayaks into our van's attached trailer, threw in our life jackets, water bottles, towels, paddles, and, of course, a little snack of cranberries and rice crackers "just in case we got hungry--" then were off. ;) 

It was a lovely day "down by the bay." :) Due to a large amount of snow melt, the dam up the river has had to be let out a little--thus, the bay was quite high, but calm. Dad dropped us off after hauling our kayaks down to the docks, and we got ourselves situated. We quickly realized that we were quite the frumps compared to all of the sleek R.E.I. kayakers down there, carefully wiping down their sleek and shapely professional crafts, complete with gear storage compartments, padded seats, and pocket-covered brand new life jackets.


Enter: Lucia and Olivia, sweating from the kayak haul, neon beach towels in hand, bare feet, dirty boats {hey, they were sitting in the dirt for some time!}, dirty, old-fashioned life jackets, broken paddles duck taped together..

Yeah. We relished our awesomeness. ;)

..All this aside, we had a grand time paddling {with out bent and bruised paddles} through the warm waters, relaxing {against hard, un-padded seats} in our little {tippy, banana-shaped} boats, feet up and enjoying the breeze. :)

We paddled for about a mile down the bay, then stopped to have our snack. The sun was out, the wind was blowing warmly, and my back was not aching at last with a discarded life vest as my savior. 

Yesh, it was a happy day. I love kayaking! 

..Don't you envy us? ;)

^^ Look! There I am! ^^

Hehe. ;)


  1. Sounds like you had fun, Lucia! :) I love kayaking, but I only get to do it in calm lakes, which is still fun, just not on HOT summer days. lol :)

    Ooh, look at you go! A true kayaker, indeed. ;P

  2. What a fun way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. :)

  3. Kayaking! I've never tried that but it sure looks like fun!


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