Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Makeover..Flopped. o.O

^^ This is me. ^^

Average-looking girl, normal face. Slightly small-ish nose, blond hair, odd-shaped face, dark features. Not someone you would describe as "beauty queen," or "perfect." So, last night, I decided I needed a makeover. Unfortunately, the procedure didn't quite go as planned..


..Luckily, there was an instant "back-to-how-you-were-before" button. :] I decided that I am thankful for the perfect way God has made me.

*Whew!* :)

..As you can see, we have discovered the joys of a laptop's WebCam facial effects. Flattering, aren't they? Mom, Liv, and I randomly started taking pictures using the face effects last night...we were laughing so hard, we couldn't breathe! Here's how the "makeovers" for mom turned out: ;)

..That second one reminds me of Pinnochio, somehow. :D

..Then, Liv took a turn:

Oooh. Those eyebrows need a little help. o.O

..Betcha didn't know I had a twin! ;)

Oh, my. Mark and his twin have discovered something rather unnerving..

There we go. A {somewhat} normal looking pair, at last.


Hope ya didn't mind this very random, very silly post. We had fun. :)


  1. I love doing that! My brothers and I took millions of hilarious photos with the webcam effects. Ahh...Good times. Looks like you have fun! The one where you have a big nose is really funny!

  2. Thanks for the fun, silly post! You made me smile. :)

  3. This made me giggle!:) You are a very gorgeous girl, though, Lucia dear...and no matter how the world views us, we are always a perfect beauty queen in God's eyes and thats what matters most!<3

  4. Those are funny makeover pictures! Webcams can capture the craziest shots ever. But you look best the way you really are. :)


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