Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shall We Partaaayy?? Announcing..

I never thought I was the "blog party" hosting type. Last month, however, when Miss RJ from Virtuous Girlhood contacted me inquiring whether I would be up to co-hosting one, I immediately saw the fun in it. We get to think up random questions {something I'm really quite skilled at} for you to answer, we get to read your amazing answers, we get to find jaw-dropping prizes for you to win that we wish we could win ourselves..

But, all this is beside the point. The only thing that needs to be considered right now is a simple question.

Are you ready for some fun?
...Because only fun-loving, prize-loving, and {most importantly} summer-loving fanatics are allowed to join in on the:
We would absolutely love it if you would join in on this bash. If this is the first blog party you have ever laid eyes upon, have no fear: the rules are really quite simple. Here is all the info you will need: 
 ~The Rules~
Simply answer the following ten questions with all the goofiness, solemness, or heartfelt-ness you can muster. 
You can post the questions and your answers on your blog, facebook, twitter, OR {only for non bloggers/facebook-ers/tweeters} by sending them to at least five friends via e-mail.
*Make sure to post/send the link to this blog party post OR RJ's blog party post after or before your answered questions.* 
Once you have posted/sent your questions, come back to this post OR to RJ's post, and link up using the linky {for posters/tweeters/facebook-ers only}, OR {for e-mailers only} leave a comment with your ten answers, along with the names of the people you e-mailed.
Finally, if you are linking up here, leave a comment on this post telling me two of the following available prizes you would most like to arrive on your doorstep. ;) *Make sure to leave your e-mail address in this comment!*
~The Prizes~
You will have from today {June 1st} until June 14th to link up your party posts.
At the end of the party, RJ and I will randomly select winners from the link-up numbers to award items to.
If you are linking up, you have the chance of winning any of the prizes, though we may take your "preferences" into consideration. :o)
Now. What lovelies do we have available for the winning, should you decide to join us? If you think about it, there is really nothin' to lose..answer a few fun questions...maybe win an amazing prize...;)
1.)  NEW Cream Rose Ring FREE shipping.
from TheElephantGarden
2.) Blythe. vintage locket earrings
from BlueSunEmporium
3.) Because of a recent death in the family, thevintageattic10 will unfortunatley be unable to donate the dress to the giveaway. :( Please keep the family in your prayers! <3
4.) Butterfly Spring Pink Ring
from CreativeKates
5.) Set of 2 handmade beaded sew-on / glue-on fabric flower appliques in Sterling
"Prize Pack" with necklace, ring, and hair flower 
from TheCove 
6.) Tinted Lip Balm - Burt's Bees
Two tinted lip balms
7.) Black and Mustard Yellow Rosette Headband
8.) Margarita Organic Sugar Scrub
9.) Rosemint-sterling silver rose pendant necklace
10.) Pick any 4 Vegan Samples for 2.00 - Thats 50 Cents Each
11.) Rosebud ORGANIC Lipstick Tube CHEMICAL FREE No Harmful Natural Ingredients Vegetarian Gluten Free
12.) rose ring on filigree
from MollythePirate
from PatchworkMill
from Ahmelie amazing can you get??! 15 prizes for the winning!! ...I'm not even going to go into how jealous of y'all I am. ;)
Now. On to...
~The Questions~
Just copy & paste, then get rid of my answers!

What are two songs that describe you? I don't listen to enough music to answer this one. :] But a song I've been really feeling this month, just because of its cuteness and bounciness, is "You Make Me Smile" by Uncle Kracker. :o)
What do you most fear? Many things. Mainly anything that bites, stings, poisons, or hurts. Bad things in general. :P

What color(s) dominate(s) your wardrobe? White and blue.

How do you normally do you hair? Ponytail or messy bun. But, I go through phases.

Do you prefer milkshakes or smoothies? Depends on what I'm feeling like..smoothies are definitly healthier, but then again, icecream always hits the spot! ;)
Do you like the color pink? Not as in hot pink. I like light, floaty pink in skirts or sweaters or ballgowns.

What is your favorite flower? I'm an all-pretty-flowers-in-general girl. :] But roses are a weakness. <3

How many states have you been to? Hmm..*one..two..three..four..* ..about eight. :)

What is your favorite thing about June? That it is almost summer--duh! ;) Also, there are always weddings, and I love weddings. Not to mention school is almost out when June rolls around..
Describe your "dream wedding location." A little country church with roses outside and a flower-covered arch. <3


And, that about covers everything! Get out the punch and cookies, my friends. Let the partying begin!! ;) If you are planning on particpating, please consider grabbing the above button to spread the word!


  1. My two favorite things from the prizes would be: 1. the blue dress from "the vintageattic10" & 2. the sugar body polish from "rawolive.

  2. My two favorites are: 7. Headband from "Adornmegirl" and 13. Diary from "PatchworkMill"

    In Him,
    Holly Lou

  3. My two favorites are the "prize pack" from the cove and the headband from adornme girl.

    katietamblingson at yahoo dot com

  4. LOVE the headband from AdornmeGirl
    and the necklace from OlivesandPearls!! So cute! :)

    Katelyn McKay

  5. I like 10 and 11 :)

  6. I would love to have the for the second thing, they're all soo pretty, I guess I don't care which one! XD

  7. Thank you for such a great blog party and giveaway! :)

    I entered and my two favorite prizes would have to be #7 (the headband) and #15 (the necklace).


  8. How fun this is! =D I love everything, but I'd have to say my two favorite things are: 1) ring from TheElephantGarden and 13) rose journal from PatchworkMill.

    Soli Deo Gloria!
    P.S. (I think you already have my e-mail, so I don't know if I need to give it to you on here or not! :/)

  9. My two favorite things are number 9 (the blue crystal necklace), or number 13 (the notebook).


  10. My VERY favorite is #12! So pretty! Second fav. is #15. Others I like are #1 and #4. This party is such a good idea! Thanks!

  11. I love 8, 9, 10 and 13. But I really don't care if I win anything, I just did this for fun.


  12. Thanks for doing this! My Favorites are No. 7 and No. 13!

    MaKenna Morgan

  13. I emailed this to six friends: Vashti, Mani, Sarah, Katelyn, Kendall, and Lindsey. I would like either the blue dress or the silver flowers. Here is my email:

    Hey girls! Join LuciaMarie's blogging party ( ) . Enjoy some new random facts about me you may not have known! ;)

    What are two songs that describe you? Mozart's 5th violin concerto: When I'm outgoing and fun. And Bloch's first movement of his Baal Shem suite: when I'm upset.

    What do you most fear? SPIDERS!!!!

    What color(s) dominate(s) your wardrobe? Turquoise and pink(?)

    How do you normally do you hair? Since it's short I usually curl the back under and leave the sides longer.

    Do you prefer milkshakes or smoothies? Smoothies. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a HEALTH freak!

    Do you like the color pink? Yes, if it's a bright reddish pink or a peachy pink or a light, floaty, feminine pink.

    What is your favorite flower? Roses!! red ones!

    How many states have you been to? Most of the ones in the east but usually driving through certain states when trying to get to a destination up north somewhere.

    What is your favorite thing about June? I don't like summer that much because I don't like hot weather but I always enjoy the week of music camp.

    Describe your "dream wedding location." A Gothic cathedral or church. Something where the architecture is stunningly beautiful.

    Love, Katherine

    filledeviolon at gmail dot com

  14. I would like to receive either the Burt's Bees lip balms (#6) or the "prize pack" necklace, ring and hair flower(#5).


  15. Oops, I forgot my email.


  16. I would like either 13 or 15.

    yayapril (at) gmail dot com

  17. I would love to win either the Burt's Bees or Ahmelie item :)

    and just FYI, this is my first ever blog party. congrats on being my #1 ;)

  18. Thank you for hosting, Miss Lucia! If I won one of your delightful prizes, I should very much like the covered notebook by Patchwork Mills or the body scrub from rawolive.

  19. My prefered prizes: Two tinted lip balms from Burt's Bees or the item from PatchworkMill

    You've got my email already, so I won't bother posting it here.


  20. My favorite prizes are 1, 7, 9, and 12. Thanks for hosting the blog party, girl! =)

  21. I would be very interested in the Burts Bees tinted lip balm, and either the eyeshadow from justpureminerals or the lipstic from puremineralsource.


  22. Oh - and my email is vividryblog[at]gmail[dot]com.


  23. I entered! my fave prizes would be # 15 12 11 9 2 and 1!

  24. My two favourite things are the earrings from BlueSunEmporium and the prize pack from Cove.

  25. Hello! I {love} your blog! It's beautiful!
    I have entered the Blog Party, and posted about it on my blog! My blog is private though, so would you like me to post the answers in a comment or send you an invitation to view my post? My favourite prizes would have to be #13 and 14, especially 14! Thanks for hosting this! Alice xo

  26. Ooooh I will definitely be linking up! Eeep, what fabulous prizes! Love, love, love. ^_^

    And by the way - if you see that I am following you and then unfollowing it is because for some reason my dashboard says your posts aren't showing up, and so I'm trying a couple ways to see if I can get it to work. ^__^

  27. Oh and P.S. My two favorites things? Hmmm, I would love the Burt's Bees lip balm and the adorable green clutch. ^_^

  28. Here's my answers! =)


    What are two songs that describe you? Hmmm… I don’t really know. There are songs that I like, but I don’t know of some that “describe me.” =/

    What do you most fear?
    Lots and lots of things! =D Tight, dark spaces, needles, and anything pretty much that can bite, sting, kill or eat me. =D

    What color(s) dominate(s) your wardrobe?
    Pink, purple, blue, and white. :)

    How do you normally do you hair?
    Oh, I come up with sooo many things! =D I do ponytails with the hair wrapped around, buns, and what my mom calls “elaborate twisty things.” xD

    Do you prefer milkshakes or smoothies?
    Depends on the mood. Smoothies are healthier, but ice cream is always awesome! =) I think it would depend on the milkshake or smoothie.

    Do you like the color pink?
    YES. Pretty much all shades

    What is your favorite flower?
    Oh, all pretty ones. =D I love lilies, I love roses, I love daisies… All the pretty ones. =)

    How many states have you been to? Well, on road trips, we drive through a bunch, but as far as the ones where we actually do things other than drive (:D), *counts* I think about 4.

    What is your favorite thing about June?
    That it is summer! And lemonade, and ice cream, and pretty flowers. =D

    Describe your "dream wedding location."
    “A little country church with roses outside and a flower-covered arch. <3” That sounds pretty much perfect. =)

  29. I love the green pouch and the lip balm! :) (And... the body scrub. But no one knows that I told three. =D)

  30. I absolutely love 3, 9 and 12; I just couldn't narrow it down to two. Number 13 caught my eye too :) My top two would be 3 and 9. Or 12. Okay, I'll just stop being confusing. Lovely blog party!

  31. Cant what to see who is the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!


  32. I love all of the prizes. My Favourites are #7 and #13.

    I have linked up. Can't wait.

    -Laura P.s love your blog. :)

    I have already got my email address in the linkk thing.

  33. This blog party sounds like heaps of fun, so I have linked up to it and will post the questions on my blog.

    my favorite prizes would be:
    #7 and #13 but especially 13

    by the way you have a lovely blog. :)


    P.S my email adress is :)

  34. Sorry I didn't put my email in.

    This is my blog email address and I would like it used for giveaways and such. :)

  35. OK. For some odd reason, even though I am following (again... somehow I ended up un-following you) your posts aren't showing up on my dashboard! :( Not sure why.

    Anyways. :) I would really really really love to win the makeup from JustPureMinerals or the ring from Molly the Pirate (though the other would would be awesome too). XD

    beautyofordinarydays (at) gmail (dot) com

    Thank you Lucia!

  36. My favourites are #2 #7 or #11.
    My email is


  37. Thanks for hosting is great fun!

    I love everything, the only thing I would rather NOT receive would be the headband from Adorn me Girl, but that is only because with my complexion I can't really wear yellow {other than that I think that it is absolutely adorable!}


  38. I also LOVE number 1! I can't wait till the winners are announced!!



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