Thursday, June 2, 2011

Regency Dress Photoshoot~

Okay, our my brother's "good better camera" is still in the down zone, but I promised pictures of my dress that has been in the works for, oh, months? So, here they are. Not the best quality, but we hadfun, and they turned out semi-okay. :)


...Lady Lucia and her private gardens. :)
..Why, yes, every proper British girl should play the pianoforte, no?
Shall we take a stroll in the garden, Mr. Darcy? Just let me fetch my parasol...

..You can call me Elizabeth Bennet. ;) Oh, dear, dear..stray hairs? This simply won't do!
The latest London hairstyle. ;)

..Why, of course I shall play for you, Mr. Darcy! What will it be? Prelude in C Major?I play that one rather well..;)

..To finish off the day, an evening stroll with the Lady Olivia. :)


-All photos are copyright 2011 Lucia M. Do not use without permission.-


  1. Oh, how lovely, dear Lady Luciea! *wink* I should very much like to sew a Regency dress someday.

    Many Blessings,
    Miss Charlotte Morecotte
    {A fictional Regency era character I came up with a very long time ago...}

  2. Great pictures! The second one looks so cool! :)

  3. Oh, Lucia! You are beautiful, my dear! I love your dress and the pictures are simply lovely. Thanks for sharing! =)

  4. You are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

  5. Beautiful! I love your hair! The second picture is my favorite. =)

    ~ Miss Bea

  6. You looks SO beautiful...Those dresses are So lovely; And the hair, I love the style!!!! (very Jane Austiny :)

  7. You are gorgeous! and, as a photographer myself, please give your photographer my major compliments!

  8. This post is rather adorable.

    Or as miss Bates would say 'Lovely'

  9. *curtsey* "Why Miss Lucia, you look quite handsome this afternoon." (that was me being weird and historically accurate! *GRIN* They used to call ladies 'handsome' back then! Weird, no?! I'm obsessed with oufits of that time period! I tried making a regency dress a bit ago, but it turned out reaaaallly big, and didn't fit me very well. But you did a great job! Mind if I ask what you made the dress for? Ball? Just for?
    Miss Natasha Atkerson
    (by the way, the eldest daughter in a family would be called Miss (insert last name) the second eldest would be Miss (insert first and last name) and the other sister would just be Miss (first name) when being introduced!

  10. You look simply beautiful. I enjoy being 'The Miss S.' being the oldest daughter. ;) JA is one of my favorites and I adore 'Emma'.

    "All at once it darted through her mind like an arrow that Mr. Knightly must marry no one but herself"


  11. *gasps* Lucia, you look so lovely! I love your dress, your hair, and the pictures of them! I love the "pianoforte picture"! And you look like a genuine Regency Era lady.

  12. You look very beautiful, Lucia! :) I really love the pictures. Thanks for sharing them! They're lovely. ;)

  13. Beautiful photos, beautiful dress, beautiful hair, beautiful girl! :)

  14. Haha you are so cute :)
    Lovely dress and pictures!

  15. Beautiful!:D I want it!:D

    It looks amazing on you:).

  16. You look lovely, dear! We love the dress and hair style. You girls are so beautiful!! We love and miss you so much! The LORD be with you!
    ~The H. Sisters

  17. Oh Lucia, I meant to comment on this long ago, but... weelll... I didn't get around to it until now. :S This photo-shoot is absolutely lovely, and your dress is so sweet! And I love the parasol!! So much fun!! Did you and Olivia purposely do the alternating colors with white dress/green sash and green dress/white sash? They look lovely together!



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