Sunday, July 31, 2011

of home and anne shirley.

"Isn't it splendid to think of all the things there are to find out about? It just makes me feel glad to be alive--it's such an interesting world. It wouldn't be half so interesting if we know all about everything, would it? There'd be no scope for imagination then, would there?"

~Anne Shirley (a.k.a., L. M. Montgomery)

..Aye, I be home. And how glad I am. My bed feels awfully cozy, and though I shall miss the sound of the ocean and burying my toes in warm sand, there is just something about home, wherever it may be, that gives certain satisfaction. It is times like these that make me feel like a sort of Anne Shirely, and my mind fills with all sorts of odd, dreamy sayings which I believe she would be proud to utter.

...Of course, that could be because I have been re-reading my "Anne" books this week. I just love those novels...have I ever mentioned that L.M. Montgomery is my absolute favorite authoress? She just writes so...deliciously, to use a word which she herself was fond of. :) Not to mention, we have the same initials, near same first name, and similar writing styles (not claiming any of her talent, here..).

It surprised me to realize that I haven't picked up a good, light-hearted pleasure book for nearly a year (High school does that to you...but, I'm not complaining). Thus, this vacation was much-needed for my poor literature-starved side, and I was made thouroughly appeased. In any account, it was a lovely week "down by the seashore," and I have a beautifully picture-filled, self-explanatory post coming up as soon as possible to further my point. :) In the meantime, here are a few key points about my time away that you should take into consideration while you wait:

This week:

I got a sunburn. A rather...terrible one.

I was creative and got pictures for my blogging friends, despite my lack of camera. More on that later.

I read seven books over the course of six days.

I went on one vacation, came home for a day and attended a grad. party, then went on another.."vacation."

I discovered, after 15+ years of distaste, that I do indeed like S'Mores.

I met someone who reads my blog.

I became an impromptu worship leader. o.O Truly.

And, as a random side-note:

I am only approx. 15 days from sweet sixteen. :]

Love y'all. I missed you! :)

p.s. (weren't my guest posters wonderful? i was thoroughly satisfied with how they babysat my blog. were you ? :)


  1. I LOVE the Anne of Green Gables series!

  2. I'm so glad you had a wonderful vacation, Lucia!

    I love L.M Montgomery's Anne books...they are so good. *winks*
    The movies are so heart warming and dreamy to watch, too.

    Yes! The guest posters did a fabulous job! :)


  3. That's so cool you met someone who reads your blog! :)

  4. I LOVE the beach :)Just walking barefoot on the sand, the waves splashing over my toes... wonderful :) wish I coulda been there. And Anne... I love Anne, though I can't say LM Montgomery, because I didn't like her Emily series. I love most her books though, and Anne is just amazing!! Some of my most favorite books!

  5. Hey, I'm glad you're back! L.M. Montegomery is one of my favorite authors, too, and I love Anne of Green Gables!

  6. Awww, I love Anne! The books and the movies are wonderful, now I want to go watch it. :)

    Happy-almost- birthday!!!! hehe :o)


  7. I so adore Anne of Green Gables - I have only read the first book though! I keep meaning to read the rest.

    I love all the descriptive words used .... somehow there always seems to be the perfect amount!

    I wish I could write like that!

  8. How fun! Isn't it funny how much us highschoolers don't get to read good books? lol :) I had a mini vacation with my family last year and I read 1200 pages over 3 and a half days :)

  9. I hope you have a sweet sixteen good birthday! I already turned 16!

  10. I love the Anne of Green Gables series. I'm currently reading Rilla of Ingleside...and I was so very upset when Walter died that I actually cried. Rilla fainted and I bawled my eyes out. But he needed to die because the story was a little more dull than the previous, I thought, and one way to make a story not dull is to have a character that everyone loves die. He was a brave lad, which made it so sad, but I do not believe I would have liked the book nearly as much if he had not died. But, anyhow, I love that series and L.M. Montgomery is one of my favoritest of all writers ♥ What part of the seaside did you go to? Was it still in Oregon or did you venture up into Washington? I have always wanted to go to the seaside in Washington, but the closest I've gotten is Seattle, which is my favoritest of all big cities. I love cities, though Portland is terrifyingly disgusting. My experience probably wasn't the best, though, since the times I've been have been for immigration things and what-not and downtown Portland at night after the Owl City concert. But I'm sure it could be a nice place in the daytime if one was just to look around and window shop. I love window shopping in big cities. We used to do that in England all the time. Well, I did anyway, only because I couldn't afford to actually buy anything - thinking back, though, it is probably good because the things I would have bought are not the such like things I would buy today. I would go to The Learning Centre and buy all of the dolls and Barbies and so of course I am very glad I did not have the money to invest in such frivilous things. My comment has gone a little off topic as most of my comments do. Please forgive me for that! I love the word umbrella, but I do not use umbrellas very often. Umbrella is a quaint little word and it's so sweet sounding! It reminds me of you. Duh, Willow, duh, you dumb wench. I'm sorry, I'm in such an odd mood this evening. I love to dis myself which is...odd. I'm very hyper because I was thinking about Seattle and then I began to think about Nashville and then I began to think about St. Peterburg, Russia. And now I'm thinking about Switzerland. And Alaska. Now I'm back to Seattle. I'll stop there. Do you like chocolate milk or hot chocolate better? For me, it depends on the weather, but in the winter I love hot chocolate and in the summer days, I love chocolate milk, as long as the milk is crazy cold. I cannot stand warm milk, can you? I cannot stand milk, unless it has been invaded with strawberry or chocolate syrup. Then it is wonderful good, but milk on it's own is just distasteful. Goodnight and have a wonderful life until I next talk to you! (have a wonderful life after that, too)


  11. how sweet that you're back! so many highlights- congrats (although I'm sorry about that sunburn- eek).

    pleasure to meet you, dearest.

    Perhaps you'll visit me sometime?

    follow at


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