Monday, August 1, 2011

Introducing My New...

Design blog. Yep. I am officially in the amatuer blog designer community. This past month, I have realized my love for a new hobby called "blog designing," and tonight, after considering the fact that I have received many complimentary comments, e-mails, and even one inquiry as to whether I sold designs, I took the leap and made it official. 

...Didn't it turn out cute? Head on over to la lemonada (now changed to "Once Upon a Time Designs") and tell me what you think! I would love it if you would spread the word, too. :] Keep in mind, details are still going up, but this new project should be fully underway within a few days. I will be offering simple, fresh, affordable designs for (blogspot only) bloggers who are desperate for a pretty-but-clean look.  

p.s. (i re-did my header. it just looked tacky after this new blog turned out so spick and span. what do you think? :)


  1. Quite lovely!:) I hope that you are very successful when it comes to blog designing. :)

    Much Love,

    Postscript :: if you are still interested in guest posting at my blog, I would love to hear from you!:) I know you've been gone, so if you decide now's not the time, I completely understand. <3

  2. Wow, Lucia... how neat! I love your new header here, and the design blog looks amazing too! Great job!! :)


  3. Congratulations for officially opening a blog design blog! I think you did a great job with your header. I love the tagline "soaking up the Son", by the way.

  4. First off...WELCOME HOME!! *hugs* <3

    Okay, that blog is too cute. Sadly, I just got my blog redone by Miss Eyebright, otherwise I'd look into getting one. :) I will keep you in mind when I decide to get a new template, though. ;)


  5. ahhh...that's such an accomplishment, friend!! great job on BOTH blogs.

  6. Congrats on your new venture! Your design style is so bright and fresh, and your prices are terrific, so I'm sure you're going to get lots of requests.

    Have fun! :)

  7. Welcome to the blog designing community!! :) Fine and Dandy Blog Designs welcomes you. :)

  8. Your new desing is very lovely! May the Lord bless this new journey!

    In Christ,


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