Saturday, July 9, 2011

letters from the past..

A few years ago, while going through an old suitcase that had been my Great-Grandma Elsa's, we discovered a packet of letters. They were yellowed, but in surprisingly good condition with envelopes, stamps, and all. Just today, I got them out again, and decided to sit down and read a few.

Most of them are dated around 1915-1920, from various girlfriends of Elsa's in Kansas, McCloud, California, Los Angeles, Pennsylvania, etc. Elsa was newly married, and had just moved apart from all of her family and friends in Kansas to Oregon with her new husband, William. Here is what one of her dearest friends, Anna Larson, had to say...


My Dearest Elsa Girl,

I'm just going to write a few lines, but might not be able to write much as not so very much has happened here since I wrote you last.

How are you now, darling? I surely hope you are as well as can be. I think of you often, dear, ands wish I knew how you were. Did you get the hot Tamales, and were they any good? Some said they'd spoil before they reached there and some said they wouldn't, but I thought I'd try and see--so now, were they spoiled?  

We had a very nice ride yesterday between tl. North and Oklahoma City--the country was all so green and pretty and the weather was so warm so we had the windows open all the time. There was a jolly bunch on, too--mostly young men but they were too flirty to suit me. There were three of them winking at me at the same time and that made me mad!

We got into Oklahoma City at 8 o'clock but we did not do as we usually do--that is--take a walk around the city. We were quite tired so as soon as we'd gotten supper we went to our rooms in the hotel.

We got up at 5:30 this morning so as to catch this train. We had trouble with out engine this forenoon, so had to wait two hours for a new one to come. We've been entertained a good part of the day by a four-year-old boy who was so lively--smart and cute. He had the whole car laughing at him at times. Once he said to his mother, "Don't you sport my word" for dispute! 

We are now again in my native state Kansas, and I think it looks real nice this time of year. We are supposed to be at Osage City at 6:30, but I think it will be about 8:30 before we get there. Will finish this letter when we arrive there and before I retire tonight. 

May 9th, morning

When we got to our room last night at 9:40--I was sick as could be, headache and indigestion and it went to my heart so that I could not breath. The land lady gave me hot soda water and later on I vomited fierce, so I feel better  this morning, but oh, so weak...the least thing I do will make everything turn black, but I think I'll be better when I get something to eat. I haven't eaten anything since yesterday morning about 3 o'clock.

I must close now, dearest.

Forever your Kansas pal,

..Well! How did you like that? Poor Anna, I certainly hope she felt better once she had something to eat. ;) Aren't these fun? Let me know if you would like to hear more of Great-Grandma Elsa's letters. A good deal of them are from Anna, her "forever Kansas pal."


  1. This makes me smile A LOT. I just got into a penpal relationship with a girl I met via my blog. I'm thrilled to pieces that I get to have that kind of letter-writing deal with someone so sweet...and I hope my grandchildren read those letters and laugh! =)

  2. Oh, that's so cool! =) I love old stuff like that. The pictures were great.

  3. LUCKY YOU!!! Most of my folk's stuff was lost in a housefire the year they got married....stinks!

  4. How neat! I just purchased a letter from a flea market I had kept my eye on for awhile. How neat that these letters are from your great grandmother!!!

    My mommy has kept a HUGE porfolio of letters that were written from her dad during the war. They are addressed to my grandmother with lots of romance. ;) I want to go through some soon.


  5. Oh I would love to see more!! That was so sweet, I was charmed. :)

  6. How neat! I also really like old letters! :) Yes, I would love to see more of them! ;)

    Love & Blessings,
    Martha Joy

  7. Soo neat! I wish I had something like this... {sigh} ...I would love to se more! MaKenna Morgan

  8. Wow, so cool! I would love to see more letters! :)

  9. I loved reading this letter! Please post more like it! :]

    It was nice to read. I often wish I lived back then.

  10. That is so neat! I love old letters. ♥ Unfortunately, I have not yet come upon such a treasure trove as you (my relatives all live far away, which means no attic scavenger hunts). Please do post more of Anna's letters--I greatly enjoyed reading this one from Elsa's "forever Kansas pal." :)

    Love and Blessings,
    Elizabeth Rose

  11. What a treasure to have such lovely family letters from the past! I would love to hear more about them. :D Thank you for your posts! They alwasy cheer me up and I always look forward to what you will write next. :D

  12. What a cool find! There is nothing quite like 'snail-mail.'

  13. I love love love these! Please post more! They are so cute and I really enjoyed reading them.

  14. Woah, it's like a piece of history! Yes, post some more and soon! :)

    ~Jamie Joyce

  15. SOO COOL!!! :):) You have to post more!! It is so amazing to read a letter like that - a piece of history right in your hands!!

  16. Wow! That would be such a sweet find!!

  17. That was very interesting to read! I really enjoy reading letters from the past (in my family). I would really like it if you posted more of your great grandmas letters! They are so very interesting! I really like the way they talk back then! :)

    ~Ali H.

  18. PLEASE do some more of Anna's letters! I enjoyed reading that one:)


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