Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Day with Raquel

Okay, y'all. Just so you know, this post is going to be picture-laden. Like, the most picture-filled post I have ever done in my life. :] Thus, if you despise pictures of girls having a blast, then politley click the exit button. ;)

..Still here? Yay. Because here is the 'surprise' I gave a little blurb about yesterday.

I think most of you know of the extremely lovely Miss Raquel, and her little spot on the web, God's Daughter. Her blog is one of those that 'everyone knows about,' :) and loves. However, I'll bet you didn't know that we know each other, and have known each other for about..oh, at least six years. Yesterday, after a little planning and so forth, everything worked out--and she came over, just to spend the day with us! I hadn't really gotten to talk with her/see her personally for at least a year, so this was going to be fun. We had a whole day planned out, complete with canoeing, a tea party, walks, and a photoshoot just for our blogging friends--you! We thought it would be fun to "surprise" our readers with a fun post full of pictures together, just because we know alot of our blogging friends are unaware of our personal friendship. :) Thus...

..The first thing we did when Raquel arrived was head over to the computer for a few moments. She suggested that I do a little post about the "surprise" to come. :) So, there we are, blogging away...together, this time. ;)

..After a little chatting/deciding what to do first, etc., we went out and took a little walk down our road. We stopped by a barnyard and did a mini photoshoot.

^^ This is one of my absolute favorites. <3

..Isn't that blouse cute?? She's so purty. :)

..It was windy. :P

We returned from our walk, and were feeling quite warm. It was around 85 degrees out already, and so even a short walk in the sun was enough to dehydrate. :P After some discussion, we came up with an amazing idea: we could go canoeing at the bay across the road! This bay is extremely flooded after increasing snowmelt and dam let-outs, so, it wasn't going to be smelly and low like it usually would be at this time of year. We changed into appropriate clothing, and set off for the docks.

After boarding our canoe and setting off across the choppy water, we felt instant relief from the heat. The wind felt amazingly cool, and when we pulled up to a drifting dock in the middle of the bay, we had decided against swimming.

^^ See? This dock is like randomly stuck in the middle of the bay. And yes, we are daring to jump. Not into the water, haha...

Hehehe. When we get the camera, we go wild. ;)

We left the "drifting dock" and traveled into what used to be an island. Now, with the flood waters, it has the appearance of an African swamp. The trees are half way under water, and branches obscure the way. We pretended we were on the Nile...:]

^^ Yes, Raquel is atop one of the submerged trees. Isn't this crazy cool? We paddled through this part with many bumps and scrapes...

Manuevering through the jungle {taken by Olivia, who also climbed a tree}

..After about an hour or so on the bay, we returned home, and decided now was the perfect time for our tea party. We changed into nice dresses, and got out the shortbread cookies, lemonade, and vanilla icecream. We set out a blanket on the lawn, and relaxed.


Beautiful friend! <3

After our last photo shoot, we headed indoors, and gathered around the piano. You see, we had this great idea that we could make a little movie of us singing for you, and post it along with our pictures. Unfortunatley, her dad came before we could finish the one we wanted, and thus, that plan didn't work out. :( But, we had fun practicing. :)

Altogether, it was a lovely summer day with Raquel, and we had the greatest of times taking a gazillion photos and planning how we would construct our posts. :) Don't forget to stop by Raquel's and take a look at her picture-filled post, which I am sure will be up soon.

Oh--by the way: Raquel and I were talking, and we came up with another pretty amazing idea which concerns you all. ;) Stay tuned for a few polls and the meantime, come to my house, y'all! I would love to re-create this day with each of you. <3

P.S. (Thank you to my lovely sister Olivia, who was our main photographer. ;)


  1. Both of you are SO beautiful! Looks like you had a wonderful day! Great photos! :)


  2. How lovely! You two are perfect together!:)


  3. Oh, what a sweet and fun day! It's always so exciting and fun to plan special days like that. :)

  4. Oh looks like you two had so much fun! I wish I could hang with you, only I live a little too far away to do that! :) I live in Montana!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

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  6. How FUN! You and I MUST do something like that when I come visit. :D

    love you!

    Ps: I posted about the sugar-free "diet" today. :)

  7. That's so neat that the two of you are friends! I love reading Raquel's blog. ♥

    It looks like you two had a marvelous time! The canoeing sounds like tons of fun!

  8. Ah!!! Cuteness! You both are so beautiful, and it looks like you had a blast! =) ♥

  9. Aw! Lucia- I cannot tell you how much I loved this post! I just love picture posts :) I follow Raquel's blog and she is one of my pen-pals and I just adore both of your blogs!

    Your outfits were super cute too! :)


    ~Miss ALK

  10. Lucia, you are absolutley GORGEOUS. I seriously have never seen anyone prettier! <33 Raquel is simply beautiful too!


  11. How delightful! It looks as though y'all had a fantastic time together... Thank you for sharing the photographs from your special day!

    Your Sister In Christ,

  12. Thank you all!! :) haha

    Lu, I had a great time! The pics turned out nice too!

  13. Lucky! I'm terribly jealous of both of you! What fun to know eachother in person! Looks like ya'll had a blast together<3 You two are absolutely gorgeous! Love the pictures:)

  14. I had a feeling that you and Miss Raquel were meeting up. I love all the photos! You two are such gorgeous ladies!

  15. Ya'll are both so pretty! I really enjoyed this post. Canoeing sounds so fun!

  16. Dear sweet Lucia-

    We simply MUST do something like this together one day- maybe we'll meet dead smack in the middle of the US to make the trip even. lol

    But, I did want to tell you- I really appreciate you dressing modestly. Many many "Christian" bloggers that I know who are supposably committed to modesty are slacking in their standards, and you are a bright and shining example for many. Keep up the fight against the world's pulls! I love how you wore a cardigan over your dress- so many dresses are too tight in the *ahem* chest and that's such a great solution...(in other words, wish I had thought of that brilliant idea myself!)And even in wearing a tank-top you made sure you wore another one higher....double brilliance! And did anyone tell you how stunningly blue your eyes are?? :)

    Okay okay, I'll contain my compliments for now. =P Keep living for the Lord with all your heart my friend...I am so blessed to know you!!


  17. that looks like a lot of fun, Lucia! I love the pictures...Who's the photographer? I think it's definitely time to have y'all over again!!!!

  18. Looks like soooo much fun!
    I love the pictures- I'm awful at getting enough (or any!) pictures when I'm with friends- I guess we are just too busy having fun. =)
    But it is special to have these memories captured for the years ahead.

  19. Aw! Glad you enjoyed all the pics, girls :) Yeah, we had a great time!!

  20. that's so awesome! love the pictures, you two are so gorgeous! :)

    much love♥


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