Tuesday, July 19, 2011

4th of july

Okay. Yes. I know. It's been over two weeks since the 4th of July. And I still haven't posted.


..you can blame the general busyness of life for that. :] And I'll spare you the details so we can get to the point! I know this is kind of a lame, way overdue question, but--what did y'all do for the Fourth? Better yet: what are your yearly traditions? There. XD Gotcha planning ahead for next year, already...;)

Cowboys warming up

Our Fourth started with the best kind of thing--a rodeo. Olivia and I had gotten free tickets at a parade to a large rodeo about an hour away, and so we gathered some rodeo-lovin' friends and headed out. For the first time in my life, I splurged on fair food {think Teriyaki} and had a bite of the biggest Elephant Ear I have ever seen {think bigger than a steering wheel}. We shouted our lungs out for the daring cowboys on bulls, ooh and ahhed over the rodeo queens' pretty outfits. Yesh, I j'adore rodeos {kay, Française and rodeos don't exactly go...}

 It was a hot day, so we stopped and got smoothies at McDonald's after the show. By 5:00 p.m., we were back at the house, and preparing for a couple of families who would be spending the evening with us for food and a few home-approved fireworks. We had hamburgers, hotdogs, watermelon, chips, popsicles, icecream...all the traditional 4th o' Julyyy foodstuff. :D The boys then decided to take a dip in our swimming pool, and us girls thought a walk would be nice. We didn't get far before we spotted a nice daisy-filled field, and turned the walk into a photoshoot.

Caley, Olivia, Me, Sarah, Andrea, Hannah, Chrissy

Pretty Andrea ♥

Pretty Sarah ♥

Pretty Caley ♥

Yeah, my camera has like zero macro...but I love how this turned out. ♥
 The lovely Caley and I. Isn't her hair amazing, y'all? ♥

I love these girls!!

Andrea and I during the fireworks :)

...Annnnnd I got literally NO pictures of the fireworks, because of my everlasting excuse: terrible camera. Bleh. Yes, I am saving...I am saving. *feels sorry for herself* :.(

Since I didn't say this...er..umm...*cough cough*...two weeks ago:


In God we trust. ♥


  1. Neat photos! Looks like you and your friends had a blast! :)

    If you want, you can look at my post on what I did for the 4th of July at this link here:

    Take Care!

  2. Oh don't worry about your camera... the pics still came out beautiful!

    It's always absolutely wonderful to be with friends... especially the ones we really love.

    Loving those special friends always,
    Kianna Rose

  3. Aww, I feel your pain with your camera! I need a new one too! :/

    Don't worry though, your pictures turned out wonderfully! You all look SO pretty! ;)

  4. Wow- I don't have that many friends- non the less "girl friends"! Haha! I have about 2 best friends- both guys ;)

    It looks like you girls had a lot of fun!! <3 I love the picture with you all in it with like some of you in the front, some in the back... it's gorgeous!! <3


  5. Wish I was you and could wear a jacket on the fourth of July week!In
    South Carolina it was probably 98 out side.The pics look great!!!!



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