Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the doll house | guest post by sonja

My sister's doll house is a beauty--full of delectable dainties, creative notions, and oh-dear-I-can't-believe-she-made-that loveables.

It is home to 6 little girls and their many pets--5 to be exact (3 dogs, 1 lamb, and 1 cat).

I'm serious. 

Interested in a tour?

The doll house is painted a lovely summer orange and trimmed in white and brown. Shutters, window boxes, and a white wrap-around-porch adorn the outside.

(tip: mouse-over to see downstairs!)

The house is three stories tall. At the tipity-top is the attic which currently houses all ongoing and future projects. It is also littered with summer garden tools, vegetables from the autumn garden harvest, and spare furniture.

Down below are two rooms--a bedroom and the
drawing room. And below that, down a second flight of stairs, is the kitchen and parlor.

Homemade suitcases sit on the porch waiting for an adventure. Ingeniously crafted out of old dental wax cases (those of you who have had braces know what I'm talking about), wrapped in canvas and embellished with leather, these little beauties are just a few of the many handmade items inside the doll house.

The walls and porch railing are a pure white. Natural wood furniture decorates the doll house with rustic charm.

Outside 'round the side of the partial wrap-around-porch is a clothes line strung up to dry the hand washed linens.

Paper crocuses fill the window boxes giving the appearance of spring year-round. And the kitchen is full of homemade salt dough creations.

This doll house will hopefully remain in our family for many years to come; thus allowing the next generation of little homemakers to come along and run their own home. 

Doll houses really are splendid things. Don't you agree? 

Do you have a doll house? Or perhaps did you grow up with one?

Much Love Dearies,

who am I?

I'm Sonja--a country girl at heart and lover of all things beautiful. I'm a self proclaimed passionate optimistic life-enthusiast and can usually be found with a camera in hand. I write about my faith, life, and family at my blog Girlish Musings.



  1. How fun!!! I always loved my doll house when I was little :)


  2. Hi Sonja! So nice to see you over here.
    So cute... the doll house is very cute

    ~Kianna Rose

  3. aw, i LOVE this sweet & bringing back memories of afternoons filled with dollhouse adventures.

  4. Oh, how very sweet! =)

    My sister and I had my mom's old dollhouse to play with when we were little. It's still sitting in my parents' living room, even though we've both moved out.

  5. Such a darling dollhouse! I used to love mine dearly, but mine was commercial, not handmade.

  6. How cool is the mouse-over effect?! Great guest post Sonja, I loved it!

  7. Great post, Sonja! Your photography is amazing, and I loved taking a "peek" into your dollhouse! :D


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