Friday, January 6, 2012

the m. children // photoshoot

Last week we had the M. children over, and decided to have an impromptu photoshoot. The lighting wasn't the best, but we still had fun and got some good shots. :) They have asked me not to disclose their names for internet safety reasons, so I won't tell you who's who, but I will tell you that they are very delightful people. :)

..Any favorites? My personal fave is the one of the two brothers. I thought it turned out well! 



  1. i have to agree with you the one of the boys is ah-mazing!

  2. Very nice Lu! My favorite is the monochrome photo of them all (4th from top) I think it turned out exceptionally nice, and I love the perspective! :) <3 Great job!

  3. aww..they're so cute! i love it.

  4. I love the second to last picture of the girl with red hair, very pretty!

  5. GIRL! These look fabulous! My favorite is the second photo. So sweet!

    And I love impromptu photo-shoots. Sometimes they are the most fun type!

  6. All good pictures! I like the fourth one.

  7. My fave is the one 4th from the top :) Great shots, Lucia!

    Much Love,

  8. Cute pictures! I like the black and white one with the sisters the best!
    Thank you for your super sweet comment on my blog! It made me smile. :)

  9. these are so awesome! I'm totally jealous of the luggage!


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