Friday, January 20, 2012

better blogging tips from lucia.

I have been blogging for two years this month. It has been a great, inspiring, growing experience, and I can't even begin to say how much my writing, creativity, and photography skills have been enhanced by having a blog.

But. There was a time when I was a boring blogger (I hope the same isn't said for me today!). I lacked creativity, I lacked motivation, I even lacked continuous posts. Maybe that was because I was so new to it all, and I had no idea what I was doing. I wish I had come upon a post of blogging tips (which are happily supplied by so many bloggers now) back then--I might have come out of my non-inspirational shell sooner. Alas, I had to learn the hard way--through experiance.

Even after two years (wow! You guys have watched me grow up. *sniff*), I in no way consider myself a "pro" at blogging. Who is, really? I've decided that there is no such thing as "better-than-you" blogging, but there is such a thing as improvable blogging. Take it from someone who still needs improvement. 

I decided to write my own little list of "better blogging tips" just for fun, and in the hopes of helping someone out there who is like me (or to entertain you, if nothing else). Plus, I need to remind myself of all of these things, and lists always make things so much more manageable. 

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1. "There's no one who's you-er than you." 
..A.k.a., be unique. I know this is cliche, but really--I struggle with it. The trends right now in the blogging world seem to be all fashion, make-up tutorials, interior design, and lowercase letters. I'm not saying you can't incorporate some of those into posts once in awhile if you have something you want to share, but...if you didn't start out as a Vogue blog, don't suddenly leap into daily outfit posts just because everyone else is doing it. 

So find your own niche, even if it's simply posting about your family and animals around your farm. Your blog is by you, so it needs to reflect you. Could your family could read your blog and know who's writing it was without even asking? 

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2. Post like a boss. 
Being yourself is great, but try to get beyond using a whole post to say, "It snowed today. We had fun making forts" -- and then posting a picture of a snow man you found on Pinterest. I'll discuss the photos thing next, but always try to think outside the box. Describe how you felt when you saw the first snowflakes drifting from the sky, include pictures of your siblings laughing during a snow ball get my jist. Write a post that you know you would love to read. 

Secondly, besides make your posts fun to read, make them readable (I'm going to be contradicting myself here, because already this post is getting lengthy--but I have to say in this case, it's acceptable. ..Right? ;). 
There's nothing that hurts the eyes more than a huge post with ten paragraphs and squished font. If you need to do a long post, break it up with photos and spaces between lines. 

When posting pictures, don't load 25 into one post. I adore pictures, but my internet is slow and literally chokes if it has to load more than 10 pictures at one. 

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3. Original photos = for the win.  
I used to be so bad at this. First of all, me + my camera were not best friends two years ago. Secondly, me + my computer's picture up-loader were mortal enemies. Copying and pasting from WeHeartIt and Google Images was just so much easier...and really, there's nothing wrong with this. I just always failed to link back to the source. Not because I wanted people to think I had taken the pictures, just because I didn't think.

 ..But really, people love seeing your own work, and what you come up with. So try to use your own photos as often as possible (I'm totally contradicting myself here and using pictures from Pinterest for this post). Either that, or be sure to link either below your photos or after your post. It's being nice, and it will keep you out of trouble, too!  

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4. Spread the love. 
If you appreciate your readers' comments, send some love back to them! This is another thing I'm really bad at--but I can truthfully say that I've visited every single one of my commenter's blogs (yes, your's, dear reader!). I don't have the time to comment on all of those blogs, but I try to leave some comments when I can. 

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5. Numbers are just numbers. 
Speaking of "popularity," most bloggers I know are, understandably, on the quest to gain more followers. Is this a bad thing? No. It's fun to know that people like what you write and do enough to follow you, and the more the merrier, right? Followers are great, and are a part of what makes blogging fun. But only a part. If you're getting to the point where every time you lose a follower you feel tears rising to your eyes, or you immediately go to your blog's facebook page and say, "I lost a follower today! Ahh! What did I do? I am so depressed!" ...chances are, you're taking things way too seriously.

I've lost a lot of followers in my blogging time. Sure, it's not a happy feeling, but I've learned just to shrug and ignore it. I am honored that the followers I still have are there, and it is a true statement that when you forget about the numbers, suddenly they don't even matter as much. I don't really like the statement, "You're blogging for you, so forget about the followers!" because it isn't true for me. Sure, I blog for me, but I blog to give others encouragement and (hopefully) inspiration, too. If you think about it, even having an audience of ten other people is huge. Imagine ten people listening to you, and only you, talk! Then think about 30. 70. 100. 

..Numbers are just numbers, but sometimes they're bigger than we think. 

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6. Advertising and gloating: big no-no's. 
So you have 400 followers. Great! It's a good feeling. But remember? Followers don't define who you are as a blogger, so don't go bragging about it:

"355 followers today! Yes!" ..then the next week: "We're up to 356! Keep 'em coming!" 

...Followers are fun, and I know it's exciting to gain another one, but this^ is basically bragging. It's totally fine to announce milestones, such as 50 or 100 or 500, because those are milestones. But don't gloat--even if you aren't meaning it, because it comes across that way and people will think you're obsessed. 

Another thing is advertising. If you are just getting started on blogging and would like a few more readers to make the experience exciting, it's totally okay to do a little advertising. But don't visit the most popular blogs out there and leave a comment like, "You are invited to follow my blog." Ever heard of Steve Finell? He pretty much visits every blog out there and leaves a comment exactly like this. As a result, he has over 3,000 followers, but...can someone say, "annoying?" 

Instead, leave a genuine comment just because you want to, but get in the habit of leaving your blog link after your name. That way, if people want to visit your blog, they will--and won't feel pressured into it! 

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7. Design matters.
This is really stressed out there by all bloggers giving tips, mainly because it's so important: have a good design. In other words, if you are serious about blogging, spend a little extra time (or even some money, if you want something really special) on your blog's appearance. Make it look simple, yet eye-catching.  People will come back to your blog if it looks nice, but will steer clear and not even give you a chance if it looks boring, so do some work or find a reasonable design studio and get that blog looking spiffy. 

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8. Break it up. 
Change your blog around sometimes. Get a new design after a few months--write a variety of posts, even if you are a solely photography or cooking blogger. Keep your readers interested, and try to enter into their worlds through post questions and activities like giveaways, blog parties, or photo challenges.  


..Do you know what my favorite kind of blog is? Yes, there's no denying that I like a place with inspiring projects, amazing photos, and uplifting articles...but if your blog makes me feel like I could grab a cup of tea and sit down to read your corner of the web like I'm chatting with an old friend, you are a truly good blogger. 

Keep doing what you're doing, friend. Maybe your blog could use a few tweaks, or some things could be changed, but don't change your style if it ends up changing you. A blog that truly reflects its author is the best blog of all. 


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  1. That last part = totally inspiring. It makes me think of what my blog is, how i want it to be, and how people see it. Thanks! :)

  2. That was really amazing lucia! Those tips are very good and they have helped me a lot! Thanks so much for sharing. And may I just say, your blog is WONDERFUL!


  3. This is a great post. It will really help me. Thank you so much! :)

  4. Thank you so much for these tips! I am always trying to improve my blog, and posts like these every once in a while help me tons. :)


  5. awesome tips, lucia! I'll be sure to use them :)

    @ Arda Nessimava

  6. Two years of blogging is a long while, isn't it! Thank you for sharing those blogging tips. They were very helpful =D.

    In His love,
    ~Joy @

  7. Thank you so much!! I just started a blog (, and it is very helpful to read these tips! Ahh... blog design... yeah that's been my main trouble :) Hmm... I do like your blog design site... maybe I will have to order one sometime :)

  8. Thanks for all the tips! It is always helpful to hear from someone else on that. Yep, I think that one guy has been to every single blog out there. kinda strange...

  9. Helpful tips, Lucia. And the photo of the flip-flops is totally cool.

  10. This was really great! Thanks for the tips :)

    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  11. Great tips! All very helpful. I especially love the one about your own photos. I can't stand going to someone's blog and ALL I see is pinterest/google images. Sometimes, yes; always, no. Thanks for sharing!

  12. LOVE.
    (and yes,steve left one on mine;it does get annoying.)

  13. Hey, those were amazingly helpful tips! Especially for someone like me who is new to blogging! Thanks!

  14. thanks for the tips!
    i literally have a camera like the one in the third picture! i found it at a doesn't work but it's really cute! here it is if you want to look:


  15. great tips, girl! I think I learned a lot from you. :) (that Steve guy drives me nuts...)
    I recently was thinking about followers, yes I want followers, but I want them to truly want to be a follower. I want them to enjoy my posts, and I want them to leave comments because they have something to say.
    well, that is my 2-bits. :)

  16. Thank you, Lucia. I struggle with all these things. These are great reminders.

    <3AnneKatherine @

  17. Such helpful blogging tips! Thank you, Lucia!

  18. Congratulations, Lucia! Two years of blogging is indeed a long time. I haven't finished a year yet:)! But it is indeed fun and a blessing. Thanks for sharing your experiences with blogging. They're really helpful. God bless,


  19. Great tips! I've personally learned in the area of getting companies to do product reviews: Act perfessional, you'll be seen as professional! If you have the information about product reviews on your blog, it's easier. I've had several companies come to me to ask if I would do a product review for them. Which is very flattering. My advice? Be "professional" and act as though every reader is a potential for a new reader (I.E, make the posts fun and try to write as though they don't know you).
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  20. Awesomeness! Thanks for the tips sweetie!

  21. Lol. I am TOTALLY a boring blogger. Almost every single one of your "don'ts" is something I do ALL THE TIME!!! I will definitely keep this in mind when posting!
    And about the copying and pasting pictures to my blog without thinking??? SO TRUE!!!! I seriously did that yesterday. And the day before that. And every time I've posted for the last billion days because I'm lazy and don't want to load or take or edit my own pictures. Lol!!!

  22. Congrats on two years. :) And thanks for all the tips! I love your blog, it's always lovely to read!

  23. wow. this is why I love you, make a "be a better blogger in ten easy steps" (said in my bestest game show voice) one of the best thought provoking posts I've read. <3

  24. O_o I totally take pictures from google all the time and never even thought of linking back. LOL Definitely something to keep in mind. I've just tried not to take any pictures with a watermark on them. XP

    I'm fairly new to blogging, so this was really helpful! Thanks for all the tips, and keep up the good work! :D


  25. Those macaroons made me hungry... But then again, I am always hungry! ;) Thanks for this post :D


  26. Congratulations on two years! Yes, and oh those are wonderful tips! I am really trying to post more interesting things about my daily life, etc...but it can get sort of hard to post ME and not look at other bloggers' posts and somewhat COPY them: just a LITTLE bit! :\
    I thank you for your fun blog! I have enjoyed your blog ever since it was Virtuous Girlhood! ;) Keep it up!

    May the Lord keep you always, as you try to exhort others to trust in Him daily and do His will!
    Love you bunches,
    Martha Joy
    Hebrews 3:13

  27. Great post! Thanks for the advice! :)
    I totally get you wanting to return comments... and failing to. I have comment moderation so I get all my comments in my inbox. After I publish them I usually head over to my dash, scroll down (only for a 'quick look') and them I'm like 'Hmmm... Must check this post out!', and by the time I remember the comments I must either head down for dinner or start school. Then I think of them two days later... and kinda feel bad. Really need to work on that...

    eve @ essence of eve

  28. Hi Lucia,
    Been following your blog for a while's always been a blessings!!
    You're tips were very helpful and I hope to put several of them into practice!! I will be posting this on my blog probably next week. I am sharing a blog with my sisters currently, but hope to be moving to my own (where I can design it in my own taste!) and any tips are helpful right now!!
    Thanks so much! You're inspiring!
    Blessings, Hannah!

  29. Thank you for the inspiration... and the tips...

    I love reading your blog- its on the top of my favorite list!

    <3 Hannah

  30. Thank you Lucia, your tips are always so helpful and such a pleasure to read.

    In Christ Jesus,

  31. I have been blogging for four years this year! :) It's been a four five years, but I must say that you need to find a niche. I finally found mine. It's fashion posts, encouraging posts, recipes, and photography. I've hopped back and forth from a ton of different niche's for the past four years, but I FINALLY found mine.

    And as for cliche, I say do what you and your readers want! I am very much into fashion and my fashion posts get over 30 comments on them so I keep doing them. :)

    I finally got my new Nikon camera so I have been posting only my own photos in the past few weeks! I love doing it! :D

    And following? It's so easy to get discouraged. I have 12,000+ unique visitors, but only 100+ likes on Facebook. It sucks, but hey the rest of my stats make up for my following on FB. :D

    Blog design DOES matter too ladies. I just had my blog re-designed and it makes all the difference! :)

    Great post Lucia!

  32. That was really helpful. Thank you so much!!! Yes, I think my blog is boring and all that. HTML is so confusing! Am I ever going to complete it??? The advice was super helpful to me. Thanks again! ~Jenny

  33. Thank you for these tips :) I really love your style of writing.

    P-S See ^ I followed your advice. ;)

  34. Aww, great post! I’m always so happy when bloggers write a post like this. Thanks, Lucia!

  35. Haha sorry I am looking at your REALLY old posts, but first, I really am enjoying your blog, so I am now following your lovely site! second, Steve Finell found my blog and commented and I was kinda wondering who in the world he is. Thank you for clarifying:)

  36. Good tips. I need to remember to keep working on these! :)


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