Monday, January 30, 2012

beautiful friendship.

So many words could define "friendship."

 Beautiful. Tender. Loving. Sweet. Priceless. For who could put a price on friendship? It is not something to be bought, or even something to be earned--but something given.

I have many sweet friends whom I couldn't imagine life without. Close friends, good friends, acquaintances who make life fun--I love them all.

We have similarities, we have differences, we have inside jokes, laughter, memories, photos, stories. It is so true that friends can influence you greatly, and I am blessed to have friends who honor God and encourage me (cue pictures of some of my bestest friends).

..And what about when friendships get rocky?

False friends only want your friendship to gain something from you or because you have something they want--but true friends will stay beside you even if you are the poor and desolate. 

False friends are jealous--real friends rejoice with you and what you have.

False friends always believe they are in the right--real friends are the first to say "I'm sorry." 

False friends think they deserve your friendship--real friends never take it for granted.

False friends ignore and are rude to you for no reason--real friends would never dream of hurting you.

..And how do I know so much about false friends? Because I've had them.

This past year I've realized that though I should always offer my friendship freely and lovingly, there are those who take it and step all over it--they may even be fellow Christians, but they are not worthy of my time or pursuit. 

I am the type of person who cherishes my friendships, and tries and tries and tries to keep every friend close to me.  I've discovered that I need to just let go of those who are hard to keep--because if they're hard to keep, they're not worth it. My friendship is still open and offered to them, but I will not pursue false friends.

False friends are not the friends to have, and this year I am determined to purge myself from them. Not because I want to, but because if I don't...they will bring me down.


So what do I want to do about it? 

I can' fix others, but I want to make sure I am always a real friend, and that I never take the friendships offered to me for granted.

I want to be known as an understanding, loyal, loving person who isn't just a true friend to the popular, good-looking (though I can safely say that every single one of my friends are amazingly beautiful), and outgoing, but to the different ones.

Friendship is beautiful. Let's not forget it.


  1. That's right, you also know the Hahners! We met last July! :D

  2. WHERES THE LOVE BUTTON?!?!? this is SO SWEEET!!!<3 :) i love itt!!

  3. The last two shots were my faves. This made me smile, and also, miss my best friend :| she moved away.

  4. this is beautiful, Lucia, and oh, so true. friendship is one of the most amazing blessings.

    one thing I have learned from having friendships, is you can't force them. they are God-given gifts that have different levels of closeness, and if one forces them, they just become farther away.

    thank you for posting, Miss Lucia!

    much love,
    postscript :: thank you so much for leaving the sweet comment on my revolution. I really <3 your sweet words. :)

  5. gorgeous! I love the first photo. You and your friends are all quite gorgeous! :)

  6. Beautiful post! I am in a stage of life where I am trying to determine what it is that friendships really are and are not. Again. I hope to maintain the kind of friendships you have described here.

  7. Oh friend. God knew that I needed this post so He prompted you to write it.
    I am honored to call you a blogging friend :)

  8. haha It seems like a lot of people have been posting about friendships lately! So cool!

    Loved all the pics! <3

    ~Miss Raquel

  9. Okay, so I didn't mean to 'publish' that last comment...I hadn't finished writing in it :D haha

    I'm sorry you've experience 'false friends'...I think everyone - at one point in their lives or another - always find that out. Just continue to be YOU...continue to be a friend...and people will realize how much they don't really deserve you...or that you deserve the way they've been treating you.

    Nope! Let's not forget that friendship is beautiful :)

    Btw, now it's MY turn to ask if you got my e-mail :D haha

  10. Great post.. It can be hard to remember what good friends are like when you have almost always had false ones!

  11. SOOOOO true! Thank you for the post!


  12. I gave you a blog award, sweetie! :)

  13. Yes, that is really true, Lucia.
    True friendships are truly a treasure from the Lord. We realize this when we do experience false ones in life. May you be blessed always with true friends.
    In Him ,


  14. True that! ;) And...

    Sirach 6:14-15 A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter; he who finds one finds a treasure. A faithful friend is beyond price; no sum can measure his worth.

  15. Thats great! God is amazing to give us blessings like that! True friendship!


  16. Friendship is a beautiful gift from God, Lucia. Thank you for this beautiful post, it encouraged me when I read it the other day =D.

    I have experienced both false and true friendships in the last few years too, and the false ones only made me realize the more how truly precious were the true friendships given to me by the Lord, and how I must never take them for granted.

    I pray that I may be that friend, who loves at all times not for the sake of gain, but for true friendship and love. May the Lord help us in this.

    In His love,
    ~Joy @

    P.S. I love the photos of you and your friends very much. By the way in the first picture, you and your friend look so much alike! You have such a sweet smile, Lucia. I'm glad to know you as a blogging friend <3.

  17. loove the photos, lucia. :) but whoa- "they are not worthy of my time or pursuit."? though i've felt that way often felt that way, that is so not true. Jesus loved to death even the lowliest. He washed the feet of prostitutes. please forgive me if i misunderstood you; that was just my two cents. :)

  18. okay, i think i understand a little better now. :) you didn't mean that the people themselves weren't worthy of your friendship, you just couldn't keep trying to create a friendship with them when they abused it? and i just reread my last comment- sorry if it seemed like i was nitpicking or attacking you, i just wanted to understand what you said. :)


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