Thursday, August 4, 2011

when all else fails, eat a creamsicle.


frosty. creamy. orangey. dreamy.

those four little words equal what? my creamsicle.

it is hot. as summer usually is. and I love it. because when all else fails {in this sense, the temperature}, eat a creamsicle.


for now: I am keeping busy. besides schoolwork (ugg. yes. still. don't ask.), I am in the midst of designing. reading like c-r-a-z-y. entertaining guests. morning runs (it's not hot yet at 6:45 a.m.). attempting at healthy eating (creamsicles do not count!).

ahead: finishing school. mollie, a good friend from CA, visiting. <3 camping. visiting our amazing friends and pen-pals, the H. family. watching movies. catching up on letters. my sixteenth birthday (the 15th!). team marathon + last minute cross country training. cross country. o.O

hot weather plans, anyone?

...and as we speak, summer is sneaking out the back door...


  1. Mmmm! I don't normally like creamsicles, because I don't really like orange-flavoured things. But this post has made me suddenly crave one. =)

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  3. Hi Lucia,

    Mmm...that looks so yummy and refreshing!

    I know you must be so excited about your sweet's comin' up soon! :)

    I sent you an email, btw.

    Have a beautiful weekend...
    <3 Moriah

  4. I LOVE creamsicles. Well... there is a little story that goes with this. My cat is an orange tabby and we call him my dreamsicle.. :) hehe. But the true orange creamsicles are the BEST!!! (Don't think about the fact that the cream is very unhealthy!!)

  5. I love creamsicles!! :D
    Oh, how neat! You're probably so excited about being sixteen! I turned seventeen in May and I still keep thinking I'm sixteen o.O

  6. My mama's birthday is on the 15th!

    Mmmm, creamsicles.

  7. Happy Birthday, by the way! Sweet Sixteen! God bless you!


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