Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Dream {Guest post by Abby}

My heritage on my paternal grandfather's side is German. Both of my paternal great-grandparents came over from Germany in the 1920s-30s before the last world war.  They didn't know each other; it wasn't until the middle thirties that they married, and began to establish their family, including my grandfather.

Fast forward to the early 80s, when my uncle Jim (dad's one and only younger brother) traveled to Germany for the first time.  To visit family members who still live in the same little village where Pappy was from, and to learn more about his heritage.

In 1985-86 (I think), he went their to live and study at the University of Tübingen, where he has since obtained his Master's and is working on his Doctrate.  That was the beginning of over twenty years of adventures that he has experienced in the 'fatherland' if you will. :)

At Christmastime 2009, my own father traveled to Germany for the first time and returned home with a wealth of stories, memories and happiness found in both Tubingen (where Jim and his wife reside), and also in Immenhausen where our extended family lives.  It was exciting to see him so pumped about his trip, and to have him share his experiences with our family, friends and church.  He wants to return someday...

My older brother Joel, has been dreaming about and planning for a trip to Germany for a number of years.  Last winter, we thought he and his friend Joe might have a chance to go and explore this beautiful country, but things didn't pan out and so they've put off the trip for another few months.  He is still planning and saving for this trip, and I sincerely hope that he gets to go with his friends soon.

I have a dream too.

My dream is more far-fetched and out of reach, due to my finances, and other circumstances.  But my dream includes a six-month stay in Tubingen with my uncle and aunt, assisting them in their mission / church work, visiting relatives, and exploring the magnificent countryside surrounding Tubingen.

Included in my dream is a burning desire to go to Berlin for a few days and explore the city in all its splendor and uniqueness.

Ever since my fascination with Dietrich Bonhoeffer began (about five years ago), I have longed to go and see the places he saw daily, to walk the same streets, to explore the places he did, and to take in the beauty of this old and historic metropolis.

I would like to investigate the Reichstag in all it's pristine glory, having been rebuilt following devastation it sustained during air raids at the end of WWII.

I want to stroll through the Brandenburg Gate and marvel at its powerful structure.

But there are a few places I would especially like to visit.  One is the Benderblock (made famous to Americans in the war film, Valkyrie). Where prominent members of the German resistance movement were murdered.

Another place I'd like to visit and spend hours touring, is Dietrich Bonhoeffer's house on Marienburger Allee 43.

And it would be a treat to take in a classical concert given by the Berlin Philharmonic. To walk along the Berlin wall and contemplate what it must have been like to live in a city, divided.  Or to stroll through the beautiful parks that dot the city on a sunny afternoon.  And before I left Berlin, I would like to consume some of its famous currywurst.

For now, all of this is just a dream... something to think about while lying lazily in bed early in the morning.  Something to work towards, to save up for and look forward to accomplishing!

I hope my dream comes true, someday.


Abby loves to cook, read, write, listen to music, think, spend time with friends, the great out-doors; photography, travel, history, geography, philosophy, metaphysics, languages and biblical studies are also interests in ‘my’ world. My goal is to live in a fashion which brings Jesus Christ honor, glory and praise, so that the Word of God would not be blasphemed.

Thank you Lucia for allowing me to guest 
post while you are away!


  1. germany has never been high on my list to go to...but your post makes it sound pretty awesome!

  2. ABBY! This was such a surprise to see this. :)

    Love ya, sista!

    ~Jo <3

  3. Thanks for this lovely guest post, Abby! My parents lived in Germany for a time, and my sister got to go back with my dad a while ago...I have been learning German since I was seven, so I would love to go there some day!


  4. My heritage (all my mother's side and part of my father's) is German too! It is one of the places I wouldn't mind going to but it's not the place I really really want to go to.

  5. Thanks for the kind comments ladies! And Lucia, thank you again for allowing me to guest post while you were away!

    How cool that several of us have German roots or an interest in Germany! :)


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