Friday, August 26, 2011

You Know You're a Runner When...

You know you're a runner when...

Five miles is an "easy run."

Cross Country season is the best part of your year.

You have a hard time waking up early for a regular school day, but you get up at the crack of dawn to run just to stay in shape for next year.

Your shoes are full of holes and dirt, and the best thing in the world is getting a new pair.

Your teammates are some of your best buddies. ♥

You know the feeling of utter pain, but you also know that the most satisfying feeling in the world is finishing a race.

You never take being able to breath normally for granted again.

Walking isn't exercise anymore.

You look at the running clothes first in any store.

The words you dread most coming from your coach at practice are "run 99%."
(In other words, "kill yourself for an hour.")

Your toenails are forever shot, and your feet are hideously covered with blisters and calluses.

Sore muscles and sweaty hair are just part of daily life.

You feel gross if you miss a daily run.

You make up ryhmes to keep yourself from quitting.

There are such things as 'death runs.'

You know who is a runner are when you see them--whether you're in the grocery store or in church.  

I ♥ running. Any fellow sufferers? ;) Please be praying for me and my team today, as we run a team race. I am doing a 7 1/2 mile leg, and I want to do my best. Thank you, friends!


  1. Wow!!! That's long... I will pray for you and your team.

    Sorry... I can't say I am part of that team of sufferers! I don't really like running. LOL

    Kianna Rose

  2. I am definitely a fellow runner! Over the past couple months I have been building my endurance up to be able to run two miles. And I'm almost there! :)

    I hope you have a great time running 7 1/2 miles, drink plenty of water!! :)

  3. I run too, but I've never been on a track team. I simply run with my brothers. :) They are really fast, but I myself am not. I normally just run one mile races, although the other day I ran two miles up and down steep hills. It really wears me out...but like you, I love it! ;)
    I've actually won 3rd, 3rd, and 2nd place before at races. (around here they have some track teams who put on public races. Maybe you have the same!?! :))

    I will be praying for you and your team, dear Lucia! :)

    Also, it is so neat to see that you know the H. family! I have written Emily for quite some time! :)

    Love in Him,
    Martha Joy

  4. you know you're not a runner when you read this post and think all of those things should be a form of TOTURE, haha!
    i had no idea you were a runner; best of luck in the meet today! :) you'll do great friend!!

  5. I would love to run, I just lack the motivation to get up early :) I think I might start running in the mornings though (We have a track right next to our house that is open before 8am and after 5pm) Any tips? I would love to be a runner though :)

  6. I just started.....can't wait until I can ru n that far!! Praying for you today.

  7. I find running reeeaallyyyy boring :/ I don't mind running in a sport such as soccer or basketball but not track or cross country.


  8. i've just become a runner actually ... and not on purpose! i never liked it really but now i've discovered that i'm surprisingly good at it and i find it enjoyable, especially when the hormones of happiness start to kick in. ^^

  9. I like to go on walks and hikes, though I'm not a runner. I'll pray for you! :)

  10. I hope you did well in the race!!!
    I LOVE runnning!!! But because I am short, I do better at sprinting... but I think I can outrun all but one of my friends! :)


  11. I laughed when I read this post! Yesterday I ran three miles 'for fun' and the day before that five miles. I don't think I've tried seven and a half yet...I might've, not sure. The longest I could ever run without stopped was fifty something minutes, but that was in the July heat. I'll have to wait until it rains and try again. I'm definitively a runner too. ;) Good luck!

  12. I can honestly say that I'm very proud of you! I just finished my first marathon this OCtober, and it was so awesome, but I FELL YOUR PAIN!! Haha, running is the best.... and yes, sometimes the worst experience. ;) Haha, are you still on your team?

  13. I know this is a old post but I just had to comment... Wow it's so encouraging to hear I'm not the only girl that runs! Almost every one of those things I can relate with!!!


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