Monday, August 29, 2011

here's why i'm happy on a drizzly, grizzly day.

reason numero uno:
i survived the run.

thank you muchly for the prayers, y'all. i came, i ran, i conquered. it's all in a day's work...;)

reason numero dos:
ice cream + blackberries.

our blackberries are ripe. we have vanilla ice cream in the freezer. end of story.

reason numero tres:
this dress. <3

just one ball gown of extreme floofy-ness and prettiness and satiny silk is on my wish list. :]
oh, that and the $2000 to obtain it with.

reason numero cuatro:
angry birds.

so, there's these birds. and their eggs got stolen by these pigs. and they're angry. so they're knocking down the pig's towers. and you get points.

okay, i never ever ever play computer games. huge waste of time, if you ask me. but this game...okay, i've taken down the barrier just a little. it's...umm, in one word: addicting. thus, i don't play it often. but when i do? "YES! I GOT IT! I KNOCKED THE TOWER DOWN!"


..that's my voice all over the house. :)

reason numero cinco:
old bikes.

we own two antique bikes, which we recently discovered are worth around $500 each. :] i don't care so much about the value as their looks..they are just as cute and whimsy as can be. i love old bikes with a passion. :)

reason numero seis:
el sonidito.

i listen to the hispanic station upon occasion, just for entertainment and fun. this song makes me laugh. period. :] i dare you to listen to the entire thing. it is the most repetetive...well, just hear for yourself:

*gasp* *cough* *gasp*

...isn't this the funniest song you have ever heard?? all that "uno dos tres cuatro!!!" XD

there. now you have seen what a truly abnormal girl i am.

why are you happy today?


  1. That dress is gorgeousss!!!

  2. I drive my husband insane with my anger at Angry Birds.

    he hears me yell every twenty seconds


    it's a good thing he loves me.

  3. oh i love your blog. This made me so happy.

    Also...I have a few empty {free!} sponsors spots on my blog and was wondering if you would be interested?


  4. This post made my day Lucia!! Especially that song. I'm seriously grinning right now.
    Oh and the ice cream and black berries...they look uh-mazinggg!!

    P.s I finished listening to the song:D L::O::L

  5. Wow, I think the blackberries and ice cream look utterly divine! Also, the bike is pretty nifty too. I've always thought it would be fun to have a vintage bicycle.

    Oh, and it tickled me pink to see that I was on your sidebar in the "Bloggers I have Met" section! :)

  6. This post was just so fun! end of story.
    I love angry birds too! Me and my mom are obessed!! We will stand in line at the store screaming (and of course playing it) at it! <3
    --Sara Beth

  7. That dress is completely amazing!! And the blackberries + ice cream. YUMMO!!! :)

    Have a lovely day, xxxx~Kelsey

  8. I love this post, Lucia, and I especially LOVE the ball gown you posted! *smiles*

    Many Blessings,

  9. Your blackberries look so good!

    I love that gorgeous dress!

    Wow! I didn't know you played Angry Birds. I haven't really tried it, but I heard it's addicting. And I also know you have to good in physics. :P

  10. Reason numero cuatro would be me too. :D


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