Saturday, August 20, 2011

Audience {Guest Post by Rachel}

If I could hear Christ praying for me in the next room, I would not fear a million enemies.  Yet distance makes no difference.  He is praying for me.  ~Robert M. McCheyne

When I sat down to write this post for Lucia, I had no idea where to begin. It was more than an honour to be chosen to have these few moments on her beautiful blog. 

I wanted to put my heart and soul into this. 

Normally, I tend to lean more toward the poetic vein...seeking out the beauties in everyday life, searching for the small voice of God amid the chaos of daily life. 

But recently, I came to a startling conclusion about my own personal life...and my own tiny place in the blogging world. 
I'm seeking to find my voice. I'm learning to be real

There are so many things that flit across the sunrise in this corner of the universe, coming out of the woodwork to overwhelm those of us who call blogging our home. 

The memes that seem to fill every single day of the week. 

Monday Musings, Wordless Wednesdays, Photo Fridays. 

Not that I'm complaining. Sometimes, it's nice to have a sort of outline to guide us as we go along this garden pathway. 

But never forget what started you here in the first place.

It was about being real. It was about sharing your heart with whomever would listen. 

It's about you. And Him. 

It's not a show for the outside world. It's a cup of cinnamon-laced hot chocolate with the King of Kings. 

It's a precious moment between you and Christ alone, regardless of who may be watching.

Let the outside fade. Let the memes be stripped away.

Blog for your audience of One. 

About the author: I, Rachel, am a 20 -year-old dreamy newlywed, and the author of DramaticElegance. My blood runs red with passion and delight...composed with hints of freshly brewed coffee, melted chocolate, and the ink from a thousand pens. My eyes glitter with stars and nose is flooded with the aroma of country breezes and white jasmine. My lips are laden with poetry and prose, glory and honor to the King of the universe. I am the love child of music and candlelight. I am the daughter of Aslan, and my song is love. I am a princess of the Kingdom of Heaven. I am a thundering whisper. I am a roaring lamb. 

I am only me.

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  1. Good reminder and lovely post, Rachel, dear.:) I need to remember this as well at times.:)
    Love you, beautiful!<3

  2. What a wonderful reminder, Rachel. Thank you. :)

  3. What a beautiful post, as always, Rachel. :) Thank you for this. <33


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