Friday, August 5, 2011


If you are an avid cat-hater, I urge you to click the exit button asap. Panic will ensue if you read this post any further.

You see, I am am moderately affectionate to all felines in general, and one in particular--whom this post is properly dedicated to.

Meet "Roo," a former stray, starving, and runt-of-the-litter.

Now progressed to a happy, rambunctious, and healthy princess cat.

Also known as:

The Beibs (no connection to Justin Beiber, I promise..)
Miss Cat
Baby Cat
My Dear

...and any other random name which comes to mind.


Today, I happened upon Mark's broken camera, which was sitting dejectedly all alone on his shelf. It looked so sad and lonely, I decided I would simply ignore the fact that the screen is covered in a black flashing background which obscures shooting vision...and resume my long-lost photographing habit.

The fist model that came into view was Roo (who was feeling extremely playful, making matters difficult), and here you have it. My mini photo shoot with...a cat. o.O  

Keep in mind that all of these photos were taking without actually being able to see what I was capturing. I just held the lens up in the general direction of my object, and pressed the button. Nothing fancy-shmancy, but hey. It worked. :]

^^ Kitty bokeh. Luvvv.^^

Kay, dog-lovers. Admit it. She's cute.


...Are you a dog-lover or a cat-lover? other words, which would you rather have in your house for a week?


Oh--and here's a random rose that was pleading to be captured. Though I had no idea if I was, indeed, "capturing." Blackness on the screen is a dilemma. Ah, well... 

"Don't forget to stop and smell the roses!"

Hmm. Haven't used that quote in awhile....

G'night, dears. <3


  1. I would have to say... A coupel of each! Your kitty is gorgeous! I luv the new background - it's my favorite! It matches your personality quite well!

    MaKenna DeVore

  2. Considering the fact that you couldn't see what you were doing, I'd say you did a fantastic job! :D

  3. Those are pretty good pictures to be taken with the sort of camera you used! I like cats, we had a stray turn up at our house, and we all sort of became attached to her, and then she had three girl baby kittens. <33 The kittens are so sweet, we gave one away, but *hopefully* we can keep the other two. Dad doesn't really care for cats, and he wants to take them to some adoption center. :-/

    But, to answer you question - I'd way rather have a dog! Kittens are cute, but dogs...they're just way more fun. For me at least.

  4. Wow, for not being able to see the pictures, you did really well! :D I love kittehs. <3 But Mum is allergic to them. :( If I could chose which animal to have in my house for a week, it would totally be a cat! The only cat I don't like is my grandma's evil cat. :P It's all black and just plain ol' cranky. >.<

    Lovely rose as well! :)


  5. She's adorable! And I'm definitely a cat lover, since we kind of have the same mentality: 'Do you mind if I just snooze here for a little while?' ;)
    Whenever I go round to someone's house and they have a cat, I spend twice as long talking to the cat as I do talking to them :')
    Cute pictures by the way! Especially considering the broken camera :)


  6. She is cute, Lucia. Generally, I'm a dog lover, but it really all depends on the dog or cat.

    God is so good to give us our pets that bring us so much joy! :)

  7. I have to admit, I'm more of a dog-lover than a cat-lover. But your kitty sure is a good model and you took lovely photos!

  8. cat lovers unite!! i love <3 my kitty Butterscotch to death & i'm so glad i got him. :D

  9. I am such a cat lover, it's insane. Currently, in our apartment, no kitties my beautiful Xena is staying with my theatre director, and my Alice is at my parents' house. I MISS MY KITTYCATS!

  10. I'm allergic to cats, but she is so cute and fuzzy!

  11. Hmmmm.... tough call. ;)

    I would want a guard dog for the house, but I also want to cute little kitten to cuddle with.

    So yeah.... it's a tough call. :)

  12. Your cat is so beautiful. She looks like a tabby. :)

    Personally, I love both cats and dogs, and would have both of them in my house. My parents on the other hand aren't wild about either. So no pets for me. :(

    Lovely rose picture. I could almost smell it!!

    Have a lovely day! xxx~Kelsey

  13. Definitely a cat-lover here. Not to offend any dog-lovers but dogs stink. I don't mind baby daschunds tho... :):)

  14. Hey Lucia! (: I just found your blog, and I gotta say-- I love it! You're adorably pretty, and you take amazing pictures! Roo is definitely an adorable kitty. (Cat lover, all the way!!!)

    But yeah, definitely following your blog! (Not that you need anymore. You have so many) xD I'm also a piano-lover, a follower of Jesus, and height-deprived. (Yay for being 5 feet tall!) Keep up the amazingness!

    P.S. I love umbrellas. I think they're cute. xD Which makes your blog even cooler! :D


  15. I'm not a huge cat fan. I def. don't like them in the house, but I tolerate barn cats. :) Except when they kill the birds that nest in there :P haha

  16. I LOVE KITTIES!! Unfortuneatly, I am so badly allergic to them that I can't touch them, but I love to watch them play (we have three outdoors). Your kitty is adorable!!

  17. ADORABLE. Makes me miss my kitty so much :/

    I like dogs, but I am a total cat-lover. They are the loveliest animals ever!

  18. Oh my goodness Lucia! All I can say is... P R E C I O U S! I <3 kitties. They are too cute.
    We used to have cats for pets, but that's a long story of kitty drama.
    I'm not really an animal lover in general though, but I do have a soft spot for cats and would definetly keep them for a week than a doggie!

    This photo of the rose is SO stunning! The quote simply beautiful.

    Have a lovely afternoon, dear! ;)

  19. Well my dog has been in the house the whole week but he is just a big baby!!
    I love cats! At one point or another we had thirteen cats!
    But we only have four now :(
    So I guess I would love to have a dog inside more than a cat. Go to and look at our latest post on my dog.


  20. I love cats, but cat sized dogs are ok.

    We have an orange Tabby cat named Morris, and a spirited Jack Russell Named Ella, AND a big ole mutt, named Little Ann. I don't mind well behaved dogs, but over all, I like Cats better.

  21. I really, really don't like cats. They always look ready to scratch. BUT the ones in the pictures are adorable. I think you've converted me. LOL.

    Kianna Rose

  22. Cat..I love cats and think they should be inside...dogs should be outside. No problem though if someone has a dog inside.Just not to big on dogs. : )

  23. What a lovely cat! Your photography is beautiful and a pleasure to look at.
    God bless. :)

  24. I'm rather a dog-lover. But I don't exactly want either in my house. I've experienced it, and I wouldn't want that all the time. :P

    Cute pictures!


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