Friday, August 12, 2011

this week.

These past four days have been spent in another home--our friends, the C.'s. A mutual friend, Mollie P., was visiting from CA, and we all wanted to spend time together, so we just went up there to stay awhile! We had a grand ole time...mud fights, a beautiful hike, cookies, games, good movies (I foresee a big post, and few reviews in the future!), etc.

I don't have much time to write, so for now, I'll just share one picture that pretty much sums up the week. :]

With only the girls home for a little while, we decided to don our old clothes and make a "mud hill." I've heard people take mud baths....:]


1.) Sunday, we're leaving for Idaho. And seeing our dearest friends ever, the H.s. Reeeally excited, here. :)

2.) Guest posters are needed. If you have an amzing idea and think you would suffice, send me an e-mail.
3.) My birfday is in three days. :)

4.) I got my sports physical today, and had to get two shots. My arm is all achey now, and I'm using one hand to type. :P Who here loves shots? ;)

5.) I watched a movie this week that made me cry. Like, as in, "sob" cry. More on that later. :.)

6.) I love you guys. ♥ Here's a hug. See y'all in a week or so...


  1. I saw the last post on nancy drew and I love the old movies! their soo funny!

  2. LOL! That picture is AWESOME! XD You are so crazy, my Lu-Dear.

    Oi emaaaael yoo. :)

    So sorry about the shot! :P No fun. *gives virtual chocolate*

    Happy early birthday! Muahaha. I'm getting your package ready and really hope I can send it out before I leave...

    Have fun with your friends!!!

    ~Laurie <3

  3. Ah, Lucia! Thank you for that hug. May I squeeze you back? *virtual hug* I suppose a blog hug is a comment, really, hey?
    This sounds like so much fun! I'm feeling all geared up to go find some mud myself... :) hehe...

  4. Eww... You guys are all muddy. JK! Hope you had a ton-o-fun with your friends. Happy almost Birthday!!!

    Kianna Rose

  5. You have an email! =)

    And WOW that looks like a ton of fun! =) So glad that you had fun, amiga.

  6. I just knew I followed you, but was severely disappointed when I found out I wasn't and missed out on all of these superb posts. Sincerest apologies, and great photography(:


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