Thursday, May 31, 2012

our mornings

Our mornings look like

coffee spills and coffee steam and coffee cups on the coffee table,
sleepy eyes and early mists, 
shower races, wet hair, 
scraping the plastic yogurt carton for the last of it,
topping your breakfast with last summer's berries.

Our mornings sound like

"hurry up!" and, "where's my toothbrush?"
"you took it all!" and, "grab the cat!"
"don't forget, the faucet's broken--
never mind. I'll clean it up."

Our mornings are 
nothing special.
But, they are
our mornings. 

What are your's?


  1. that fourth picture is sooo gorgeous lucia!! just like you(:


  2. Our mornings look a lot like your mornings only we have fewer words. Only my Dad can function in the mornings. Us girls are a bit slower getting up and talking. Just give me a cup of coffee, a bagel, and the computer for the first half hour of awake time in the morning for me. :)

  3. Ha! This made me laugh:D I should do something similar to this. Sounds a bit familiar, except we have 9 people in our house, instead of just 6!

    Sweet pictures, as usual! Love that last one, actually. It looks so...homey:)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!!:)

  4. sounds like a lovely morning to me!=)My morning is pretty much like "oh, no! I slept through my alarm...again...I neeedddd coffeeeee!" haha=)

  5. Love these pictures!! And your blog background is sooooo pretty.

    Mornings at my house? hmmm....quite busy and loud. There's music playing to get my brother's up, dishes being washed, food being prepared, and sometimes my brothers are vacuuming. After a sit down breakfast with my family we all go our seperate ways to start school.


  6. oh wow, those pictures are stunning. I love the warm, familiar feeling of them. lovely <3

  7. I just adore your design.


  8. oh, my, this was just awesome. and i love the new design!

  9. haha! thats nice :) sound kinda like our mornings...

  10. My mornings this week have started at 6 am. After a few (more like ten or so) minutes of telling myself I need to get up, I finally get the energy from who knows where to fall out of bed. (more like roll actually, not very flattering, I know.) Then trying my darnedest to multitask while brushing my teeth, as my dad is like, "Dude, how long does it take you to get yourself ready, when nobody is even going to see you all day?!" I just groan, because it's six in the morning. And no, its not fun to be a half dead zombie. Yeah, my morning goes like that.

  11. Hey, its Laura! I'm trying to post more often, change up the look, and get my blog going again! You can come and check it out, and preferably comment and/or follow! Hope you will, and enjoy!

  12. I haven't visited your blog in a while.. Love the new layout! It is really beautiful! :-) The colors are so nice. :-)

  13. wow, love this post. so simply beautiful and lovely. our mornings are an awful lot like how you described too! : )

  14. Oh I love it!

    I awarded you at my blog!

  15. Oh I love it!

    I awarded you at my blog!

    Love you!

  16. I adore this post, your new design, and pretty much your whole blog. :) ♥
    I wonder if you remember looking at mine ( and saying that you would mention me in a future post? Would still be willing to do that? It would absolutely wonderful. :)
    ~M :)

  17. wow, I love your new design, Lucia (and the profile pic on the side), you look grown-up and lovely.

    Those photographs are beautiful! I am sorry that I've not commented around here in a while. I've been ever so busy, but I hope to stop by more frequently in the future Lord willing :).

    P.S. I hope you don't mind me asking, but would you consider doing a seaside or water scene for the next photography challenge or something?

    ~Joy @


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