Tuesday, May 22, 2012

copper river bags review // + strap giveaway winner

Have you ever been in love with a certain bag? Like, this certain bag is so perfect, so stylish, so comfy, so simply lovely in every way that you can safely say you are "in love?"

And double luck for you if that perfect bag happens to also double as a camera bag. Sigh.

This month I received such a bag from The Copper River Bag Company to review. This company specializes in handcrafted leather bags, specially created one by one in beautiful California. They make camera bags, laptop bags, messenger bags, and all that good stuff. And let me tell you: they are truly one-of-a-kind.

I received the 14" Voyager Camera Bag, and it is a beauty. It is made of perfectly crinkly soft tan leather, is water-resistant, and also doubles as a messenger bag/school bag/any other kind of bag because its pads are only inserts.

The strap is comfy no matter how much I am carrying, and I have plenty of room for extra lenses should I accumulate them. It is super stylish and oh-so-rugged--I get compliments on it every time I bring it out, and all I do is say, "look up 'Copper River Bags'!"

The bags are a bit on the expensive side (mine racks in at $160), but if you are searching for something that doesn't make you look like a granny, that will last a lifetime, and that is a well-made, durable, authentic, stylish camera + messenger bag (all in one!), then I think it might be well worth the investment. And it smells deliciously of leather. Just sayin'.

Oh, and just some more awesome points for this company: they included a Bible verse with my bag. :) How sweet + cool is that?!

Thank you, Copper River Co. for providing this product to review! All thoughts + photos are mine. 


Annnnnnd...it's about time I announced the winner of the Imo Camera Strap giveaway, dontcha think?

Congratulations, Anna Olivia

 ...I'll e-mail ya asap. Enjoy your beautiful new strap! 


Guys, I am sorry I've been so "off the ball" with so many things. I have been more than busy trying to keep up with schoolwork as summer draws nearer (I mean, I really want to finish before July, here! *squelch face*), amazing photography opportunities for me (which I will update y'all on as soon as I get the chance), and an AP English test that left my brain fried and my hand not wanting to write another word (think three huge essays on the most boring subject imaginable). 

But. I hope to be "back" in full action (with a gagillion photos to share) by later this week. So thank you for hanging in there. 

Much hugs to mah friends! And a sneak-peek of some photo stuff I did the other day with the lovely Kiara. I am officially in love with chairs as props. The end.



  1. That looks like a marvelous bag. Love it...wish I had $100+ though.... :\

    I know the busy feeling...I just finished school--You'll get there!!!

    Props...love em! Books are my favorite. ;)

  2. I too adore that bag!! soooo vintage.
    & congrats to the winner!!!


  3. Gah! *wipes up drool from keypad* THAT. BAG.

    And your photos seriously get better by the day :)


  4. Oh..that bags looks almost just like what I am looking for. Not like I had the money for it, because I really don't, but...yeah. I've been looking. That is so sweet that the company gave you a free bag to review!

    I hope you get your school done okay! It can be tough but you can get through it! :)

  5. Yeah, thats a pretty nice bag!
    i'm trying to get my school work done too!
    your model looks familiar... haha

  6. GASP. That bag. After I have my precious DSLR, I may just have to splurge and get one of my own. Just sayin'.

    Also, congrats to the winner! Great photos, as usual, Lucia ;D

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  7. Ooo! That purse is pure delight...my new crave...

  8. Nice pictures! I SO want a DSLR... UGH!

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


  9. That’s amazing. I didn’t even know that you could review items like that. I guess it makes sense though.

  10. Great pictures!

    www.edensevaluations.blogspot.com <-- Giveaway!

  11. that bag is soooo cute! i want one now! *cough giveaway cough* (;


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