Friday, May 4, 2012

friday stills

Yogurt + fresh strawberries satisfy my break-fast, home-baked cinnamon bread aromas the kitchen all day, flowered notebooks make studying prettier, and the click of my camera shutter captures them all. 

Now, the calendar marked "Friday" fills my head with Rebecca Black (we we we so excited..) while Scotty McCreery fills the house with

I wanna thank you Lord
For noisy children and slamming doors,
And clothes scattered all accross the floor
My husband workin' all the time,
Draggin' in dead tired at night
My never-ending messy kitchen,
And dirty dishes...

My hair is in a messy bun, the comfortable racket of a hand beater whipping cheesecake for an upcoming event rattles around me; I sit on this big green comfy couch and sing along to the music as I glance over my pictures and words.  Friday takes. They are so simple--so usual. Yet they are my life.   

What is your favorite day of the week, friend? 



  1. Love these shots, Lucia. Favorite day of the week? Mm, Tuesday. The library opens on Tuesday ;)

  2. these are WONDERFUL. I adore that first shot. <3 I just love the new design!!

  3. I love those pictures! adorable notebook! My favorite day...hmmm probably Friday also. Fridays are awesome. all. the. way. :)

  4. Mmmmmm....cinnamon bread. My brother used to make cinnamon bread. It was so good. Love your Friday stills, and your words. Fridays are wonderful. :)


  5. scotty mccreery!! oh you just made my day!!! :D

  6. I love the sepia tint or whatever it is you do to you pics!

    Abby ;)

  7. Love the pictures!! The flower is my favorite...though, I have to say cinnamon bread sounds delicious!! =D

  8. Friend. Your pictures are stunning. And Fridays are my favorite, hands down.

  9. Great pics! My favorite day of the week is probably Thursday, or Sunday :)


  10. i LOVE fridays too! it means the school week is almost finished and time to kick into the weekend : )

  11. you know, the one thing I like about people like mcreery is that they see and really appreciate the little things in life. They see the innocence of it all and they know how life is really supposed to be lived. yeah...I like that :)

  12. That sounds like a great song! hmm... My favorite day of the week is any day I happen to get the chance to spend with my beloved sister. :)

    Fun post!

    Missy from

  13. Friday! =D Last day of school for the week. And staying up later with nothing to worry about. =]

  14. Beautiful pictures!! Fridays are really splendid... for so many reasons.
    Love this post.

    Joy @

  15. strawberries and yogurt. so yum. and cinnamon bread. wow. so feeling hungry right now!

  16. I like Mondays! I have no idea why, I just always have. :-) Saturday is a pretty great day too. :-) Love your photos.. they always make me smile!

  17. The week is my favorite day of the week :) Because every second of the week is a gift from God and I must learn everyday to live that week for him. It isn't easy, but Phillipians 4:13 states that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me :)
    Loverly photos :)

  18. Pretty notebook and pictures!

  19. Wonderful Lucia!
    Cinnamon bread is delicious, with it's sweet aroma. YUM!

    What kind of camera do you have?
    Beautiful pictures!

  20. love this post! I just adore your blog. So fun!! And these pictures are fabulous!!!

  21. favourite day of the week...i love Thursdays. i don't know why. they just seem so beautiful, for whatever reason.

    oh, i LOVE these pictures, Lucia! ohhh, they are JUST STUNNING. i am going to melt into that bowl of strawberries for a while now...yum!


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