Wednesday, June 6, 2012

a revel in june

June began without my knowledge. It was May the last I checked, and then--all of a sudden--it was the new month. The month of sunshine, roses, kittens, weddings, starlit nights and constant change. It arrived quietly, yet I believe it will go out with a crash and a bang. So I want to revel in it for awhile--because I know it will be a good month. 

This last weekend I attended the wedding of a sweet long-time friend, Nicole. It was a beautiful wedding (the lovely bride hand-made her beautiful dress! Now that takes some skill, friends. Trust me.), and amidst the dancing and sunshine and talk I had the opportunity to be a sort of "third-shooter." I was in heaven. Truly. 

As I got in everyone's faces and stood/sat/knelt/belly-flopped everywhere, clicking away, something whispered inside of me, I would love to do this, always. And just like that, I had a full-blown argument inside my mind: 

"I could do this!" 
"No, you couldn't. You don't have the gear." 
"I could save!" 
"It would take you years." 
"I know I could do this. I love this. This is me."
"You're fooling yourself. You need so much more than ideas. It would take hard work."
"Everything worthwhile in life takes hard work."

I prayed about it, right there. I said, "Lord, if it's in Your plan for me to somehow, someway become a professional photographer, despite my lack of knowledge and funds at this point...will You show me?"

And the next day, something happened. Something I never expected to happen for years. Something really exciting. I can't tell you about it right now, but as soon as it's settled I will. All I can say is this: God. Is. Good. 

..And that, plus the fact that all of the little seeds I planted in our garden are growing up splendidly, there is French Bread in the kitchen, ice cream in the freezer,  kittens in the woodpile, and a giveaway from this amazing shoppe brewing on the horizon, is why I know June is going to be a good month. 

So let me revel in it for awhile. 



  1. Lucia, you are a gifted photographer already. I just know that you will go far with your talent.
    I loved reading this post. It left me with a calm, happy feeling.

    LOVE your pictures...sooooo beautiful, lovely, peaceful,and sweet.

    Blessings and much love!

    Your friend,

  2. Love this post, girl. Beautiful pictures, too. The one of the cat's paws is so cute!

  3. Yay! I love June. :)
    I also can't wait to see where God takes you with your photography. You have a gift. :)


  4. Lucia, your pictures are always so gorgeous. I love how they're so simple yet beautiful. You're very gifted.

  5. Beautiful flowers!! Love the pictures!! =D

  6. I can totally see you becoming a professional photographer! I don't think I've told you this before, but have a lot of talent. I'm PRETTY sure you'll go far with your camera;) just promise me a photoshoot sometime, k?? Haha

    Miss Raquel @ God's Daughter

  7. Hi Lucia,

    these are beautiful photos, and I look forward to seeing what God has been leading you in. You're a great photographer already.

    Enjoy the sweet strains of June (we have it really, really cold in the land down under... brrrr!!) But sunshine is beautiful, and that's one thing we're blessed with.

    God bless you, dear sister.
    In His love,
    ~Joy @

  8. SO exciting, Lucia! Can't wait to hear about it!

  9. ok, so you have got me really excited about whatever it is you are going to share. like, I cannot wait.
    eek! these pictures are gorgeous!

  10. I'm always in awe of your pictures, I'm sure that if God wants your purpose in life to be a photographer, I think that would fit you well.

    I, for one, am still trying to figure out what God wants to do with my life. But, I'll wait, 'cuz I know it's going to be amazing.

    Great post.

  11. Wow, how neat is that! I would love to do that. :) I bet you were great, and I'm sure God is going to work miracles in your life, because you are definitely a photographer. :)


  12. Loved this post Lucia!


  13. God is so good! He has done the same with my photography :) God is amazing and blesses us so much! ♥
    It's awesome!

  14. You are blessed with incredible talent! Your pictures bring new depth to the mundane (like the kitty feet, adorable!) and you could go far as a photographer. Do what you love!

  15. What lovely photos! We will read the rest of your post soon! Love you!

  16. The bread looks amazing, and the boots are so sweet. I can't wait to hear of your plans- sounds exciting!

  17. That would be so cool for you Lucia! i can't wait to hear what it is!
    p.s. beautiful photos!
    i love the one of the cat paws :)

  18. Your photography is amazing Lucia! I'm sure you'll make a great professional photographer some day! :) Now I really want to know what that something is!

  19. You already are a photographer! You have a wonderful gift!

    <3 Hannah

    Proverbs 3:5-6 & Psalm 37:4

  20. I just found your is so lovely! I look forward to following it closely.


  21. beautiful pictures! you are such a talented photographer, I think you would could shoot a wedding and it would be pure amazing!

  22. Hey Lucia!
    I must say your photos are amazing.
    But I'd like to ask you something totally non-related... you commented on a post about anti-homosexuality on anna gray's blog a couple months ago saying that 99% of people who are gay were abused as children. what?! i'm curious where you got this info because it does not seem true.

    sorry this is SO completely off-topic. :)

  23. Oh, hi there -- I am WAY anxious, Lucia! Isn't it awesome how God works in our lives? So happy for whatever is in store for you, but you're keeping a secret for the time being (Squee!). Good for you for praying and seeking out God on all this too. I truly do admire you for that!

  24. @everyone: thank you so so much, friends. :) you are all way too sweet and I am excited to tell y'all the opportunity I have. :) it's not as exciting as you might be thinking me, it is wonderful. :)

    @anon: Thank you! :) And certainly I will answer your question. In the future, I would appreciate if you left a name/e-mail so I didn't have to respond to it here (this post is not about homosexuality, so I don't want to start a comment it's just polite to leave some sort of name), so keep that in mind. :)

    Being gay is not natural. God did not create some human beings "straight," and some "gay." But, sin nature in us as it is, some people might have more tendencies to go that way. It is their choice to either follow sin's nature, or follow God's will..and for those who are not Believers, they couldn't care less, so..yeah. They/you most likely don't agree with this statement or even care. But that wasn't your question, I know. :)

    SO. I got my info from people and books and research. I know a lot of gay people, actually, and their families all attest to the fact that they were abused at some point (not by the families..usually by babysitters, etc.). I have read countless articles, books, etc. about homosexuality (from a Christian perspective, yes, but all legitimate material/statistics based on real stories and real people). These are where I got my facts. I know several NORMAL, kind, Christian families quite well whose children have become gay because of abuse that went on when they were younger--sometimes even newborn. One family left their child with a trusted friend one night, and found out years later (after their son became gay) that the friend had sexually abused their child. Of course, the son had the choice to go with his feelings (brought on by the abuse--being sexually abused, as you most likely know, leaves feelings of confusion regarding sexuality), but in a large sense his mind/body was tainted by this experience. It is a very difficult thing--and hard to say "no" to your feelings. As I said before, I know people personally who have gone through this, AND people who have gay tendencies because of abuse BUT only with God's help have said "no" to being gay.

    ..anyways. Enough. But if you want to talk more feel free to e-mail me. :)

  25. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. It honestly made my day!

    You are such a talented photographer. I love all of these pictures, but if I had to choose a favorite it would be the picture with the rain boots. Simple, yet stunning. You have an eye, girl.


  26. P.S. I love the photo of you on your sidebar. You're beeeautiful, girl!

  27. niiice header change!


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