Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"to ride a horse is to ride the wind..."

It had been so long since I rode a horse. Since I felt the wind in my hair, the bouncy gait of a trot, the secure feeling of the stirrups holding my feet.

Yesterday, I truly fell in love with horses all over again.

I have always been a horse-girl at heart. No, I don't have a horse-themed room, or horse poster be-decked walls, but when I am around horses, I just have the irrepresible urge to stroke them and talk to them and mount their glossy backs to gallop across the fields, into the sunset.

I love the way they smell, and the way their velvety noses nuzzle you for blackberries, and the way you can tell if they like you.

This is Jazz. And me. She is a dear--owned by some friends of ours, and when we went to visit them yesterday evening, we were able to to some horseback riding. I was ecstatic; I don't get the chance too often, though I love horses to death. It was a little late, so we just cantered around the pasture, but oh--it was heavenly! If horses weren't such expensive creatures, I would have a dozen of them. I plan on it when I am "grown up," anyways. I will have a ranch with a herd of horses to care for and ride every day.

At least, that's my dream. :]

Here are just a few of my favorite breeds, though I love nearly every horse...

The Appaloosa

The American Quarter Horse

Peruvian Paso
The Peruvian Paso

The Palamino

..Gorgeous creatures. :]

Another love of mine are saddles. :] I know, funny, huh? I just love the look and feel of all the beautiful, unique saddles out there. A saddle collection would be amazing, I think..if a bit expensive and roomy. :/

Here's a fave I found whilst browsing..and coveting..;)

Are you a horse lover? A horse owner? A horse-owner-wannabe, like me? ;)


  1. I can't believe I was quite scared of horses before. Well, they don't always have a pleasant smell. But it's been such a long time since I last rode one and I am dying to ride a horse once again. I agree with you--they are gorgeous!

  2. O.o I adore horses! I am so glad you got a chance to go ridding! My favorite breed is Arabians. Like you, I'm just a horse dreamer... I would really love to own horses... someday... *deep sigh*

    Blessings in Christ,
    Holly Lou

  3. I happen to be a proud horse owner of 2 amazing Appaloosas. Love the picture of you and Jazz.

  4. Oh, I used to ADORE horses! I still love them, but time and money has kept me away from them. However, our local college has a program where sick kids get "horse therapy", they can ride horses and such, and they always need teen/young adult helpers, so once I get my drivers licence I'm going to apply to be a volunteer there. :D Bliss!!

  5. Your explaination of the connection between you-and-horses is like me! My room isn't horse crazy, I don't read a "how-to-care" horse book each night, and I don't talk about them all the time- but when I'm around them, I want to ride them, I want them to gallop around the field with me on their backs, and for it to be just me and the horse. Sigh....:) I actually want chickens before I buy any horses though! Hehe.

  6. Ohhh I agree!!!:)

    I LOVE horses!

    A horses personality, the horsey/tack leather smell of a barn (most people find it gross, I love it :P), the feel of the horses power as you canter around the ring, the sensation of flying over a jump!

    Ohh and saddles! Yes I know exactly what you mean!:)

  7. horse lover and a horse owner wannabe! a friend and i occasionally go out to this barn about thirty minutes from my house. if we feed the horses and clean the barn we can ride for free! neither of us go very much anymore thanks to busy schedules... the appaloosa is also one of my favorites :)

  8. Oh my, I love horses! I'd love to have one. I haven't even ever riden one before, but it would still be wonderful to have one.

    Those photos are very sweet!

    In Christ,


  9. Oh, I LOVE horses!!! I've taken horseback riding lessons since March, and I LOVE it! I just recently started cantering. It's a bit different from trotting, but I think I'll get used to it. :) I ride a Welsh Cob named Taffy. He's so sweet, and loves carrots! :)


  10. I have never ridden a horse! A travesty I know,but I just have never had the opportunity! I actually went through a "horse" phase and I read EVERY SINGLE BOOK in the Pony pals series. What a fun post!
    Libbi H.

  11. Oh... it has been so long since I've ridden a horse!! I used to every week... but then we couldn't afford it anymore, and have never gotten back to it. It was some of the best years of my life though!! And I love those horse breeds - I'd just add "Thoroughbred" to the list (I love racehorses :)

  12. Oh, I also love horses...although I am slightly not as much a fan as I was, since I was bitten by a neighbor's pony...and then I've almost been bit twice after that. But the time I was bit I wasn't even in the fence with her...she just reached through and 'got' me, then tried to bite me again later! :| But, yes I do still love horses, and can't wait to ride another one again soon...the last one was about a year and a half ago, when my parents gave me the gift of a horse riding lesson for my birthday! :)
    We used to have horses right next to us (there are still horses and ponies right down our road from us.) which I loved to pet! :)
    I love the picture of you and Jazz, and the pictures of the different kinds of horses...those are also some of my favorite breeds! :) By the way, what breed is Jazz? :)
    I also, like saddles...a while back our neighbor had a saddle in his barn, which we use, and I would go in there and just sit on the saddle for hours! :) But the saddle's gone now...:(

    Sorry I always post such long comments! :)

    Love you,
    Martha Joy

  13. thats really cool! I ride horses all the time. I lease a horse and a couple of my neighbors have horses that i ride all the time. So i am ride almost every day. Have you ever ridden a puruvian paso? I ride one.
    In christ

  14. Wow...I loooove horses! Gee...most every girl I know loves horses =O Awesome! I have yet to ride one!!!

  15. Yes, Definitely!!!
    I am a horse lover and always will be, they are so noble, beautiful and strong! ❤ ❤ I also love to ride but hardly get the chance:(


  16. I'm a horse owner! And let me tell you, there is nothing better then cantering your sweet horse and letting the wind fly through your hair!

    I totally have to do a blog post on Blaze (my horse) soon! :)

    I'm so glad that you **fell** in love with horses all over again! Aren't they the best things ever??? :) :) :)

  17. Horses are such beautiful animals! We are blessed to own three wonderful horses... A quarter horse, a red dun, and a quarter horse/thoroughbred mix! It is so neat to look in our backyard and see them grazing in the field each day. I used to ride all the time, although I do not ride much anymore! :( My brother is the cowboy in the family! :)
    I love the photos, Lucia!

    Your Sister In Christ,

  18. I love horses so much!!!!!!!!! I want one so bad but my mom and dad said they are to much money to take care of.

  19. I am both a horse lover, and a horse owner. I have a black and white paint Missouri Fox Trotter that I am training to ride. His name is Amigo Allegro, and he is super sweet and beautiful. My brother has a Rocky Mountain horse as well, and she had a mule baby last spring. My favourite breeds are: Arabian, Friesian, Morgan, and Andalusian. : )
    I adore saddles as well...I have a western, an Aussie, and an English saddle.

  20. I haven't rode a horse since I was like 5 years old :( I miss it! I really wanna raise bottle calves though, and eventually get horses. I'd love to have my own farm but it all depends on alot of things... Haha <3 Beautiful pictures. I love horses :)
    Love you, dear. Blessings.
    -Rachel Lynn

  21. haha You ride with shorts on?? You don't see that often :D

    Appaloosas aren't the best breed...I mean, they're pretty easy to care for and all, but...yeah, I guess it' just up to whoever is buying them :)

    Quarter Horses are the best!!

    Peruvian Pasos are GREAT!! Their gait is amazing!! It feels like you're gliding!

    1. it's just what I happened to have on at the time :P :D


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