Sunday, September 4, 2011

a very sweet sixteen (part 2): sisters & friends photoshoot

Remember when I posted about my sixteenth birthday, which was spent in the company of my dear "sisters," the H. Girls (and family)? It was such a delightful time, and the few days we spent with them will always be special memories. ♥

Just in case you need a refresher: I "met" Dani through a mutual friend of our's, Raquel, when I had another blog through a company called 'sampa' (no longer in existance). It was a private site, but she was a member of Raquel's, and sent a request to visit mine. She looked like a lovely girl, so I accepted..Sampa went out not long after, but we sent a few e-mails back and forth, and soon were e-mail pals. Dani asked me if I would like to be pen-pals, and I had never had a pen-pal before, so I said, "sure!" Before we knew it, two-and-a-half years of writing, e-mailing, and calling had gone by, and Dani currently holds the record for receiving my longest-ever written letter: 55 pages!! :D Yes, it did take a few months. ;) Throughout the course of these years, I began writing Dani's two younger sisters, Amanda and Emily--I now count each of them as some of my closest friends. ♥ Girls, I am so thankful for your friendship--you are such a blessing to me, and I love you so much!

Emily, Me, Dani, Liv, and Amanda

This past April, out of the blue, we found that we were able to attend a conference which the H. Family would also be attending. We had never met our dear friends in person--so we were ecstatic! It was such a blessed time, and meeting them at last was so joyous! We talked and laughed as much as we could amid the conference's tight schedule, but we decided we really needed to somehow get together and really spend time together. Another blessing--we found that we would be camping in their area this summer...and we could visit them for a few days! On my birthday, no less. :) What a special gift! Here is a 'photo summary' of our time--you can read the 'word summary' here. :)

Shortly after our arrival--playing 'spoons!'

Amanda H. and I ♥

Doing eachother's hair..

Emily, Dani, Me, and Amanda

Going for one of our numerous walks! :)

Smiling at the special 'birthday table' they had for me! Awwe..:)

..Later on, at the P. Family's house, we attended a wonderful Bible study, and had tons of fun taking pictures, laughing, strolling the grounds, and even dancing! :) before the study began..

Having a meal..

Amanda and I ♥

Visiting the Emu, those were interesting birds! One of my favorite pictures of us ladies, too. :) This is how we spent most of the time--arms linked. ;)

Dani and I..♥

Olivia and Dani

Thanks to Emily and others for taking these pictures, which I stole off of the H. Sisters' blog. ;)

Another fun part of our time was the "professional" photoshoot with Greg H. The pictures turned out so nicely--it was on our "to-do" list (which we made a few months in advance :) with the Girls) to have a photoshoot...we didn't know we would also be blessed with the company of the B. sisters, so we had tons of fun having bigger pictures than expected! ;)

The M. children and the H. children

Friends and sisters forever..though we are parted by distance, we are close at heart! ♥

All above photos copyright 2011 Greg H. Thank you, Greg, for these photos which we will always treasure!

p.s. (thank you all soooo much for the positive feedback on my latest post. wow! it lifted my heart to hear that there were so many like-minded individuals out there, just in the blogging world. bless you, dear friends! {hugs all around} ..)


  1. How sweet! I loved all the photographs, and am so happy that you had a blessed birthday!

    Your Sister In Christ,

  2. Happy Birthday! =)

    The pictures are all beautiful; you will treasure them for a lifetime, I know. =) Love all the denim skirts. =P You all matched! Was that intentional? =)

  3. Wow, looks like you had fun! I love the pictures of the road and the field...they're breathtaking.

  4. great pictures by Greg; he is so talented!! looks like you had a great time with all your friends :) so glad it was a memorable bday for you!

  5. Thanks for the pictures, Lucia...they are beautiful! Greg is such an amazing photographer, isn't he?!? :) I agree with all the denim skirts! ;)
    Glad to see that you had a good birthday! :)
    Love you,
    Martha Joy

    P.S. I know the H. family, so it's so sweet to see y'all together! :)

  6. Such lovely photos! I love the one with everyone throwing flowers up in the air :)

  7. Hi i just randomly stopped by to read your blog, i to have an e-mail chain of sisters in Christ and everyone got to meet each other recently for a member's birthday it was so neat! except for 3 members we were all there...i love it :D-Oriana

  8. How sweet! Those are wonderful photos <3


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