Thursday, September 29, 2011

this is the way i celebrate...

International Coffee Day.

..Didn't you know?

Aye, today, September 29th, is officially the day when the World stops and thinks! And how thankful they are for it. Especially when shops give out free ones in celebration. :]

America, at least, should be thankful for coffee: did you know that U.S. residents consume the most coffee in the world--a whopping 400 million cups a day, country-wide? Now that is a lot of coffee. 

Fortunatley, Unfortunatley, ;) I'm not your usual American coffee-o-holic. First of all, I'm only sixteen years old and really have no need to start every morning off with a huge mug of bitter black stuff, and secondly, my taste buds and this #1 drink are not friends. Sure, I like Frappes and coffee icecream and the occasional sweetened mocha, but plain black coffee? Ew.

..Nevertheless, as it is International Coffee Day, I thought I would celebrate in some way. Thus, I looked up "coffee" on google images, and do you know what I found?  

~ Latte art! ~

lat·te art [lah-tey art]
"Latte art is a mixture of two colloids: the crema, which is an emulsion (liquid-in-liquid) of coffee oil and brewed coffee (water); and the microfoam, which is a foam (air-in-liquid) of air in milk. (Milk itself is an emulsion of butterfat in water, while coffee is a solution of coffee solids in water.) Neither of these colloids are stable - crema dissipates from espresso, while microfoam separates into drier foam and (liquid) milk - both degrading significantly on the order of minutes, and thus latte art lasts only briefly."

This is going to be my "Coffee Day" tradition every September 29th. Looking up epic Latte Art and discovering all over again that coffee is indeed good for something.

p.s. (thank you for your kind, encouraging comments on my last post. my sore throat is much improved! love to you all. :)


  1. Oh... Those are lovely latte art(s). I love coffee too. Well, I like it very much!

  2. haha. ohh lucia. ;) those are so pretty! looove.

  3. These are pretty epic. I guess whoever started this got bored and started playing with their drink. =P

    Have a greeeeat weekend!!!

  4. WHAAAT? You no like coffee? :( My grandma is a coffeeholic and got me started when I was little. A couple years ago I started drinking black. <3 *bliss* I do like a sweet treat every once in awhile, but I prefer a nice strong cuppa black coffee. :D

    The Latte Art is so beautiful! *sigh* <3

  5. LOVE this!Latte art is awesome:)
    I posted on my blog about coffee day too!
    I'm not an addict drinker either,and black coffee?uck.
    But I love lattes,capps,and all-elsi in those lines :)

  6. Yeah, my friend told me that today was National Coffee Day, and I was like 'seriously? WHOOPEE!!!' haha I'm gonna head over to Starbuck's this evening and get me a White Chocolate Irish Cream Mocha! <3
    Nice pics! Did you take any of them??

  7. Coffee...yummy!! Latte ary? Who would have guessed.

  8. Those are cool!! I do NOT like coffee - I think it smells wonderful though.

  9. Ahh, I can barely survive a day without coffee! Haha This post has made me need some more caffeine. Happy International Coffee Day! <3

  10. I'm like the odd ball in my family, they all like coffee and I don't. Coffee icecream and chocolate covered coffee beans are good though.

  11. Thank you for taking the time to post a comment on my blog, Lucia! I commented back if you would like to see. :) It really means a lot to me when people comment. :)

  12. Ah, that is so beautiful! :D I for one am a huge fan of coffee, so when it's combined with art, that makes it all the better. ;)

    I'll try to write back to your email soon! :D


  13. Lucia,
    I love how you wrote: "I'm not your usual American coffee-o-holic." Neither am I~ I'm 20 and still don't drink coffee. :)
    The coffee art is neat!


  14. I'm such a big coffee addict! I love the creativity of the latte art! So cute!

  15. I LOVE coffee! My family owns a coffee shop, and latte art is a passion of mine. Great post!


  16. Cute! ;) I like black coffee, although I don't hardly ever drink it. :D

  17. Wow! Those are so pretty, i wouldn't want to drink them, for worry I wuld ruin it forever!! ;) But coffee is amazing :)

  18. oh fun! I absolutely adore coffee! (strangely enough I'm not "addicted" to it in the usual sense people are for which I'm glad. :) ) Latte art is so neat to see. Thanks for sharing!

  19. YES. plain black coffee is bitter & yucky...tried some again a couple days ago and i couldn't choke it down, ha! but give my a Frappe from McDonald's or a Pumpkin Spice Latte and I'm good ;)

  20. I like a lot of coffee things, but am preventing myself from getting addicted to coffee! :P lol

    But these cups of coffee are way cool!


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